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Health and Safety

Anxiety & Despression: Eat Your Way to Better Health

In this title, Dale clearly explains how you can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression by changing the way you eat. He unpicks the physiology and anatomy of anxiety and depression to show h..

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F**k It Therapy: The Profane Way to Profound Happiness

If every therapist and psychotherapist on the planet could repeat this to their clients, like a mantra, again and again, there would be fewer therapists and psychotherapists. Because it works. Very qu..

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Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to be and Embrace Who You are

Each day we face a barrage of images and messages from society and the media telling us who, what, and how we should be. We are led to believe that if we could only look perfect and lead perfect lives..

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Good Psychopath's Guide to Success

What is a good psychopath? And how can thinking like one help you to be the best that you can be? Professor Kevin Dutton has spent a lifetime studying psychopaths. He first met SAS hero Andy McNab dur..

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Health and Safety At Work 2E


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Heart Disease: Eat Your Way to Better Health

In this title, Dale explains that heart disease is at epidemic proportions and rising, and attempts to find out why - and what we can do about it. His approach - using nutrition alongside convention..

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How to Say Anything to Anyone: A Guide to Building Business Relationships That Really Work

Take charge of your career by taking charge of your business relationships. We all know how it feels when our colleagues talk about us but not to us. It is frustrating, and it creates tension. When ca..

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I Want to be Calm: How to De-Stress

With the stress and strains of modern life, it is increasingly difficult to be the peaceful and serene spirit that we all wish to be. In I Want to Be Calm, Harriet Griffey explores the issues we may f..

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I Want to Sleep: How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

In I Want to Sleep, Harriet Griffey helps you to understand, address and overcome sleep issues as she explores the roots of sleep problems and offers practical advice on dealing with them. Harriet sta..

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Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion

What do fact-checkers, anesthesiologists, UN interpreters, and structural engineers have in common? For most of us, the better we perform the more attention we receive. Yet for many "Invisibles" - ski..

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Lean In : Women, Work, & the Will to Lead

Ask most women whether they have the right to equality at work and the answer will be a resounding yes, but ask the same women whether they'd feel confident asking for a raise, a promotion, or equal p..

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Limitless: Leadership That Endures

Ajaz Ahmed, bestselling co-author of Velocity and the founder of AKQA, shares his inspirations and extraordinary stories of enduring leadership. Drawing on insights from business legends, present and ..

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New Zealand First Aid Handbook

This completely new edition of The New Zealand First Aid Handbook has been revised and updated by St John in 2015. Accidents and emergencies can occur at any time and in any place - and the action of ..

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Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload

Author and neuroscientist Daniel Levitin tackles the problems of twenty-first century information overload in his New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling book The Organized Mind. "Thought-provoki..

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Practical Mindfulness: A step-by-step guide

Practical Mindfulness offers an easy way of taking control of your life for the better. Focusing on simple breathing techniques, meditation tips and relaxation methods, this unique book will impr..

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Practice Skills in Social Work and Welfare 3e

Practice Skills in Social Work and Welfare has established itself as the essential text to prepare students for the wide-ranging challenges they will face in today's human service sector. This new thi..

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Pre-Accident Investigations: Better Questions - An Applied Approach to Operational Learning

The Problem Is the Question Pre-Accident Investigations: Better Questions - An Applied Approach to Operational Learning challenges safety and reliability professionals to get better answers by asking ..

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Preventing Workplace Bullying: An Evidence-based Guide to Preventing Workplace Bullying for Managers and Employees

'Workplace bullying is tough for everyone. Preventing Workplace Bullying helps managers and consultants clarify what is and isn't bullying, and gives excellent guidance on how to deal with it.' - Char..

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Serious Creativity: How to be Creative Under Pressure and Turn Ideas into Action

If you want to be the best, focus on your most valuable asset: the power of your creative mind. As competition and the pace of change intensify, companies and individuals need to harness their creativ..

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Stand by Me

'I'm a dad and I'm scared.' Charting John Kirwan's experiences as a father, and incorporating voices of young people today, Stand By Me examines issues around teenage mental health, with a focus on de..

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Upside of Stress: Why Stress is Good for You (and How to Get Good at it)

What if everything you thought you knew about stress was wrong? Over the years we've grown to see stress as Public Enemy No.1, responsible for countless health problems, relationship troubles, unhappi..

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Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy

Where does the desire for endless rules, regulations, and bureaucracy come from? How did we come to spend so much of our time filling out forms? To answer these questions, anthropologist David Graeber..

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Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life

Who Moved My Cheese? is an amusing and enlightening story of four characters who live in a maze and look for cheese to nourish them and make them happy. Cheese is a metaphor for what you want to have ..

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Winners: And How They Succeed

How people succeed - and how you can, too. Alastair Campbell knows all about winning. As Tony Blair's chief spokesman and strategist he helped guide the Labour Party to victory in three successive gen..

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Work Psychology (5th ed)

The fifth edition of this market-leading textbook retains its popular blend of theory, research and examples. Substantially revised and updated with extensive new material that reflects contemporary r..

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