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Nga Pepeha a Nga Tipuna: the Sayings of the Ancestors

This collection contains over 2500 'pepeha', or 'sayings of the ancestors', that were gathered and compiled from all over New Zealand over a 20-year period. More than just proverbs, 'pepeha' include c..

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Nga Tai Matatu: Tides of Maori Endurance

Nga Tai Matatu: Tides of Maori Endurance describes and analyzes the position of the Maori people and Maori interests at the start of the third millennium. It also recognises the journeys from the past..

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Nga Tama Toa: He Toto Heke, He Tipare Here Ki Te Ukaipo - Kamupene C, Ope Taua (Maori) 28 1939-1945

Translation into Maori of the highly successful English edition published in 2008. Nga Tama Toa: The Price of Citizenship offers a truly unique insight into the impact the Second World War had on the ..

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Nga Tama Toa: the Price of Citizenship : C Company 28 (Maori) Battalion 1939-1945

The fascinating story of C Company, Maori Battalion told through personal recollections, eyewitness accounts, numerous anecdotes and fantastic photographs. At times heart-rending, at times heart-warmi..

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Nga Tini Whetu: Navigating Maori Futures

Nga Tini Whetu - Navigating Maori Futures brings together twenty-five papers Mason Durie has presented at national and international conferences between 2004 and 2010. It discusses Maori moving toward..

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Nga Waka o Nehera: The First Voyaging Canoes

This is the essential reference work to the traditions of Maori canoes that voyaged to New Zealand including lists of the waka, names of crew members and vessels, karakia and waiata, and maps. Jeff E..

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Ngai Tahu Deeds: A Window on New Zealand  History

Harry Evison re-examines New Zealand colonial history in the light of a number of original documents, particularly the ten Ngai Tahu deeds by which the Crown acquired Maori title to the southern half ..

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Ngati Kahu: Portrait of a Sovereign Nation


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Ngoingoi Pewhairangi: A Remarkable Life

Ngoingoi Pewhairangi was a highly respected leader from Te Whanau-a-Ruataupare at Tokomaru Bay who was passionate about the revitalisation and flourishing of the Maori world. She actively introduced i..

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Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-45 : 28 (Maori) Battalion
Our Southernmost Maoris: Their Habitat, Nature Notes, Problems & Perplexities
Outcasts of the Gods?: The Struggle Over Slavery in Maori New Zealand

Tracing ideas of freedom and unfreedom in Maori society, this book is the first history of Maori war captives. 'Us Maoris used to practise slavery just like them poor Negroes had to endure in America...

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P.M. Ryan's Dictionary of Modern Maori


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Pacific Parables: Mana in Maori Tradition

Do myths and legends have anything to teach us about understanding Maori values and society? Are they still relevant today? John Patterson encourages a more sensitive and sympathetic attitude among Pa..

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Pacific Ways: Government and Politics in the Pacific Islands
Pakeha Maori


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Pathway of the Birds: The Voyaging Achievements of the Maori and Their Polynesian Ancestors

"Andrew Crowe has produced a masterful synthesis of the remarkable voyaging history of the Polynesians." Prof Patrick Kirch, Chancellor's Professor Emeritus and Professor of the Graduate School at th..

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Pounamu is a celebration of jade in its many forms. It is a magnificent tribute to this New Zealand icon, the finest book on the subject ever published. Through the eyes of pounamu specialists Russell..

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Pronounce Maori With Confidence - bk with cd rom


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Pukaki: Te Hokinga Mai o Te Auahituroa

First published in English in 2000, Paora Tapsell's award-winning work brilliantly captured the life and transformations of PukakiIthe Ngati Whakaue ancestor depicted on the New Zealand 20-cent coin. ..

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Raupo Book of Maori Proverbs

Proverbs (or whakatauki) express the wisdom, wit and commonsense of the Maori people. They are of great value and inspiration to writers, story-tellers and anyone speaking in a Maori setting. Several ..

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Raupo Concise Maori Dictionary: Te Papakupu Rapopoto a Raupo

The Raupo Concise Maori Dictionary is an invaluable reference work, providing an essential list of words and their equivalents in Maori and English. First published in 1948, the dictionary has been re..

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Raupo Dictionary of Modern Maori: Maori-English. English-Maori

Contains over 50,000 concise entries divided into Maori-English and English-Maori sections. Includes all the words most commonly used by fluent Maori speakers. Features a vocabulary list with words fo..

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Raupo Essential Maori Dictionary: Te Papakupu Taketake a Raupo : Maori-English. English-Maori

The Raupo Essential Maori Dictionary is an invaluable introductory dictionary for students of te reo Maori. It features: clear, easy-to-follow Maori-English and English-Maori sections, with the Maori ..

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Raupo Phrasebook of Modern Maori


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Raupo Pocket Dictionary of Modern Maori


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Rebuilding the Kainga: Lessons from Te Ao Hurihuri: 2019

"Home can and should be a source of wellbeing, a place that connects us to our whanau, community, land, culture and history." Pre-nineteenth-century Maori society was complex: rich tribal economi..

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Reo Maori o Naianei - Modern Maori Beginner's Course, Book 1

HORE KAU HE HUARAHI KINGI KI TE MATAURANGA. THERE'S NO ROYAL ROAD TO LEARNING. - Aristotle A total revision of Pa Ryan's best-selling Modern Maori Book 1, this course book in reo Maori is ..

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Rongoa Maori : a Practical Guide to Traditional Maori Medicine
Sexuality & The Stories Of Indigenous People

Sexuality and the Stories of Indigenous People is a collection of 17 essays that explore aspects of being takatapui. The traditional meaning of takatapui is 'an intimate companion of the same sex', bu..

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State Of Maori Rights


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Story of a Treaty


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Struggle without End: Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou

This is a revised edition of Dr Ranginui Walker's best-selling history of Aotearoa, New Zealand, from a Maori perspective. Since the mid-nineteenth century, Maori have been involved in an endless stru..

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Taka Ki Ro Wai: He Korero Purakau mo Tetahi Hoiho

Te Moana's home is lashed by the winds and rain of a violent storm. The next morning, Te Moana notices something is wrong with the mare in the far paddock. Once closer, Te Moana recognises it is a foa..

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Takitimu is one of the great tribal histories in the New Zealand literary canon. It tells of the Ngati Kahungunu people - tangata whenua of Hawke's Bay and parts of East Coast and Wairarapa - from the..

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Takitimu: A History of Ngati Kahungunu

Takitimu is one of the great tribal histories in the New Zealand literary canon. It tells of the Ngati Kahungunu people - tangata whenua of Hawke's Bay and parts of East Coast and Wairarapa - from the..

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Tangata Ngai Tahu: People of Ngai Tahu


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Tangata Whenua a History

Tangata Whenua: A History presents a rich narrative of the Maori past from ancient origins in South China to the twenty-first century, in a handy paperback format. The authoritative text is drawn dire..

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Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History

A landmark publication, Tangata Whenua portrays the sweep of Maori history from Pacific origins to the twenty-first century. Through narrative and images, it offers a striking overview of the past, gr..

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Taonga Puoro: Singing Treasures : the Musical Instruments of the Maori

And to further breathe life into this book, the technical information about each instrument is interwoven with the stories and myths that belong to each instrument. In addition, instructions are given..

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Taua   Musket Wars   Land Wars Or Tikanga ?   Warfare In Maori Society In The Early 19th Century
Tauira: Maori Methods of Learning and Teaching

Based on extensive interviews with 21 individuals, this book allows us to listen to M?ori from Northland recall the mid-20th century rural world in which they grew up. MetgeAEs work tackles important ..

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Te Ahu o te reo Maori: Understanding the well-being of te reo Maori in Aotearoa
Te Aka : Maori-English, English-Maori Dictionary

This dictionary and index comprises a selection of modern and everyday language that will be extremely useful for learners of the Maori language. it has a broader scope than traditional dictionaries, ..

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Te Ao Hou New World 1820-1920

Te Ao Hou: The New World takes up the increasingly complex history of Maori entwined with Pakeha newcomers from about 1830. As the new world unfolded, Maori independence was hotly contested; Maori hel..

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Te Ao Hurihuri: The Changing World 1920-2014: 2018

Te Ao Hurihuri: The Changing World shows Maori engaged energetically in building and rebuilding their communities through the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as Crown policies re-oriented from th..

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Te Ao Tawhito: The Old World 3000 BC- AD 1830: 2018

Te Ao Tawhito: The Old World contemplates Maori origins in the `blue continent', the vast Pacific Ocean across which the earliest ancestors travelled to settle these southernmost Pacific islands. Here..

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Te Aroha Maunga Settlement Process Report


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Te Kakano (Te Whanake #1)

Te Kakano is the beginner-level Maori Language text designed for adults and teenagers. Changes include six new or improved maps of the main tribal groups and significant Maori place names of New Zeal..

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Te Kohure (Te Whanake #4) TEXTBOOK

Te Kohure, the fourth textbook in the Te Whanake series written by John Moorfield, is intended to help advanced learners to improve their fluency. There are texts, explanations and activities in each ..

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Te Kooti Tango Whenua: The Native Land Court 1864-1909
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