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Dad - You're the Best

'My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: he believed in me.' Jim Valvano Dad: the word really means superhero. From teaching you to ride a bike to letting you behi..

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Dad Disasters: When Dads Go Bad

Disasters are terrible things: the sinking of the Titanic, the crash of the Hindenburg, the collapse of the Tay Bridge, etc. - not funny at all. But Dad Disasters are a completely different kettle of ..

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Dad Magazine: America's #1 Magazine for Pop Culture

This dad-centric satire looks like a real magazine (complete with fake ads, subscription deals, and letters to the editor), but in fact it's a hilarious and heartfelt satire of fatherhood in twenty fi..

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Daily Telegraph Sign Language Postcard Book

Twenty different postcards featuring the most inappropriate, confusing, poorly translated and mind-bogglingly bizarre signs from around the world. Few things amuse and appal Telegraph readers as much ..

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Dancing with Jesus: Bobbling Figurine

Adapted from our perennial bestseller Dancing with Jesus, this humorous kit includes a bobbling Jesus figurine on a suction cup base that you can attach to your dashboard, your desk, or virtually anyw..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Dear Jane: Wise Counsel from Ms. Austen and Friends

No one tells it quite like Jane Austen. This cute and quippy compendium covers advice topics from love and heartbreak, to friends and work, and so much more...

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Dear World, How are You?

When Toby Little was five years old, he decided to write to someone in every country in the world. With the help of his mum, Toby started handwriting and posting letters to everyone from research scie..

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Desk Wars: Make secret weapons from stationery with 30 models to build yourself

'Cubicle farms are full of enemy combatants begging to be taken out.' WIRED Achieve clandestine ends practically and inexpensively with Desk Wars - perfect for do-it-yourself spy enthusiasts. Fol..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Desktop Beach Volleyball

Sand and sun, friends and fun: Beach Volleyball is the epitome of summer. But just because your vacation has come to an end doesn't mean the fun is over. The perfect midday distraction, this kit has e..

$NZ 16.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 16.99

Desktop Boxing: Knock Out Your Stress!

Did you just get reamed out by your boss? Did Bob in accounting eat your sandwich out of the fridge again? Don't take your stress out on your coworkers--take it out on this mini punching bag! Desktop ..

$NZ 17.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 17.99

Desktop Disco Fever: Lights! Sound! Boogie!

Desktop Disco Fever has everything you need to "stay alive" in the office. This nostalgic kit includes a spinning mini disco ball with 4 flashing colored lights and 60 seconds of groovy music. A print..

$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

Desktop Golf

Millions of golf enthusiasts and Tiger Woods fans daydream of being on the golf course while stuck at work. A perfect gift for Dad on Father's Day or anyone who loves golf, this kit will help relieve ..

$NZ 17.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 17.99

Desktop Rugby

"Desktop Rugby" brings the excitement of rugby right to your fingertips. Included is everything you need to play the gamea goal, ball, tee, flag, and mini referee figurine to call that foul. Kit also ..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Desktop Skee-Ball: Give it a Roll!

Created in 1909, Skee-Ball is one of the most recognized and iconic games in the arcade world. This officially-licensed kit will include a mini-size Skee-Ball machine, 5 balls, and a 32-page illustrat..

$NZ 17.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 17.99

Dirty Limericks

Inside these covers you will find a collection of licentious limericks which have been handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, some of them for over a hundred years. Until quite re..

$NZ 17.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 17.99

Doctor Who Paper Dolls

The Doctor has many facesa and many outfits! Take a romp through time and space with this fantastic collection of Doctor Who paper dolls. Hours of crafty, cosplay fun to be had, with 26 dolls - incl..

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Doctor Who: Dr. Eleventh (Roger Hargreaves)

The greatest mash-up in the entire Whoniverse is here! Doctor Who meets Roger Hargreaves' Mr Men in this new series of stories, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves. In Dr. Eleventh, join the El..

$NZ 12.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 12.99

Doctor Who: Dr. First (Roger Hargreaves)

The greatest mash-up in the entire Whoniverse is here! Doctor Who meets Roger Hargreaves' Mr Men in this new series of stories, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves. In Dr. First, join the First..

$NZ 12.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 12.99

Doctor Who: Dr. Fourth (Roger Hargreaves)

The greatest mash-up in the entire Whoniverse is here! Doctor Who meets Roger Hargreaves' Mr Men in this new series of stories, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves. In Dr. Fourth, join the Four..

$NZ 12.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 12.99

Doctor Who: Dr. Twelfth (Roger Hargreaves)

The greatest mash-up in the entire Whoniverse is here! Doctor Who meets Roger Hargreaves' Mr Men in this new series of stories, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves. In Dr. Twelfth, join the Twe..

$NZ 12.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 12.99

Doctor Who: Time Traveller's Journal

Grab a sonic pen and store all of your essential you-Who info in this handy journal celebrating everything You love about Doctor Who!..

$NZ 20.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 20.99

Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The ultimate guide to animal flatulence: the perfect gift for anyone who has ever farted. Dogs do it. Millipedes do it. Dinosaurs did it. You do it: I do it. Octopu..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Dog Lovers Quotation Book: In Celebration of Our Best Friend

Dog lovers are their own kind of breed, and who can blame them? Dogs are after all a man's best friend. The most joyful of pets provide millions of adoring owners with unconditional love and this book..

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Dogs on Instagram

Dog lovers are a passionate bunch and Instagram is the perfect platform for expressing their devotion. The curators behind @dogsofinstagram channel this passion perfectly in this delightful book, a mu..

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Don't Do This - Game: An Inspiration Game for Creative People

Whatever kind of creative you are, this game will get you out of your comfort zone. This mind experiment game based on the `ToDon'tList Method' stimulates creativity through limitation. How ..

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Don't Worry, Be Happy

'Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.' Walter Hagen Life's too short to fret away your days - there's so much to celebrate, if only you take the time to..

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Dont Go To Jail


$NZ 27.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 27.99

Dot Con: The Art of Scamming a Scammer

"Dear valued recipient, My late father was Gold and Diamond merchant and he has merchandise (250kgs Gold Dust) for safe keep. I am here seeking an assistance of a reliable and trustworthy person to ta..

$NZ 16.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 16.99

Double Happiness : How Bullshit Works

Bullshit has always been with us but as a result of the proliferation of media in the last century we are now awash with it, drowning in it. It has become so accepted a part of the human landscape tha..

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Dreadful Mixture Flip Mix Book


$NZ 25.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 25.99

Dumb Ways to Die: Numpty Figurine and Songbook

Since its launch in Australia, the national safety campaign Dumb Ways to Die has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon, winning millions of fans across the globe when the song became an iTunes top ten..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Eeyore's Little Book of Gloom

Whether you're gloomy like Eeyore, wise like Pooh or full of BOUNCE like Tigger, each of these little books offer a unique take on life straight from the mouths of A A Milne's lovable characters. Winn..

$NZ 9.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 9.99

Emergency Questions: 1001 conversation-savers for any situation

THE FUNNIEST BOOK OF THE YEAR. GUARANTEED TO TURN AN AWKWARD SILENCE INTO AN AWKWARD CONVERSATION. 'Ridiculously funny and (unexpectedly) genuinely useful' ADAM KAY 'A perfect way to pretend..

$NZ 34.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 34.99

Enchanted Forest: 20 Postcards

This book includes 20 detachable postcards to decorate, colour in and send to your friends. That's if you can bear to part with them! From the book Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book b..

$NZ 17.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 17.99

Essential Calvin & Hobbes   A Treasury

By the 1986 Reuben Award as Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year, by the National Cartoonists' Society. The book contains material taken from Calvin and Hobbes and Something Under the Bed is Drooling , ..

$NZ 39.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 39.99

Essential Leunig Cartoons From a Winding Path

From the vast repertoire created by Michael Leunig since 1965 comes this inspired selection of his most universal and timeless pieces. Such is his prophetic insight that many of them are more relevant..

$NZ 59.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 59.99

Essential Pokemon Book of Joy

"A world without Pokemon would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us." (Ash). Like our heroes Ash and Pikachu, we are all on a road to personal mastery. But life isn't always sunshine and Ji..

$NZ 27.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 27.99

Everything Grows with Love: Beautiful Words, Inspiring Thoughts

Boost your mood, feed your passions, and celebrate the power and pleasure of a few inspiring words. Here are dozens of spirited quotes and uplifting sayings brought to life with vibrant original graph..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

Everything I Need to Know About Christmas I Learned from a Little Golden Book

The Poky Little Puppy, the Gingerbread Man, and many other classic Golden Books characters help illustrate this wise and witty guide to the holidays! Delightfully retro yet utterly of the moment, this..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned from a Little Golden Book

Next in the EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW... series comes a book perfect for your valentine, your family, or YOU. Charming and witty as ever, this new treasury of insights reveals that, for all the love-r..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from A Little Golden Book

A humorous "guide to life" for grown-ups! One day, Diane Muldrow, a longtime editor of the iconic Little Golden Books, realized that, despite their whimsical appearance, there was hardly a real-life s..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Everything You Think You Know is Wrong: Exposing the Truth Behind Common Myths and Misconceptions

Have you always thought that a goldfish has a 3-second memory span? Do you think your morning coffee comes from a bean? Do you believe that those accused at the Salem Witch Trial..

$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: An Exhibition Catalogue

Exploring Calvin and Hobbes is the catalogue for an exhibit by the same name at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum at Ohio State University, which opened in March 2014. The exhibit is Bill Watterson's p..

$NZ 29.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 29.99

Extreme Cuisine - Exotic Tastes From Around The World
Extremely Embarrassing Dad Jokes: Because Dads Don t Know When to Stop

What happened to the man with five legs? His trousers fit him like a glove. You can't keep a good Dad joke down. At the Sunday lunch table, down the pub, at the workplace, dads all over the nation are..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

F You, Box: And Other Observations of My Cat's Inner Dialogue

Got a pillow? He'll steal it. Eating a turkey sandwich? Hey - hand it over! Meet the original grumpy cat. He's codependent, pottymouthed, and pissed off...With the litter box, the pen, the sofa, and (..

$NZ 14.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 14.99

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Bendable Bowtruckle

Fans of J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World will be enchanted by this life-size collectible--a poseable figure of Pickett, Newt Scamander's Bowtruckle companion in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. ..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Newt Scamander's Case: With Sound

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them takes fans to a new era in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World, decades before Harry Potter and half a world away. Inspired by the Hogwarts textbook, Fantastic Beast..

$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude

It s official. That thing that classic art has been missing is a chubby reclining kitty. "The Huffington Post"Internet meme meets classical art in Svetlana Petrova s brilliant "Fat Cat Art." Featurin..

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Felt Succulent Crafting Kit

The Felt Succulent Crafting Kit delivers the trendy joy of succulents in an easy-to-complete DIY package--no green thumb required! This kit includes: * 2 miniature terra cotta pots. * Pre..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Finding Jesus

God may move in a mysterious way, but his son is a real devil to track down. Seek and ye shall find Jesus in a multitude of unexpected places - crowded rock concerts, bustling supermarkets and packed ..

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