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Warriors of Love

In 1244 a man wrapped in a coarse black coat entered Konya and so into the life of Islam'Â s most celebrated poet and mystic: Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. A wanderer and spiritual vagabond, Shams of..

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Waste Land and Other Poems, The


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Waste Land, The

Published in 1922, The Waste Land was the most revolutionary poem of its time, offering a devastating vision of modern civilisation between the two World Wars. This beautifully designed edition f..

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What W. H. Auden Can Do for You

When facing a moral dilemma, Isabel Dalhousie - Edinburgh philosopher, amateur detective, and title character of a series of novels by best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith - often refers to the ..

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Whitsun Weddings, The


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Why Brownlee Left

Why Brownlee Left, a Poetry Book Society Choice and winner of the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, confirmed Paul Muldoon's reputation as the most inventive voice of his generation when it was first pub..

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Wild Embers: Poems of rebellion, fire and beauty

You cannot burn awayWhat has always been aflameWILD EMBERS explores the fire that lies within every soul, weaving words around ideas of feeling at home in your own skin, allowing yourself to heal and..

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Wild Geese Returning: Chinese Reversible Poems

The genre of poems that may be read both forward and backward, producing different creations was known as the "flight of wild geese". These poems were often sent so that a distant lover, like the migr..

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William Wordsworth

In this series, a contemporary poet selects and introduces a poet of the past. By their choice of poems and by the personal and critical reactions they express in their prefaces, the editors offer ins..

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Windharp: Poems of Ireland Since 1916

Windharp: Niall MacMonagle's essential anthology of the last century of Irish poetry The Easter Rising of 1916 was a foundational moment of the independent Irish state; but while that insurrection co..

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Winter Trees

Both published posthumously in 1971, Crossing the Water and Winter Trees contain the poems written along with those that went to form Ariel, from the exceptionally creative period that led up to Sylvi..

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Witch doesn't burn in this one, The

2016 Goodreads choice award-winning poet Amanda Lovelace returns in the witch doesn't burn in this one - the bold second book in her "women are some kind of magic" series. The witch: supernatura..

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Wordsworth: 'Daffodils' and Other Poems

William Wordsworth is chiefly remembered as one of the 'Lake Poets'. Yet he was also one of the founders of English Romanticism, a writer whose early revolutionary fervor imbued his verse and his idea..

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World's Wife

With an introduction by Jeanette Winterson This unique collection of poems from the Poet Laureate, filled with her characteristic wit, is a feminist classic and a modern take on age-old mythology Wh..

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World's Wife

This unique collection of poems from the Poet Laureate, filled with her characteristic wit, is a feminist classic and a modern take on age-old mythology. Who? Him. The Husband. Hero. Hunk. The Boy Ne..

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Year of Reading Aloud: 52 poems to learn and love, A

Enjoy the magic of reading aloud and switch off from the distractions of life through the contemplation of poetry. Reciting poetry is a tradition as old as time. Ancient Greeks used it for awaken..

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Year of the Wasp

Year Of the Wasp finds its origins in shattering personal experience and then rises from this personal focus to confront the realities of politics, culture, and language in contemporary Australia. Thi..

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yesterday i was the moon

yesterday i was the moon centers around themes of love and emotional loss, the catharsis of creating art, and the struggle to find one's voice. Noor's poetry ranges from succinct universal truths to f..

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