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Odyssey of the Unknown Anzac


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Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-45 : 28 (Maori) Battalion
Pacific Star: 3NZ Division in the South Pacific in World War II

The war in the South Pacific saw some of the most gruelling fighting of World War Two. Conditions were unpleasant - fetid heat, torrential downpours and hostile flora and fauna - while the Japanese en..

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The gripping story of a New Zealand solider who escaped the clutches of a prisoner-of-war camp to join the Yugoslav freedom fighters during the Second World War After a daring escape from a prisoner..

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Passchendaele:  New Zealand's Worst Military Disaster

This extensively researched book tells the story of one of the darkest hours of Australia and New Zealand's First World War military. With the forensic use of decades-old documents and soldier account..

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Passport to Hell

Passport to Hell is the story of James Douglas Stark--Starkie--and his war. Journalist and novelist Robin Hyde came across Starkie while reporting in Mt Eden Gaol in the 1930s and immediately knew she..

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Pilgrim Days: From Vietnam to the SAS

`We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go, Always a little further; it may be, Beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow.' If there was ever anyone who went a little further, a little beyo..

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Rampant Dragons : New Zealanders in Armour in World War II


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Remembering Gallipoli: Interviews with New Zealand Veterans
Return to Monte Cassino : The 2nd NZEF War Veterans Remember Italy
Roll of New Zealand's Second World War Dead


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Salamander and the Fire: Collected War Stories

First published in 1986, these collected war stories are told in the order of the Middle East campaigns that provide their settings. The characters are mainly men from the New Zealand Division seen in..

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Secret Army: An Elite Force, a Secret Mission, a Fleet of Model-T Fords, a Far Flung Corner of WWI

It was arguably the greatest fighting force in the entirety of the Great War. They were the very best: hardened, fearless, decorated, cocky fighting men, all veterans of Gallipoli and the Western Fron..

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Silent Division & Concerning One Man's War 1914-1919

This is in no sense a book of fiction but one of facts and of the reaction of a kindly soul to his experiences as a front-line Digger. In it is to be found a truer reflection both of the grim ..

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Soldiers, Scouts and Spies

A pivotal period in our history, the New Zealand Wars changed the nation forever. Yet there is often little understanding of how they were fought. Maori adopted western weapons and evolved their tacti..

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Stand for New Zealand: Voices from the Battle for Crete

Voices from the Battle for Crete is an edited compilation of 24 personal accounts of New Zealanders who took part in the Battle for Crete in World War II. It includes material from letters written hom..

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Tales from the Trenches


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Tutu Te Puehu: New Perspectives On The New Zealand Wars
Voices of Gallipoli

In the 1980s, Maurice Shadbolt began to research New Zealand's part in the tragic Gallipoli campaign of 1915 - research which was to lead to his stage play Once on Chunuk Bair, a television documentar..

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Wars Without End : The Land Wars in Nineteenth-century New Zealand

From the earliest days of European settlement in New Zealand, argues historian Danny Keenan, Maori struggled to hold on to their land. Tensions began early, arising from disputed land sales. When open..

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Western Front: A Guide to New Zealand Battlefields and Memorials

The Western Front, where New Zealand fought its deadliest military campaign, contains some of the most significant sites in the story of New Zealand's First World War - the Somme, Messines, Passchenda..

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Whitiki Whiti Whiti E!: Maori In the First World War

This major publication about Maori participation in the First World War is written by NZ's leading Maori military historian Dr Monty Soutar, author of the award-winning Nga Tama Toa C Company, Maori B..

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With Them Through Hell: New Zealand Medical Services in the First World War

For New Zealanders, the First World War was not just a grueling conflict but also the nation's biggest health challenge. Military personnel had to deal with horrific injuries caused by high velocity b..

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Won by the Spade

This authoritative history of the Royal New Zealand Engineers offers a comprehensive account of the corps' actions, events and personnel from the New Zealand Wars of the 19th century to the present. I..

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