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100 Amazing Tales from Aotearoa

Simon Morton is a Wellington-based broadcaster and presenter best known for his TV ONE show 'Why We Buy' and his Radio New Zealand National series 'This Way Up'. Riria Hotere (Ngati Maniapoto and Te A..

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Acknowledge No Frontier: The Creation and Demise of New Zealand's Provinces, 1853-76
After the War: The RSA in New Zealand

"The story of an iconic institution - the RSA - from its beginnings during the First World War through to the twenty-first century. A highly illustrated look at a threatened icon of New Zealand cultu..

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Alexandra Rugby Football Club : 125th Jubilee : 1890-2015
ANZAC Experience: New Zealand, Australia and Empire in the First World War: 2016
Anzac Notes 2015 :
Aramoho : The Community on the River : The Early Years
Aranui & Wainoni History : Christchurch New Zealand
Archaeology of the Hohi Mission Station. Volume II. The 2013 Excavations
Are We There Yet?: The Future of the Treaty of Waitangi

Three questions: 'Where have we got to with the Treaty of Waitangi?'; 'Is where we have got to a good place?' and 'Where do we go from here?' Simple questions we thought. But nothing is simple when yo..

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Army Fundamentals: From Making Soldiers to the Limits of the Military Instrument

How does an Army recruit attain an identity with soldierhood? What do they give up and what do they gain? What happens when a young officer, indoctrinated in a military way of thinking, is thrust into..

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Ask That Mountain : The Story of Parihaka

Parihaka has become a byword for Maori refusal to yield land, culture and dignity to New Zealand's colonial government. Well after the end of the New Zealand Wars, the people of this small settlement ..

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Barefoot Years

'The myriad of the living in all of their many forms, defunct, mutant, revenant or otherwise; traversing memory's infinite field.' Martin Edmond's Barefoot Years is a memoir in which the author attemp..

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Bassett Road Machine-Gun Murders

On Saturday morning, 7 December 1963, Eric Lewis called around to his property in Bassett Road, Remuera, Auckland, to collect the rent. He was not prepared for the scene that greeted him when he opene..

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Bateman Illustrated History of New Zealand

"New Zealand's past has been a rollercoaster ride of hopes, dreams, wars and peace." In his fully revised Illustrated History, noted historian Matthew Wright brings New Zealand's turbulent, exciting p..

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Battle of Gate Pa 150th Commemoration : Te Pakanga o Pukehinahina, 29 April 1864.
Bay of Islands


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Between Worlds

'Vivid, convincing and utterly memorable.'-Michael King, North & SouthAnne Salmond's extraordinary Between Worlds begins with the arrival of Cook's second expedition in 1773 and takes the story throug..

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Beyond Betrayal: Trouble in the Promised Land - Restoring the Mission to Maori

Beyond Betrayal delves into New Zealand's pioneering history, and asks why such promising partnerships descended into decades of distrust. After the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, a succession of gove..

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Beyond the Imperial Frontier: The Contest for Colonial New Zealand

Beyond the Imperial Frontier is an exploration of the different ways Maori and Pakeha 'fronted' one another - the zones of contact and encounter - across the nineteenth century. Beginning with a pre-1..

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Big Show: New Zealanders, D-Day and the War in Europe

More than 10,000 New Zealand servicemen were on active duty with the RAF and the Royal Navy at the time of the D-Day landings, in June 1944. Until now, the role played by these men has been largely un..

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Big Smoke: New Zealand Cities, 1840-1920

The pursuit of city life is one of the most important untold stories of New Zealand. The Big Smoke is the first comprehensive history to tell this story, presenting a dynamic and highly illustrated ac..

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Bombay : The Next 50 Years, 1965-2015 / Written by Members of the Bombay Community
Broken Decade: Prosperity, Depression and Recovery in New Zealand, 1928-39

The Depression of the 1930s was a defining period in New Zealand history. It had its own vocabulary swaggers and sugarbags, relief work and sustenance, the Queen Street riots and special constables ..

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C B Norwood : Our Story, Our People : The First 65 Years
Canterbury As I Saw It : Nga Pakihi Whatateka Waitaha / Text, Paintings and Drawings by Henry Lowen-Smith
Changing Land: Sir Donald Mclean's 'Maraekakaho' - 1857 to Today
Changing Times: New Zealand Since 1945

Pirate radio in the Hauraki Gulf and the first DC8 jets landing at Mangere; feminists liberating pubs and protests over the closing of Post Offices; kohanga reo and carless days: Changing Times is a h..

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Charles E Major Memoirs : Seventy Years of Life in New Zealand
Chasing a Dream: The Exploration of the Imaginary Pacific

Early Europeans may have believed the world was flat, but by the Middle Ages there was widespread acceptance that it was, in fact, a globe. What remained a mystery, however, was what lay on the "other..

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Child Poverty in New Zealand

Between 175,000 and 265,000 New Zealand children live in poverty, depending on the measure used. These disturbing figures are widely discussed, yet often poorly understood. If New Zealand does not hav..

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City & Peninsula


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Civilisation : Twenty Places at the Edge of the World
Cleansing the Colony: Transporting Convicts from New Zealand to Van Diemen's Land

Everyone knows Australia was once a penal colony, but few realize that New Zealand prisoners were sent there. During the mid-nineteenth century at least 110 people were transported from New Zealand to..

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Concise History of New Zealand 2E

New Zealand was the last major landmass, other than Antarctica, to be settled by humans. The story of this rugged and dynamic land is beautifully narrated, from its origins in Gondwana some 80 million..

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Conquistador Puzzle Trail


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Cook's Endeavour Journal: The Inside Story

Cook's Endeavour Journal: The Inside Story brings to life the record of one of the world's most famous expeditions, the circumnavigation of the globe by Lieutenant James Cook aboard HMB Endeavour. It ..

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Coral Route: Tasman Empire Airways Ltd, Flying Boats & the South Pacific

Using accounts from former crew and employees, island memoirs and photographic archives never before published, forgotten aspects of TEAL's tropical world are brought once more into the light. For the..

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Cricketing Colonists: The Brittan Brothers in Early Canterbury

John Robert Godley, Edward Gibbon Wakefield, James Edward FitzGerald these are the names that usually come to mind as the founders of Canterbury. But there was a fourth vitally important individual, a..

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Dairy Nation: The Story of Dairy Farming in New Zealand

You could say our country is built on dairy - and this book examines its effect on our culture, our business, the way we think and the way we see ourselves. When you drive the length of New Zealand, y..

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Dam Dwellers: End of an Era


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Dancing with the King: The rise and fall of the King Country, 1864-1885

When Maori were defeated at Orakau in 1864 and the Waikato War ended, Tawhiao, the second Maori King, and his supporters were forced into an armed exile in the Rohe Potae, the King Country. For the ne..

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Dead Cert: Stories from Thames, Paeroa and Waihi Cemeteries

Meghan Hawkes, former columnist for Peninsula Press, Thames, had gathered together a selection of her much loved Dead Cert columns - the stories behind the headstones. Poignant and intriguing, the tal..

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Dear Dot, I Must Tell You - A Personal History of Young New Zealanders, 1886-1936

This is the story of the newspaper correspondence column Dot's Little Folk and those who wrote to it. Little Folk was the first correspondence column for children in a New Zealand newspaper. It became..

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Deeds and Native Reserves of Canterbury and North Otago
Deeds and Native Reserves of Coastal Otakou


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Deeds and Native Reserves of Kaikoura and Arahura


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