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Small is Beautiful: Study of Economics as If People Mattered

Small is Beautiful is E.F Schumacher's stimulating and controversial study of world economics. This remarkable book is relevant today and its many themes as pertinent and thought-provoking as when it ..

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Talking to My Daughter About the Economy: A Brief History of Capitalism

Why is there so much inequality? In this short book, world famous economist Yanis Varoufakis sets out to answer his eleven-year-old daughter Xenia's deceptively simple question. Using personal stories..

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Taxing Ourselves: A Citizen's Guide to the Debate Over Taxes 5E

To follow the debate over tax reform, the interested citizen is often forced to choose between misleading sound bites and academic treatises. Taxing Ourselves bridges the gap between the oversimplifi..

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Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World

When facing life's questions, who do you turn to for advice? We all need mentors, particularly when the odds seem stacked against us. To find his own, bestselling author and podcast guru Tim Ferriss t..

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Triumph of the City

Understanding the modern city and the powerful forces within it is the life's work of Harvard urban economist Edward Glaeser, who at forty is hailed as one of the world's most exciting urban thinkers...

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Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed the World

From Michael Lewis, the No.1 bestselling author of The Big Short and Flash Boys, this is the extraordinary story of the two men whose ideas changed the world. Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky met in ..

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Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy

Where does the desire for endless rules, regulations, and bureaucracy come from? How did we come to spend so much of our time filling out forms? To answer these questions, anthropologist David Graeber..

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Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right - and How We Can, Too

Liberals worldwide invoke Scandinavia as a promised land of equality, while most conservatives fear it as a hotbed of liberty-threatening socialism. But the left and right can usually agree on one thi..

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Wealth of Nations

The Wealth of Nationsby Adam Smith It is symbolic that Adam Smith's masterpiece of economic analysis, The Wealth of Nations, was first published in 1776, the same year as the "Declaration of Independe..

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Wealth of Nations


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What Works for Africa's Poorest: Programmes and Policies for the Extreme Poor

Although great strides have been made, Africa still lags behind other parts of the world in the reduction of poverty. We now know that the poorest people rarely benefit from poverty reduction programm..

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Where Underpants Come from: From Checkout to Cotton Field--Travels Through the New China and Into the New Global Evonomy

Joe embarks on an odyssey to the new factory of the world, China, to trace his underwear back to their source. Along the way he discovers the extraordinarily balanced and intricate web of contacts and..

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Who Gets What - and Why: Understand the Choices You Have, Improve the Choices You Make

This book shows how our lives are shaped not only by the choices we make, but by the choices we have. From dating, school and university applications to the job market, understand the most important ..

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Work of Nations: Preparing Ourselves for 21st Century Capitalism

There is no longer such a thing as an American economy, say Robert Reich at the beginning of this brilliant book. What does it mean to be a nation when money, goods, and services know no borders? What..

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Writing Guidelines for Business Students 5E


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