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Africa : Diversity & Development

For many, Africa is regarded as a place of mystery and negative images, where reports of natural disasters and civil strife dominate media attention, with relatively little publicity given to any of t..

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Africa's Media Image in the 21st Century: From the 'Heart of Darkness' to 'Africa Rising'

Africa's Media Image in the 21st Century is the first book in over twenty years to examine the international media's coverage of sub-Saharan Africa. It brings together leading researchers and prominen..

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Antarctic: A Very Short Introduction

The Antarctic is one the most hostile natural environments in the world. It is an extraordinary physical space, which changes significantly in shape and size with the passing of the seasons. Political..

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Biogeography and Evolution in New Zealand

Biogeography and Evolution in New Zealand provides the first in-depth treatment of the biogeography of New Zealand, a region that has been a place of long-enduring interest to ecologists, evolutionary..

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Descriptive Physical Oceanography: An Introduction 6E

The sixth edition of "Descriptive Physical Oceanography" provides an introduction to descriptive physical oceanography for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. The emphasis is on large-scale..

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Environmental Hazards: Assessing Risk and Reducing Disaster 6E

The much expanded sixth edition of Environmental Hazards provides a fully up-to-date overview of all the extreme events that threaten people and what they value in the 21st century. It integrates cutt..

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Essential Soil Science: A Clear and Concise Introduction to Soil Science

This textbook is aimed at the majority of students, who need to quickly acquire a concise overview of soil science. Many current soil science textbooks still cater for a traditional student market whe..

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For Space

In this book, Doreen Massey makes an impassioned argument for revitalising our imagination of space. She takes on some well-established assumptions from philosophy, and some familiar ways of character..

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Geological Map of N.Z - Golden Bay


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Global Casino: An Introduction to Environmental Issues

The Global Casino is an introduction to environmental issues which deals both with the workings of the physical environment and the political, economic and social frameworks in which the issues occur...

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Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast

Archer's Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast 2 nd Edition, is the first real text to present the science and policy surrounding climate change at the right level. Accompanying videos, simula..

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How to Make a Mud Pie : Layer Cakes, Rocky Road, Primordial Soup and Other Recipes for Geologists in the Field.
Human Development Report 2015: Work for Human Development

Thepublication explores how work can enhance human development, given that the world's workforce is changing rapidly, and even with progress, significant human development challenges still remain. It ..

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I Used to Know That: Geography

Have you forgotten all you ever learned about climate change? What do you really know about GM foods? Can you remember everything you learned at school about earthquakes? This useful guide reminds you..

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Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology

The world's coastlines represent a myriad of dynamic and constantly changing environments. Heavily settled and intensely used areas, they are of enormous importance to humans and understanding how the..

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Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment 4E

This highly respected and best-selling textbook provides an accessible, engaging and comprehensive introduction to the major topics within physical geography. It focuses on understanding the inter-lin..

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Key Concepts in Geomorphology


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Management Skills for Effective Planners: A Practical Guide

Introducing students to the key skills they will need in a planning career, this book draws on case studies and the advice of professionals from around the world to show students how to develop their ..

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Mastering the Art of Planning


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Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography

Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography is a comprehensive, practical guide to understanding and conducting qualitative research in human geography. Using a unique "how-to" approach to focus o..

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Social Geographies: From Difference to Action

## PLEASE CHECK PRICE AND AVALIABILITY BEFORE ORDERING ## This accessible textbook aims to be a stimulating introduction to contemporary social geography. It provides students with the tools to und..

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Soil Science: Sustainable Production and Environmental Protection

Soil is one of New Zealand's greatest resources. This new edition of this well-established book introduces the basic soil science theory which is essential for the proper use and maintenance of this r..

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Statistical Methods for Geography 4E : A Student's Guide

How do beginning students of statistics for geography learn to fully understand the key concepts and apply the principal techniques? This text, now in its Fourth Edition, provides exactly that resourc..

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Survey Marks


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Sustainable Livelihoods and Rural Development

The message of Sustainable Livelihoods and Rural Development is clear: livelihoods approaches are an essential lens on questions of rural development, but these need to be situated in a better underst..

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Taone Tupu Ora : Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Urban Design

- How can traditional Maori built environments inform contemporary urban development? - How could Maori values inspire our visions for the 21st century city? - What can indigenous knowledge tell us..

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Understanding Land Development : A Project Based Approach

This book draws on the author's considerable expertise in land development processes and planning, and planning education. It takes a learning-by-doing studio approach and shows how to undertake a dev..

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Weather & Climate of Australia & New Zealand

Comprehensively updated in it's 2nd edition, The Weather and Climate in Australia and New Zealand provides an introduction to the basic concepts underlying the science of the atmosphere from a Souther..

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