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Charleston: A Bloomsbury House & Garden

Set in the heart of the Sussex Downs, Charleston Farmhouse is the most important remaining example of Bloomsbury decorative style, created by the painters Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. Quentin Bell, ..

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Collins Botanical Bible: A Practical Guide to Wild and Garden Plants

The Botanical Bible tells the story of plants and flowers, beginning with an overview of the plant kingdom and the basics of botany, then offering strategies for gardening with purpose. Later chapters..

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Color Me Floral: Stunning Monochromatic Arrangements for Every Season

Learn the secrets to designing showstopping monochromatic arrangements in this spectacular guide from floral artist Kiana Underwood. Underwood shares her techniques for creating dazzling single-color ..

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Common Ground: An Uncommon True Story of Flowers, Friendship and Gardens

Janice Marriott and Virginia Pawsey, who went to Gisborne Girls' High together, met again after thirty years at a school reunion. They rekindled their friendship and began writing, discovering in the..

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Company of Trees: A Year in a Lifetime's Quest

'Thomas Pakenham could convert a property developer into a tree-hugger ... The book's photographs are as beautiful and glossy as conkers; anecdote and information fall like autumn mast ... I closed th..

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Complete Book of Outdoor DIY Projects

This homeowner's guide shows you how to build 35 useful and attractive outdoor features to enhance your garden. Complete Book of Outdoor DIY Projects is the ultimate resource for constructing a wide v..

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Complete Houseplant Book

This title helps you in identifying, choosing and maintaining plants for your home, with an A-Z directory and over 600 photographs. It helps you in choosing plants for all the different settings in yo..

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Complete Practical Guide to Propagation


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Compost: How to Use, How to Make, Everyday Tips

Compositing is one of the easiest ways you can prevent rubbish from going to landfill, return nutrients to the soil and treat your gardens. Of course, it is only easy when you know how. This book disc..

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Composting for a New Generation: Latest Techniques for the Bin and Beyond

Composting is no longer only in the realm of environmentalists! It's not just about reducing food waste; most composters get their hands dirty because of the benefits it brings to the soil in their ga..

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Connected: Phillip Johnson's Sustainable Landscapes

Australian landscape designer Phillip Johnson became an international household name after winning Best in Show at the Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower and Garden Show in 2013 - the equiva..

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Container Gardener: Inspirational Ideas for Pots & Plants to Transform Any Garden

Whether you love growing, love creating, or just want to liven up your home, a portable garden is just the answer, even for the smallest space. So many of us nowadays are crammed into our homes and a ..

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Countertop Gardens: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment

Whether you have a huge yard in a warm climate or a tiny apartment in a city with harsh winters, you can grow edibles year-round in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen! Countertop Gardens ..

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Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

Naturalist Edith Holden recorded in words and charming paintings of the flora and fauna of the British countryside throughout the changing seasons of the year 1906. Undiscovered for more than 70 years..

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Country Style Gardens

A gorgeous book featuring very best Australian country gardens, drawn from the pages of Australia's favourite magazine, Country Style. Join us as we visit some of Australia's most thoughtful and insp..

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Course of Landscape Architecture, The: A History of Our Designs on the Natural World, from Prehistory to the Present

In many ways the history of civilization is a history of our relationship with nature and landscape. Christophe Girot sets out to chronicle this intimate connection, drawing on all aspects of mankinds..

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Creating a Forest Garden: Working With Nature to Grow Edible Crops

Forest gardening is a novel way of growing edible crops - with nature doing most of the work for you. A forest garden is modelled on young natural woodland, with a wide range of crops grown in differe..

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Crops in Tight Spots

Short of outdoor space but want to grow fruit and vegetables? Congratulations. Really, lucky you. Not for you the back-breaking trudge of tending large spaces of land, the weeding, digging and pest vi..

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Cruden Farm Garden Diaries

Cruden Farm was given to the late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch in 1928 as a wedding present from her husband Sir Keith Murdoch. The farm at Langwarrin, about 50 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, was a pla..

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Darwin's Most Wonderful Plants: Darwin's Botany Today

Most of us think of Darwin at work on The Beagle, taking inspiration for his theory of evolution from his travels in the Galapagos. But Darwin published his Origin of Species nearly thirty years after..

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Day with Claude Monet in Giverny

This beautiful, slipcased volume offers an intimate tour inside Monet's home and through the idyllic Giverny garden that inspired his most iconic paintings. Monet first spotted the v..

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Dear Friend and Gardener: Letters on Life and Gardening

In this exchange of personal letters two of Britain's leading gardeners - Christopher Lloyd and Beth Chatto - share their successes and failures, and learn from each other's experiences in their two v..

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Disobedient Gardens: Landscapes of Contrast and Contradiction

Landscape designer Michael Cooke presents five of his superbly designed gardens, including his own, which are illustrated by the lyrically beautiful photographs of coauthor Brigid Arnott. The selected..

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Dream Plants for the Natural Garden

In this book, pioneering garden designers Henk Gerritsen and Piet Oudolf describe their ideal perennials, bulbs, grasses, ferns and small shrubs. An ideal plant is one that is both beautiful and robus..

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Dreamscapes: Inspiration and beauty in gardens near and far

Dreamscapes is a stunning collection of over fifty of the world's most beautiful gardens from across the globe, photographed by internationally renowned and awarded photographer Claire Takacs. Dreamsc..

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Dry Gardens: High Style for Low Water Gardens

Featuring 25 indoor and outdoor gardens and landscapes each detailed project offers a different approach to incorporating the desert flora. With designs by Daniel Nolan as well as other leading garden..

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Eagle's Complete Trees & Shrubs of New Zealand


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Earth Users' Guide To Permaculture


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Edible Garden Design : Delicious Designs From the Ground Up
Encyclopedia Of Garden Design: Planning, Building and Planting Your Perfect Outdoor Space

Whatever the size of your space, and whether starting with a blank canvas or renewing an existing garden, this in-depth manual offers fresh, achievable ideas- grasp the fundamentals of garden design, ..

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English Country House Garden, The

The English country house is most often conceived as a private, intimate place, a getaway from working life. A pergola, a sundial, a croquet lawn, a herbaceous border of soft planting; here is a space..

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English Garden

Gardening writer Ursula Buchan has combined forces with garden photographer Andrew Lawson to explore the English garden and capture its richness and diversity. Focusing on gardens that are open to vis..

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English Roses

David Austin Roses is one of the world's leading rose nurseries. The English Roses developed there have brought the rose to a new level of beauty and strength; their ability to flower continually thro..

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Espalier: Beautiful, Productive Garden Walls & Fences

Create beautiful, productive garden walls and fences, and optimise space in small gardens, patios and balconies with Allen's innovative espalier techniques. Covers: forms, trellis systems and designs;..

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Essential Garden Design Workbook

A bestselling classic completely revised and updated The third edition of The Essential Garden Design Workbook is fully updated with new colour photograph and illustrations. It features new informaion..

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Eucalypts: A Celebration

'The tallest and most stately trees I ever saw in any nobleman's ground in England cannot excel in beauty those which nature presented to our view.' - First fleet surgeon Arthur Bowes. Eucalypts are a..

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Farm Management In New Zealand


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Fifty Plants That Changed the Course of History

Plants are so ubiquitous, such a common feature of the world around us, that we rarely stop to consider the profound impact they have on our everyday lives. We give flowers on special occasions, spend..

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Fig at the Gate: the joys of friendship, gardening and the gaining of wisdom
First Ladies of Gardening

The English Garden is the universal measure of all things related to garden design. It is in the UK that the great garden designers live and work and where a major gardening movement has developed ove..

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Flora Magnifica: The Art of Flowers in Four Seasons
Flora of the Silk Road: An Illustrated Guide

The Silk Road - a name that has enchanted for centuries. Yet a well kept secret, even today, is that this fabled route linking Europe with Asia is also the most spectacular floral region on earth. Chr..

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Flora: An Artistic Voyage Through the World of Plants

Flora contains 20 essays on the history of key plant families and over 160 illustrations. Those profiled include cacti, daffodils, iris, magnolia, poppies, roses, tulips and waterlilies. The book expl..

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Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants

Discover the extraordinary diversity of the plant world - and how plants work - with this photographic celebration of the trees, flowers, and foliage plants that share our planet. From tiny moss..

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Floral Contemporary: The Renaissance of Flower Design

Flowers are associated with all the important events in our lives, whether celebratory or commemorative, but they can also cheer our everyday existence and enliven the spaces around us. This book sh..

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Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest, and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms

From an industry leader in the farm-to-centrepiece movement comes this book on how to grow, harvest, and arrange gorgeous blooms year-round. Owner of Floret Flower Farms in Skagit Valley, Washington, ..

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Floristry Now: Flower Design and Inspiration

The defining characteristic of Paula Pryke's work is her consummate use of colour and structure - her bold colour choices first brought her to attention when she started out, and throughout her career..

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Flourish: New Zealand Women and Their Extraordinary Gardens

This book celebrates the endeavours and achievements of women gardeners who are responsible for some of the most-admired gardens within New Zealand. Often starting as a home-based hobby, fitting aroun..

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Flower Expert, The

An indispensable insight into how breathtaking floral displays are created, by Fleur McHarg; the Flower Expert, and one of the most in-demand florists and floral arrangers for Australia's great and go..

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Flower Fix, The

Wild inspiration and modern arrangements by Swallows and Damsons florist Anna Potter, with beautiful photography by India Hobson. Blousy blooms, speckled branches, rich foliage and delicate peta..

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Flower Garden

Growing flowers from seed is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to supplement your borders, bringing instant colour to tired gardens. Many of these flowers are also ideal for cutting, so within a si..

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