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Indie Picks 2015

Boundaries: People and Places of Central Otago

Brian Turner's name is synonymous with Central Otago û albeit a different Central û one well removed from the tourist centres and vineyards. His Central is at the boundaries; watching the local rugby ..

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Good Doctor: Breaking the Rules, Making a Difference

Lance O'Sullivan is a man on a mission. Raised in Auckland by a solo mother, he had a modest upbringing typical of the time, if one chequered with difficulties. After being expelled from two schools, ..

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Great Walks of New Zealand

Great Walks of New Zealand is a tribute to New Zealand's eight finest walking tracks, by renowned wilderness photographer Craig Potton. Based on the best-selling Classic Walks of New Zealand, this boo..

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High Country Stations of the Mackenzie, The

To most New Zealanders, wherever they live between Auckland and Bluff, the Mackenzie Country remains one of those heartland places that contributes much to our sense of self, with its vast expanses of..

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Maurice Gee: Life and Work


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Message to My Girl: A Dying Father's Powerful Legacy of Hope

Doctor Jared Noel knew he was dying for almost six years, from the age of 25. But when it looked as though he would not live to see the birth of his child, he began a Givealittle crowd-funding campaig..

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New Zealand Photography: Collected

"New Zealand Photography" spans the country's history, from early 19th-century portraits of Maori and scenic views to the latest contemporary art photography. The book features more than 350 photograp..

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Ocean Notorious: Journeys to Lost & Lonely Places of the Deep South

For lovers of exciting non-fiction about remote and rarely visited places - and maritime adventures. True first-person stories of the Southern Ocean from NZ to Antarctica - the windiest, roughest, mos..

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Real Modern: Everyday New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s

The decades of the 1950s and 60s continue to exert a powerful fascination, and in New Zealand, these postwar years have been remembered in popular culture as a golden age. But what was life really lik..

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Stallion Challenges


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Stroppy Old Women: 52 Kiwi Women, Who've Been Around Long Enough to Know, Tell You What's Wrong with the World

Fifty-two well-known women including Shona Laing, Tui Flower, Pieter Stewart, Wendy Pye, Ans Westra and Rosie Horton sound off on topics from ageing to architecture, shop assistants to short skirts, t..

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Tangata Whenua a History

Tangata Whenua: A History presents a rich narrative of the Maori past from ancient origins in South China to the twenty-first century, in a handy paperback format. The authoritative text is drawn dire..

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Te Araroa: Walking New Zealand's 3,000-Kilometre Trail
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