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Bird North & Other Stories

Breton Dukes stands in the great tradition of New Zealand writers - Frank Sargeson, Maurice Duggan, Owen Marshall - who have looked at men's lives. The portraits in Dukes' stories are searingly fresh,..

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Death and Forgiveness

Anna has flown from New Zealand to her native Prague to nurse her dying mother. The night after the funeral she receives a phone call with the news that her husband Jan has committed suicide in farawa..

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Edwin and Matilda: An Unlikely Love Story

This beautifully written novel by Laurence Fearnley is about finding love in the most unlikely of places. Set in the southern South Island, it describes the unusual friendship formed between 62-year-o..

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A moving, compelling story about society and our reactions to difference, convincingly evoked, beautifully written. A young man is found unconscious in a remote forest. He is over seven feet tall, his..

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Free Fall

Rogelio Guedea is a Mexican poet, essayist, and novelist currently residing in New Zealand. His last book Driving a Trailer Truck (Random House Mondadori, 2008). was awarded the Silverio Ca±ada Prize ..

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Generation Kitchen

Much sought after by oil companies, ægeneration kitchensÆ are sites where geological forces have combined to create conditions for oil production. By turns brooding and wittily observant, Richard Reev..

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Heart Absolutely I Can

Michael Harlow is a poet, publisher and librettist who lives in Alexandra. Born in the USA with Greek and Ukrainian heritage, he settled in New Zealand in 1968. Michael has published seven collections..

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Hollywood School of Dressmaking

It is 1929. When Hollywood hits town to make a movie with real movie stars and local star-struck hopefuls, real life turns out to be much more complicated than reel life. The innocent local seamstress..

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Hut Builder

'I suddenly found myself in front of a scene of such beauty that it took my breath away ...' As a boy in the late 1930s, young Boden's life is changed for ever the day his neighbour Dudley drives him ..

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In a Slant Light: A Poet's Memoir

In this absorbing poetic memoir of her early life, Cilla McQueen, one of New Zealands major women poets, leads us over the stepping stones of childhood memory, some half submerged, some strong and gli..

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In the Memorial Room

In the Memorial Room is a brilliant black comedy, by the celebrated author of An Angel at My Table. Harry Gill, a moderately successful writer of historical fiction, has been awarded the annual Water..

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Incomplete Poems, The

The Incomplete Poems is both a summation and a wiping clean of the slate. Here, in their definitive versions, are those poems that I am prepared to stand beside as chalk and duster come to rest next t..

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Let the River Stand (Penguin Award Winning Classics)

Let the River Stand won the Montana Book Awards in 1994. In the deceptively quiet Waikato of the 1930s and 1940s, a number of lives connect in a complex web of family ties, desire and violence. The ev..

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Lives We Leave Behind

In July 1915 the hospital ship Maheno leaves Wellington with seventy New Zealand nurses on board. Addie Harrington and Meg Dutton are assigned to the same cabin. Quiet and cautious, Addie is taken aba..

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Overkill: One Woman. Small Town. Big Problem.

When a young mother in the town is brutally murdered (it seems to be a professional job), Sam is at the heart of the police hunt to find the killer. But then Sam's past relationship with the dead woma..

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Place to Go On From: The Collected Poems of Iain Lonie
Ribbons of Grace

Ribbons of Grace is set in Arrowtown, a frontier town with an explosive mix of inhabitants, during the Otago goldrush of the 1860s. It focuses on the love affair between Ming Yuet, a young Chinese wom..

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Salt Water Creek

Rhian Gallagher's first collection travels from her native New Zealand to London, from Ireland to New York. With a light touch her precise, vivid language describes childhood geographies, the death of..

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Silver Gaucho

El Gaucho de la Plata esta muerto! The Silver Gaucho is dead û and across Argentina an entire nation is in mourning.But for adventurer, Lockie Steele, the death of the television idol is merely one..

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"When he asked me to forgive him for everything I thought I could. I said yes and I meant it. But I didn't realise that night, everything was what he'd take away." When Billie May Worthington falls fo..

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Tender Machines

In this follow-up collection to the award-winning The Truth Garden, Emma Neale asks where exactly do the personal and the political drop hands? In poems that are engaged, compelling, witty and moving,..

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Traces of Red

Rebecca Thorne is a successful television journalist, but her world is thrown into turmoil when her Saturday night programme is axed because of falling ratings. Not only will she lose her job but her ..

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Truth Garden, The

The breath held or expelled in wonder, frustration or delight energises Emma Neale's writing. Poems in The Truth Garden take risks because they need to; in the clamour of family life they have require..

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You Fit the Description: The Selected Poems of Peter Olds

From the steam of Joe Tui's long-gone Dunedin fish-and-chip shop to a young possum clinging to a plum tree, via substance-fuelled manic narrative, Zen solitude and vivid evocations of childhood, by tu..

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