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100 Amazing Tales from Aotearoa

Simon Morton is a Wellington-based broadcaster and presenter best known for his TV ONE show 'Why We Buy' and his Radio New Zealand National series 'This Way Up'. Riria Hotere (Ngati Maniapoto and Te A..

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100 days That Mapped a Nation, The


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Ask That Mountain : The Story of Parihaka

Parihaka has become a byword for Maori refusal to yield land, culture and dignity to New Zealand's colonial government. Well after the end of the New Zealand Wars, the people of this small settlement ..

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Barker's of Geraldine


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Between Worlds

'Vivid, convincing and utterly memorable.'-Michael King, North & SouthAnne Salmond's extraordinary Between Worlds begins with the arrival of Cook's second expedition in 1773 and takes the story throug..

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Beyond Betrayal: Trouble in the Promised Land - Restoring the Mission to Maori

Beyond Betrayal delves into New Zealand's pioneering history, and asks why such promising partnerships descended into decades of distrust. After the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, a succession of gove..

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Black Flu 1918: The story of New Zealand's worst public health disaster

Many New Zealand families were affected by the 1918 influenza pandemic. In the space of about six weeks, over 6400 Pakeha died and an estimated 2500 Maori. That equals nearly half the total of New Zea..

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Broken Decade, The: Prosperity, Depression and Recovery in New Zealand, 1928-39

The Depression of the 1930s was a defining period in New Zealand history. It had its own vocabulary swaggers and sugarbags, relief work and sustenance, the Queen Street riots and special constables ..

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BWB Text: First Migration


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City at the Centre: The History of Palmerston North

A RICHLY ILLUSTRATED HISTORY CELEBRATING 150 YEARS. City at the Centre tells the story of a small town carved out of the bush that once cloaked the Manawatu plains, whose growth was driven by the rail..

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Common Ground - Garden histories of Aotearoa

Common Ground: Garden histories of Aotearoa takes a loving look at gardens and garden practices in Aotearoa New Zealand over time. While a lot of gardening books focus on the grand plantings of wealth..

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Concise History of New Zealand 2E

New Zealand was the last major landmass, other than Antarctica, to be settled by humans. The story of this rugged and dynamic land is beautifully narrated, from its origins in Gondwana some 80 million..

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Dead Letters: Censorship and subversion in New Zealand 1914-1920

In 1918, from deep within the West Coast bush, a miner on the run from the military wrote a letter to his sweetheart. Two months later he was in jail. Like millions of others, his letter had been stea..

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Early Days in Foveaux Strait

Foveaux Strait / Te Ara a Kiwa separates the South Island / Te Wai Pounamu from Rakiura / Stewart Island. Illustrated throughout, mostly in colour, this book tells the story of the original inhabitant..

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First Map: How James Cook Charted Aotearoa New Zealand

The story of how James Cook charted Aotearoa New Zealand, lavishly produced and richly illustrated Since it was published by the Admiralty in 1816, James Cook's chart of New Zealand has long be..

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Forgotten Wars: Why the Musket Wars Matter Today

Long-awaited short and reorganised version of The Musket Wars * Brilliantly written and clearly explained, with fact boxes * Detailed maps and plentiful illustrations Ron Crosby brilliantly rewrites h..

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From Suffrage to a Seat in the House: The path to parliament for New Zealand women

New Zealand has always proudly worn its status of being the first country to enfranchise women. But not many know that it took a further 40 long years to get the first woman elected to Parliament. In ..

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From Taranto to Trieste


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Great Tales from New Zealand History

Forty-six diverse, absorbing stories which reveal the often forgotten colour and vibrancy of our country's past. Who really did discover New Zealand? Who were the real villains at Parihaka? Have we wr..

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Great War for New Zealand: Waikato 1800-2000

A monumental new account of the defining conflict in New Zealand history. It was war in the Waikato in 1863-64 that shaped the nation in all kinds of ways: setting back Maori and Pakeha relations by s..

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Harraways: Going for Grain: 150 years of Milling at Green Island, Dunedin
He Reo Wahine: Maori Women's Voices from the Nineteenth Century
History of New Zealand Women


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Kalimpong Kids, The: The New Zealand story, in pictures

In the early 20th century, 130 young Anglo-Indians were sent to New Zealand in an organised immigration scheme from Kalimpong, in the Darjeeling district of India. They were the mixed-race children of..

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Ko Taranaki Te Maunga

In 1881, colonial troops invaded the village of Parihaka on the Taranaki coast. In an attempt to quell the non-violent direct action taken by the community against land confiscations, the government s..

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Lives of Colonial Objects, The

The Lives of Colonial Objects is a sumptuously illustrated and highly readable book about things, and the stories that unfold when we start to investigate them. In this collection of 50 essays the a..

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Long Time Coming:  story of Ngai Tahu's treaty settlement negotiations with the Crown

The Ngai Tahu settlement, like all other Treaty of Waitangi settlements in Aotearoa New Zealand, was more a product of political compromise and expediency than measured justice. The Ngai Tahu claim, T..

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Making a New Land: Environmental Histories of New Zealand

Making a New Land presents an interdisciplinary perspective on one of the most rapid and extensive transformations in human history: that which followed Maori and then European colonisation of New Zea..

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Making History: A New Zealand Story

`Men no longer whisper "Revolution", they shout it; and they no longer carry banners, but throw bricks' - Letter home from Harvard, 1970. Jock Phillips grew up in post-war Christchurch where hist..

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Mataatua Whare: Te Wharenui I Hoki Mai

Mataatua wharenui is the most travelled Maori meeting house in the country. Built in 1875, it was taken to Australia, London and Otago before being returned to Whakatane after more than a century away..

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Matters of the Heart: A History of Interracial Marriage in New Zealand

In the history of intimate relations between Maori and Pakeha, public policy and private life are woven together. Matters of the Heart reveals much about how Maori and Pakeha have lived together in th..

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Merchant, Miner, Mandarin:  life & times of the remarkable Choie Sew Hoy

In 1869, a businessman from China's Guangdong Province first set foot on New Zealand soil at Port Chalmers. It was the beginning of an illustrious career that would change the shape of commerce and in..

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Mid-Century Living: The Butterfly House Collection

An incurable collector shares her astonishing collection of vintage New Zealand art, objects and design and her classic 1960s seaside bach. For over 30 years, philanthropist and best-selling author ..

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More Than Just a Place of Work: A History of Dunedin's Hillside Railway Workshops
Mothers' Darlings of the South Pacific: Children of Indigenous Women and US Servicemen WWII
New Zealand Between the Wars

If World War One was the crucible that forged an independent New Zealand identity, then the two decades following are surely the years in which the foundation for the new nation was laid. In shedding ..

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New Zealand Wars & the Victorian Interpretation of Racial Conflict

Revealing the enormous tactical and military skill of Maori, and the inability of 'Victorian interpretation' to acknowledge those qualities, Belich's account of the New Zealand Wars offered a very dif..

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New Zealand Wars | Nga Pakanga o Aotearoa, The

The New Zealand Wars were a series of conflicts that profoundly shaped the course and direction of our nation's history. Fought between the Crown and various groups of Maori between 1845 and 1872, the..

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No Maori Allowed

This is the story of New Zealand's most racist town. From 1952 to 1964, Pukekohe housed the only segregated Maori school in the history of the country. Tragically, hundreds of Maori infants and childr..

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Not in Narrow Seas : Economic History of Aotearoa New Zealand
Okay Boomer: New Zealand In The Swinging Sixties

OK Boomer! New Zealand in the Swinging Sixties looks at Politics, Sport, Wining & Dining, fashion, night life and everything 60s in a highly illustrated format. Based on the hugely successful Weekly N..

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Our Game: Rugby at 150


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Outcasts of the Gods?: The Struggle Over Slavery in Maori New Zealand

Tracing ideas of freedom and unfreedom in Maori society, this book is the first history of Maori war captives. 'Us Maoris used to practise slavery just like them poor Negroes had to endure in America...

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Pakeha Maori

This book describes one of the most extraordinary and fascinating stories in NZ history. In the early part of the last century several thousand runaway seamen and escaped convicts settled in Maori com..

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Pakeha Settlements in a Maori World: New Zealand Archaeology 1769-1860

Introducing general readers to New Zealand archaeology, Pakeha Settlements in a Maori World tells the story of the first European encounters with a new land. This is a fascinating approach to history ..

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Pathway of the Birds: The Voyaging Achievements of the Maori and Their Polynesian Ancestors

"Andrew Crowe has produced a masterful synthesis of the remarkable voyaging history of the Polynesians." Prof Patrick Kirch, Chancellor's Professor Emeritus and Professor of the Graduate School at th..

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Penguin History of New Zealand

New Zealand was the last country in the world to be discovered and settled by humankind. It was also the first to introduce full democracy. Between those events, and in the century that followed the f..

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Prehistoric Man in Palliser Bay

Prehistoric Man in Palliser Bay presents, in 14 papers by 9 authors, the results of a pioneering, multifaceted, archaeological research programme carried out between 1969 and 1972 in the south-eastern..

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Promoting Health in Aotearoa New Zealand

Promoting Health in Aotearoa New Zealand is the first comprehensive text on health promotion in New Zealand. Primarily written for students, practitioners and policy makers in the health sector, it wi..

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Protest Tautohetohe: Resistance, Persistence and Defiance: 2019

For a small, peaceful democracy in the South Pacific, New Zealand has had its fair share of major protest issues, and over the decades New Zealanders have become adept at mobilising around causes...

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Real Modern: Everyday New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s

The decades of the 1950s and 60s continue to exert a powerful fascination, and in New Zealand, these postwar years have been remembered in popular culture as a golden age. But what was life really lik..

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