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NZ Non-Fiction

Straight from the Pig's Mouth: The Life and Crimes of a Kiwi Detective

'This book takes you into the life of a New Zealand police detective. I tell it how it was and spare few details so that you too can see the world through one policeman's eyes. The stories contained i..

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Such Absolute Beginners - A Memoir


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Sunday Best: How Religion Shaped New Zealand and How New Zealand Shaped Religion

The early arrival of the missionaries in Aotearoa set the scene for a new 'moral colony' that would be founded on religious precepts and modern Christian beliefs. It did not take long for a combinatio..

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Swart Brothers, Jack and Stephen


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Take Me To The Nevis

This book combines the writings of Gavine Campbell, who first went to the Nevis as a young school teacher in 1927 and stories of people who braved the challenges the Nevis threw at them. Gavine marrie..

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Takitimu is one of the great tribal histories in the New Zealand literary canon. It tells of the Ngati Kahungunu people - tangata whenua of Hawke's Bay and parts of East Coast and Wairarapa - from the..

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Tamatea Dusky


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Tangata Ngai Tahu: People of Ngai Tahu


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Tangata O Le Moana : New Zealand & the People of the Pacific
Tangata Whenua a History

Tangata Whenua: A History presents a rich narrative of the Maori past from ancient origins in South China to the twenty-first century, in a handy paperback format. The authoritative text is drawn dire..

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Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History

A landmark publication, Tangata Whenua portrays the sweep of Maori history from Pacific origins to the twenty-first century. Through narrative and images, it offers a striking overview of the past, gr..

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Tara McLeod: A Typographic Journey

Chronicling the work of Tara McLeod, New Zealand's most revered private press printer, this book presents a selection of over 300 images of his prints, his books and his 3D work. Accompanied by essays..

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Tatau: A Cultural History of Samoan Tattooing

The Samoan Islands are virtually unique in that tattooing has been continuously practised with indigenous techniques: the full male tattoo, the pe'a has evolved in subtle ways in its design since the ..

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Te Aka : Maori-English, English-Maori Dictionary

This dictionary and index comprises a selection of modern and everyday language that will be extremely useful for learners of the Maori language. it has a broader scope than traditional dictionaries, ..

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Te Awa Atua

Te Awa Atua: Menstruation in the pre-colonial Maori World is a groundbreaking Kaupapa Maori work that reclaims ceremonies and rites of passage from traditional Maori society. The subject is contextual..

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Te Hahi Mihinare - the Maori Anglican Church

This ground-breaking book explores the birth, growth, struggles and ongoing life of Te Hahi Mihinare - the Maori Anglican Church. Anglicanism arrived in New Zealand with the first English missionaries..

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Te Hei Tiki: An Enduring Treasure in a Cultural Continuum

Of all Maori personal adornments, the human figure pendants known as hei tiki are the most famous, highly prized and culturally iconic. This book examines and celebrates the long history of hei tiki a..

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Te Kai a te Rangatira: Leadership from the Maori World
Te Kaieke Tohora (Whale Rider)

Whakamiharo ana tera te tirohanga atu ki a ia, ki te kaieke tohora. I rere atu te wai i a ia, ka hamama tona waha kia taea ai te hau makariri te kupa iho. Ko ana karu e kohara ana i te ahurei. Korekor..

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Te Kakano (Te Whanake #1)

Te Kakano is the beginner-level Maori Language text designed for adults and teenagers. Changes include six new or improved maps of the main tribal groups and significant Maori place names of New Zeal..

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Te Kohure (Te Whanake #4) TEXTBOOK

Te Kohure, the fourth textbook in the Te Whanake series written by John Moorfield, is intended to help advanced learners to improve their fluency. There are texts, explanations and activities in each ..

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Te Koparapara: An Introduction to the Maori World

Ka rite te k?para e k? nei i te ata. It is like a bellbird singing at dawn. Like the clear morning song of te k?parapara, the bellbird, this book aims to allow the M?ori world to speak for itself thro..

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Te Koparapara: An Introduction to the Maori World - SECOND HAND COPY
Te Kuia Moko: The Last Tattooed Maori Women

Te Kuia Moko is a taonga recording 34 Maori women, all bearing moko kauae(chin tattoos). First published in 1980 as The Blue Privilege, this new printing evidences the book's ongoing importance as a r..

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Te Mahuri (Te Whanake #3)

The content of this second edition of Te Mahuri is relevant to learners of the Maori language throughout New Zealand. The second edition includes new stories, explanations and illustrations. The dicti..

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Te Manu Huna a Tane: The hidden bird of Tane

This special photo book documents a wananga or class for three generations of women from Ngati Torehina Ki Mataka to learn the customary practice of pelting North Island brown kiwi so their feathers c..

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Te Matapihi ki Toko Ao Pukapuka Mahi


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Te Papa to Berlin: The making of two museums

Ken Gorbey is a remarkable man who for 15 years was involved with developing and realising the revolutionary cultural concept that became Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand. Then in 1999 he was h..

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Te Pihinga (Te Whanake #2) 2e

Te Pihinga is the lower intermediate-level Maori Language text designed for adults and teenagers. In the second edition there are two new chapters and additions have also been made to the dictionary a..

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Te Reo Maori Playing Cards


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Te Reo Maori: The Basics Explained


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Te Ruanuku: The Alchemist in te reo Maori

He purakau whakamiharo te pukapuka a Paulo Coelho mo Hanatiako, mo tetahi taitama hepara no Anaruhia e koingo ana ki te haereere ki te kimi i nga kura huna o te ao. I roto i tana haerenga, ka kite ia ..

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Te Taiao Maori & The Natural World


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Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi


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Te Toi Whakairo: The Art of Maori Carving


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Te Whanake 1 Te Kakano Pukapuka Tataki Study Guide
Te Whanake 3   Te Mahuri Pukapuka Tataki   Study Guide

This study guide is designed to accompany Te Mahuri (Second edition), the upper intermediate-level text of the Te Whanake Maori language series. It contains grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing ex..

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Te Wheke Pathways Across Oceania


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Te Whiti o Rongomai and the Resistance of Parihaka
Teach Your Dog Maori

A light-hearted, fully-illustrated retro-style picture book with 60+ words and phrases for you to practise your Maori with your furry best friend. Suitable as a first introduction to Maori for learner..

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Teaching Life, A


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Tears of Rangi: Experiments Across Worlds


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The Tui: A Pictorial Study of New Zealand's Colourful Endemic Bird

This stunning book, produced as a fundraiser for Native Bird Recovery Richmond, showcases the Tui in all its colourful glory. 78 pages of full colour world class photographs and fascinating Tui facts ..

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Theo Schoon: A Biography

Emigre artist Theo Schoon was fascinating, unorthodox, controversial, pioneering and at times reckless. His life intersected with important cultural periods and places, where what it meant to be moder..

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These Two Hands: new edition

Renee (Ngati Kahungunu) is regarded as a living legend in Aotearoa. Made an ONZM for services to literature and drama, she has been awarded the Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement, the P..

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This Farming Life

Farmer Tim Saunders manages to incorporate some writing into his days, and here he describes his life through the seasons: Summer, shearing, slaughter, crop harvest, conservation; Autumn, floods, trad..

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This Is Not How It Ends

A BOOK OF HEALING AND HOPE BY NEW ZEALAND TV JOURNALIST JEHAN CASINADER As an award-winning TV journalist, Jehan Casinader told other people's stories - until he lost control of his own. Sever..

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This Is Us: New Zealanders In Our Own Words


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This Pakeha Life: An Unsettled Memoir

This book is about my making sense here, of my becoming and being Pakeha. Every Pakeha becomes a Pakeha in their own way, finding her or his own meaning for that Maori word. This is the story of what ..

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Thomas Potts of Canterbury: Colonist and conservationist

In 1858 Canterbury settler Thomas Potts protested against the destruction of totara on the Port Hills near Christchurch. A decade later, as a member of Parliament, he made forest conservation a nation..

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TICKET: Shooting the Breeze - Landmarks conversation

FRIDAY 4 DECEMBER 5PM-7PM | TICKETS $5.00 DUNNINGHAM SUITE 4TH FLOOR, DUNEDIN PUBLIC LIBRARY Join us for a pre-Christmas event not to be missed! Twenty five years on since the public..

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