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Travels with Epicurus : A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of an Authentic Life

Travels with Epicurus: A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of an Authentic Old Age is a humorous, uplifting meditation on finding the pleasures of old age, by the New York Times bestselling co-autho..

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Treasures of the World : Complete Guide to UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Trekking Beyond: Walk the world's epic trails

Vivid essays introduce the world's best trekking regions - from the Himalayas to the Andes, Singalila Ridge to the Bibbulmun Track - exploring the challenges of walking these paths, the history of the..

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Under the Stars: A Journey Into Light

Light pollution is everywhere. Not only is it damaging to humans and to wildlife, disrupting our natural rhythms, but it obliterates the subtler lights that have guided us for millennia. Moonlight, st..

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'Into the underland we have long placed that which we fear and wish to lose, and that which we love and wish to save . . . ' From the vast underground mycelial networks by which trees communicate..

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Underland: A Deep Time Journey

'Into the underland we have long placed that which we fear and wish to lose, and that which we love and wish to save . . . ' From the vast underground mycelial networks by which trees communicate..

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Unfinished Palazzo: Life, Love and Art in Venice

Abandoned unfinished and left to rot on Venice's Grand Canal, `il palazzo non finito' was once an unloved guest among the aristocrats of Venetian architecture. Yet in the 20th century it played hos..

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Vanlife Companion, The

Welcome to life on four wheels. Hit the open road with this practical and inspiring guide. In the first half, you'll discover how to choose and customise your perfect van, and get it fitted fo..

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Venice: A Literary Guide for Travellers

"Memory's images, once they are fixed in words, are erased," Marco Polo said. "Perhaps I am afraid of losing Venice all at once, if I speak of it, or perhaps, speaking of other cities, I have already ..

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Everything moves more slowly when I walk, the world seems softer . . . ' From the bestselling author of Silence comes an illuminating exploration of the joy of walking. From those perilous first ..

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Walking Away

Not content with walking the Pennine Way as a modern day troubadour, an experience recounted in his best-seller and prize-wining Walking Home, the restless poet has followed up that journey with a wal..

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Walking to Jerusalem: Blisters, hope and other facts on the ground

2017 marked three important anniversaries for the Palestinian people: 100 years since the Balfour Declaration; 50 years since the Six-day War; and ten years since the Blockade of Gaza. As an act of pe..

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Walking: One Step at a Time

From the bestselling author of Silence comes an illuminating examination of the joy of walking. From those perilous first steps as a toddler, to great expeditions, from walking to work to trekkin..

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Wander Love: Lessons, Tips and Inspiration from a Solo Traveller

Aubrey Daquinag has spent the last few years making the world her office, documenting her experiences on her blog, The Love Assembly. Her book Wander Love will help you gear up for your next vacation ..

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Wandering Vine: Wine, the Romans and Me, The


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Way to the Sea:  Forgotten Histories of the Thames Estuary

Raised on its banks and an avid sailor, Caroline Crampton sets out to rediscover the enigmatic pull of the Thames by following its course from the river's source in a small village in Gloucestershire,..

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Ways of Travelling

Rediscover the wonder of travel, wherever you find yourself. See the world with fresh eyes with these exciting and unusual suggestions. Whether you're heading halfway around the globe or just stepping..

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Wellness Escapes

Discover the world's most energising, inspiring and relaxing wellbeing retreats. From yoga, t'ai chi and meditation to mindfulness, spa treatments and creative writing, we present our favourite retrea..

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Where To Go When

Where to Go When makes finding that journey of a lifetime easier than ever. It combines inspiring narrative with sumptuous photography to bring to life over 100 destinations across the globe - discove..

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Wild Horses of the Summer Sun

'Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us.'Virginia Woolf What if you could steal time out just for yourself each year, a brief reprieve from ordinary life and its responsibil..

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Wild Journeys

Discover a world of wild, mysterious and audacious journeys In Wild Journeys Bruce Ansley retraces the path of the doomed surveyor John Whitcombe across the Southern Alps, follows the raiding party o..

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Wild Places. The

Are there any genuinely wild places left in Britain and Ireland? Or have we tarmacked, farmed and built ourselves out of wildness?In his vital, bewitching, inspiring classic, Robert Macfarlane sets ou..

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Wildboy: to the Edge and Back: More Adventures Through Rugged, Remote New Zealand

Brando 'Wildboy' Yelavich stunned us all when he circumnavigated the entire coast of New Zealand completely on foot over 600 days. But he left out the hardest bit - Stewart Island. Over 31 days, Brand..

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Wine Trails - Europe

Lonely Planet's latest Wine Trails book is your guide to the perfect European wine getaway. Featuring Europe's most exciting and up-and-coming wine destinations, cult favorites, and secret gems. Disco..

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Without Ever Reaching the Summit: A Himalayan Journey

An awestruck love letter to one of the most spectacular places on earth, from the author of international bestseller The Eight Mountains Paolo Cognetti marked his 40th birthday with a journey he ..

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Woman in the Polar Night, A

In 1934, the Austrian painter Christiane Ritter travels to the remote Arctic island of Spitsbergen to spend a year with her husband, an explorer and researcher. They are to live in a tiny ramshackle h..

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Writer Abroad: Literary Travels from Austria to Uzbekistan

From the grand tour to the global village, novelists and poets have made particularly observant travellers. Many writers have been prone to wanderlust, eager to explore the world and draw inspiration ..

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Yak on Track: An unforgettable adventure in the last Himalayan Kingdom
Year In Provence

Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence is the much-loved account of an English couple living their dream abroad. When they buy a 200-year-old farmhouse in the South of France, Peter Mayle and his wife littl..

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Year Off: A story about traveling the worlduand how to make it happen for you

A Year Off is the story of a couple who decided to take a year off from their jobs to travel the world. They weren't escaping from career failure or recovering from terrible relationships or trying to..

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