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Writers Festival '15

All the Colours of the Town

When Glasgow journalist Gerry Conway receives a phone call promising unsavoury information about Scottish Justice Minister Peter Lyons, his instinct is that this apparent scoop won't warrant space in ..

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A brutal home invasion shocks the nation. A man is murdered, his wife bound, gagged and left to watch. But when Detective Sam Shephard scratches the surface, the victim, a successful businessman, is n..

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Bulibasha is the title given to the King of the Gypsies, and on the East Coast of New Zealand two patriarchs fight to be proclaimed the king. Tamihana is the leader of the great Mahana family of s..

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Chimes, The

'The Chimes is a remarkable debut. It's inventive, beautifully written, and completely absorbing. I highly recommend it.' Kevin Powers, author of The Yellow Birds A mind-expanding literary debut compo..

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Vanda Symon's third novel features the feisty young policewoman Sam Shephard who was the central character in her two previous books Overkill and The Ringmaster. In Containment, Sam is training as a d..

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Makareta is the chosen one - carrying her families hopes. Missy is the observer - the one who accepts but has her dreams. Mata is always waiting - for life to happen as it stealthily passes by. These ..

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Edwin and Matilda: An Unlikely Love Story

This beautifully written novel by Laurence Fearnley is about finding love in the most unlikely of places. Set in the southern South Island, it describes the unusual friendship formed between 62-year-o..

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Bradley is a middle-aged man trapped in middle-class New Zealand. He is in a job that he hates, working day after day to support his wife and two children. One day when it has all gets too much, Bradl..

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Dorothy Forrest is immersed in the sensory world around her; she lives in the flickering moment. From the age of seven, when her odd, disenfranchised family moves from New York City to the wide skies ..

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How to Stop a Heart From Beating

Brilliantly capturing the voice and perspective of a young girl, this is a heart-warming, lively, funny and intriguing novel. The year 1961 is a pivotal one for nine-year-old Solly McKeen. She is a lo..

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Hunting Blind

On a perfect summer's day, at a school picnic beside a lake, a little girl goes missing, leaving a family devastated and a community asking questions. Seventeen years later her sister, Stephanie, is p..

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Hut Builder

'I suddenly found myself in front of a scene of such beauty that it took my breath away ...' As a boy in the late 1930s, young Boden's life is changed for ever the day his neighbour Dudley drives him ..

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Limestone - a Novel

Clare Lacey is on a quest. In Ireland to attend an Art History conference, she sets out to find her father who walked out one day to buy a pack of cigarettes when she was a child, and disappeared. She..

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Magnetic South

From award-winning poet Sue Wootton comes this outstanding collection of poetry...

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Matriarch, The

The matriarch is a woman of intelligence, wit, beauty and ruthlessness, and has become a mythical figure through her fight to repossess the land and sustain her people against the ravages wrought by t..

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Mother's Day

Life is tough for 40-year-old solo mother Maggie, a home help caregiver. Her three children are all giving her a hard time, especially Bevan, who's in trouble with the police. But when she's assigned ..

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Mr Allbone's Ferrets

An historical, pastoral, satirical, scientifical romance, with mustelids. A young man out poaching. A beautiful maiden in a mysterious house. A perilous voyage to distant islands. All the ingredients ..

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Novel About My Wife

Tom Stone is madly in love with his wife Ann. Pushing forty and expecting their first child, they buy a semi-derelict house in Hackney. Despite their spiralling money troubles, they believe this is th..

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Overkill: One Woman. Small Town. Big Problem.

When a young mother in the town is brutally murdered (it seems to be a professional job), Sam is at the heart of the police hunt to find the killer. But then Sam's past relationship with the dead woma..

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Parihaka Woman

Against the historical background of the turbulent events that surrounded the village of Parihaka in the 1870s and 1880s, Witi Ihimaera tells the fictional story of Erenora. Parihaka is a place she ca..

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In a small coastal community threatened by developers who would ravage their lands it is a time of fear and confusion - and growing anger. The prophet child Tokowaru-i-te-Marama shares his people's st..

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Pounamu Pounamu

Pounamu Pounamu is classic Ihimaera. First published om 1972, it was immediately endorsed by Maori and Pakeha alike for its original stories that showed how important Maori identity is for all New Zea..

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One of the reasons she was attracted to etchings was the deep, rich, black of the oily ink. A good layer of black ink was fathomless, like the sky or the sea at night. It was black as the unconscious ..

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After the events described in Vanda Symon's debut crime novel Overkill, our hero Sam is now training to be a detective at Dunedin Central. The novel begins with the brutal murder of a young female stu..

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Silver Gaucho

El Gaucho de la Plata esta muerto! The Silver Gaucho is dead û and across Argentina an entire nation is in mourning.But for adventurer, Lockie Steele, the death of the television idol is merely one..

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Small Holes in the Silence: Short Stories

This is a fine new collection of short stories by the much-loved Patricia Grace, probably never more popular since the great commercial success of the novel Tu. The feast of stories is varied: urban, ..

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Swimming in the Dark

Serena Freeman is a 15-year-old girl with her life ahead of her. From a dysfunctional family on the wrong side of the law, she is determined to break the mould, escape the prejudices of her community ..

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Traces of Red

Rebecca Thorne is a successful television journalist, but her world is thrown into turmoil when her Saturday night programme is axed because of falling ratings. Not only will she lose her job but her ..

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Tu is proud of his name - the Maori god of war. But for the returned soldier there's a shadow over his own war experience with the Maori Battalion in Italy. Three young men from the one family went to..

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