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Boundaries: People and Places of Central Otago

Brian Turner's name is synonymous with Central Otago û albeit a different Central û one well removed from the tourist centres and vineyards. His Central is at the boundaries; watching the local rugby ..

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Dunedin Light Seasons : a Photographic Journey Around the Beaches of Dunedin, NZ

Dunedin Light Seasons is a collection of photographs featuring the beaches and beach culture of Dunedin, New Zealand. This hard cover coffee-table book features the photography of Derek Morrison. The ..

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Hocken: Prince of Collectors

Dr Thomas Morland Hocken (1836-1910) arrived in Dunedin in 1862, aged 26. Throughout his busy life as a medical practitioner he amassed books, manuscripts, sketches, maps and photographs of early New ..

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In/Visible Sight : Mixed-Descent Families of Southern NZ

Angela Wanhalla starts her story with the mixed-descent community at Maitapapa, Taieri, where her great-grandparents were born. She goes on to explore the early history of cross-cultural encounter in ..

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Kitchens: The New Zealand Kitchen in the 20th Century

This engrossing history of the domestic kitchen covers 10 decades that saw our culinary traditions accommodate extraordinary changes in technology and the irresistible process of globalisation. Each c..

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Lives of Colonial Objects, The

The Lives of Colonial Objects is a sumptuously illustrated and highly readable book about things, and the stories that unfold when we start to investigate them. In this collection of 50 essays the au..

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Matters of the Heart: A History of Interracial Marriage in New Zealand

In the history of intimate relations between Maori and Pakeha, public policy and private life are woven together. Matters of the Heart reveals much about how Maori and Pakeha have lived together in th..

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Pushing Boundaries: New Zealand Protestants and Overseas Missions 1827-1939

We know a lot about the early missionaries who came to New Zealand from 1814 and how Christianity developed through their complex interactions with Maori. Less well known are the ways in which settler..

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Reading Matters: A History of the Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanic's Institute
Vauxhall Gardens: Dunedin's Notorious Victorian Pleasure Gardens
Wild Dunedin: The Natural History of New Zealand's Wildlife Capital

Dunedin city and its environs are home to an amazing range of habitats and landscapes, of plants, animals, birds, insects and geological features. From the ocean, with its albatrosses and penguins, to..

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Women of the Catlins: Life in the Deep South

A haunting, off-the-beaten-track destination, the little-known Catlins region of New Zealand is as mysterious today as it ever was. In this first in-depth look at the lives of its inhabitants, award-w..

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Working Lives c.1900: A Photographic Essay

For the men and women of the skilled trades in the early 20th century, the skills and knowledge of their respective crafts were a source of identity and pride. Together with the so-called unskilled, w..

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