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NZ Gardening

100 Best Native Plants For New Zealand Gardens

From trees to ground covers, ferns to hebes, an expert guide to the top 100 New Zealand native plants for gardens. Since its first publication, this book has been an indispensable guide for gardeners ..

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Bill Ward's Edible Garden


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Coastal Garden, The: Design Inspiration from Wild New Zealand

The Coastal Garden is essential reading for gardeners and garden designers interested in native plants and wanting to reconnect with their location, using both plant and site knowledge to stimulate de..

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Essential Audrey Eagle : Botanical Art of New Zealand

In 2006, the award-winning Eagle's Complete Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand was published to widespread acclaim and quickly became a modern classic for New Zealand botanists, gardeners and art-lovers...

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Going Native: Growing and Using New Zealand Native Plants

For far too long introduced plants have overshadowed our native plants. Going Native is packed with ideas and uses for New Zealand natives, from landscaping and cultivating native plants, to guideline..

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Growing Organic : Green Tips for the NZ Gardener


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New Zealand Ferns and Allied Plants

There is nothing more evocative of New Zealand bush than ferns, from tall tree ferns to epiphytes and species which sprawl over the ground or nestle in the dim light of crevices. This volume covers so..

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New Zealand Native Ground Cover Plants

There is increasing enthusiasm for using native plants in gardens throughout New Zealand. This book is aimed at helping gardeners and landscaping professionals to select and care for native ground cov..

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Ohinetahi: Garden, House & Art


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Plant Heritage New Zealand

Plant Heritage New Zealand looks at the unique characteristics of New Zealand's plants, what makes them so special. It delves into the origins and evolution of the plants, how they have inspired songs..

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Practical Small Farming in New Zealand

Enjoying a relaxed rural lifestyle on a smallfarm is the dream of many New Zealanders. But running a few sheep and goats on even a modest block can be anything but relaxing if you don't have the farmi..

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Second Supplement to Eagle's Complete Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand : Historical Notes
Small-leaved Shrubs of New Zealand

New Zealand has an extraordinary number of shrubs that have tiny leaves and a habit of interlacing branchlets. They belong to diverse botanical families, yet are superficially so similar that botanist..

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Timely Tale About Roses


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Young Gardeners, Growing Chefs


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