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NZ Book Awards 2016


Beginning with the return to Venice of an old and sick man determined to confront his past, and accompanied by his daughter who is escaping hers, The Antipodeans spans three generations of a New Zeala..

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Sent from his privileged European life to New Zealand to sort himself out, twenty-one-year-old Daniel embarks on piecing together the history of the Maori family he knows little about. As his grandmot..

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Coming Rain

"They returned to the main part of the shed and it was Lew's turn to sharpen his cutters. The woolshed now bright and well lit. Painter walked to his stand and connected the handpiece to the down-rod...

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Conch Trumpet

The Conch Shell calls to the scattered tribes of contemporary New Zealand. It sounds the signal to listen close, critically and 'in alert reverie'. David Eggleton's reach of references, the marriage o..

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How to be Dead in a Year of Snakes

In 1905, white supremacist Lionel Terry murdered the Cantonese gold prospector Joe Kum Yung to draw attention to his crusade to rid New Zealand of Chinese and other East Asian immigrants. Chris Tse us..

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Invisible Mile, The

The 1928 Ravat-Wonder team from New Zealand and Australia were the first English-speaking team to ride the Tour de France. From June through July they faced one of toughest in the race's history: 5,47..

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Night We Ate the Baby

'These wilfully, calmly disagreeable poems have tenderness and courage at their heart. Both bleak and hilarious, they perturb so deeply that they comfort. The speaker of these poems is often trapped, ..

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Pale North, The

1998, Wellington. A series of catastrophic earthquakes has left the city destroyed. Returning to the ruin from London, a New Zealand writer explores the devastation, compelled to find out for himself ..

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One of the reasons she was attracted to etchings was the deep, rich, black of the oily ink. A good layer of black ink was fathomless, like the sky or the sea at night. It was black as the unconscious ..

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Shaggy Magpie Songs

A little bubbly, a little bitter, a little absurd, and echoing with the sound of laughter, these poem-songs have shaggy tales to tell. Shaggy Magpie Songs is a celebration of poetry's potential - for ..

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Tender Machines

In this follow-up collection to the award-winning The Truth Garden, Emma Neale asks where exactly do the personal and the political drop hands? In poems that are engaged, compelling, witty and moving,..

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