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Penguin Lessons

*AS HEARD ON BBC RADIO 2 FACT NOT FICTION BOOKCLUB* 'I was hoping against hope that the penguin would survive because as of that instant he had a name, and with his name came the beginning of a bond w..

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Philosopher of the Heart: The Restless Life of Soren Kierkegaard

S ren Kierkegaard is one of the most passionate and challenging of all modern philosophers, and is often regarded as the founder of existentialism. Over about a decade in the 1840s and 1850s, writings..

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Photographer at Sixteen

When you run the film backwards the figure in the pool emerges and lands neatly back on the diving board while the water beneath her heals. So, if we run life backwards, we move from its the end to it..

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Pianist of Yarmouk, The

One morning on the outskirts of Damascus, two starving friends are walking through their desolate city and come across a familiar street that has been turned to rubble, concrete bridges towering above..

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Pimp: The Story Of My Life

In this astonishing account, Iceberg Slim reveals the secret inner world of the pimp, and the smells, sounds, fears and petty triumphs of his world. A legendary figure of the Chicago underworld, this ..

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Place for Everything, A

A searing account of a mother's late-diagnosis of Aspergers - and its reaching effects on a whole family. Anna grew up in a house that was loving, even if her mum was 'a little eccentric'. They..

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Plagued By Fire: The Dreams and Furies of Frank Lloyd Wright

'A MASTERFUL PORTRAIT OF THE FLAWED CREATOR OF FLAWLESS BUILDINGS' - SIMON JENKINS From the award-winning and best-selling author of Hemingway's Boat - a ground-breaking biography that illuminate..

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Plot 29: A Memoir

`When I am disturbed, even angry, gardening has been a therapy. When I don't want to talk I turn to Plot 29, or to a wilder piece of land by a northern sea. There, among seeds and trees, my breathing ..

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Postcards from the Edge

When we first meet the extraordinary young actress Suzanne Vale, she's feeling like 'something on the bottom of someone's shoe, and not even someone interesting.' Suzanne is in the harrowing and hilar..

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Pour Me: A Life

'A. A. Gill, the man who makes a living getting beneath the skin of things, whether it's television, restaurants or places round the world - has skinned himself' Vanity Fair A. A. Gill's memoir begin..

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Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder

'Just as gripping as the original novels . . . As pacy and vivid as one of Wilder's own narratives' Sunday Times '"Little House" devotees will appreciate the extraordinary care and energy F..

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Pre-Raphealite Circle

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood lent its name to one of the most significant and innovative artistic movements of the Victorian age. Jan Marsh's lively and revealing account of these remarkable men and..

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Prettiest Horse in the Glue Factory, The

Corey White was a golden child. He knew this because his father would hit his mother and his sisters but not him. And his mother adored him so much she let him drop out of primary school. After ..

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Priestdaddy: A Memoir

'Glorious' Sunday Times 'Laugh-out-loud funny' The Times 'Extraordinary' Observer 'Exceptional' Telegraph 'Electric' New York Times 'Snort-out-loud' Financial Times 'Dazzling' Guard..

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Private War: Film Tie In, A

Soon to be a major motion picture - starring Rosamund Pike, Stanley Tucci and Jamie Dornan. The book that inspired the film A Private War, based on acclaimed journalist Marie Brenner's centrepiec..

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Professor and the Parson, The: A Story of Desire, Deceit and Defrocking

'I embarrassed myself by uncontrollable guffaws ... This is a truly wonderful story' - A. N. Wilson, Spectator 'A white-knuckle roller-coaster ride of fibs and frauds' - Sunday Telegraph 'An..

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Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose

In November 2014, thirteen members of the Biden family gathered on Nantucket for Thanksgiving, a tradition they had been celebrating for the past forty years; it was the one constant in what had becom..

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Promise, The: Love and Loss in Modern China

At the start of the twentieth century in China, the Hans were married in an elaborate ceremony before they were even born. They went on to have nine children and chose colours portrayed in some of the..

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Proof of Heaven

This is the story of a prominent US neurosurgeon who has a profound afterlife experience while in a coma When an unknown bacteria attacks Dr Alexander's brain, sending him into a coma, his doctors say..

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Queen Meryl: The Iconic Roles, Heroic Deeds, and Legendary Life of Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is the most celebrated actress of our time. She's a chameleon who disappears fully into each character she plays. She never tackles the same role twice. Instead, she leverages her rarifie..

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Queen of the World

WRITTEN ALONGSIDE THE MAJOR ITV DOCUMENTARY 'Dazzling, poignant and full of delicious surprises; the true story of how Elizabeth II took on the world - and won. The Crown is fictional. Here is th..

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Quicksand Tales: The Misadventures of Keggie Carew

Keggie Carew has an unerring instinct for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, of putting her foot in it, and making a hash of things. From the repercussions of a missing purse, to boiling a fr..

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Radical Wordsworth: The Poet Who Changed the World

Published in time for the 250th anniversary of William Wordsworth's birth, this is the biography of a great poetic genius, a revolutionary who changed the world. This beautifully written biography is ..

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Ravenmaster: My Life with the Ravens at the Tower of London, The

'Packed with insight and anecdote, his story brings the Tower ravens to vivid life, each bird with a personality of its own. I've been fortunate enough to tour the Tower and meet the ravens a few time..

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Reading with Patrick: A Teacher, a Student and the Life-Changing Power of Books

A memoir of race, inequality and the power of literature told through the life-changing friendship between an idealistic young teacher and her gifted student who was jailed for murder in the Mississip..

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Real Roald Dahl, The

Although his hilariously entertaining stories have touched the hearts of generations of children, there was much more to beloved author Roald Dahl than met the eye. His fascinating life began in ..

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Reckoning: the Murder of Christopher Marlowe


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Recollections of My Non-Existence

In 1981, Rebecca Solnit rented a studio apartment in San Francisco that would be her home for the next twenty-five years. There, she began to come to terms with the epidemic of violence against women ..

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Remembering Bob

Bob Hawke's death in May 2019 sparked national mourning across the country as we remembered just how important Bob had been in the shaping of modern Australia. In an age when political personas have b..

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Renia's Diary: A Young Girl's Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust

Introduction by Deborah E. Lipstadt, author of Denial July 15, 1942, Wednesday Remember this day; remember it well. You will tell generations to come. Since 8 o'clock today we have been shut aw..

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Renia's Diary: A Young Girl's Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust

Introduction by Deborah Lipstadt, author of Denial July 15, 1942, Wednesday Remember this day; remember it well. You will tell generations to come. Since 8 o'clock today we have been shut away..

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Richard Burton Diaries, The

The irresistible, candid diaries of Richard Burton, published in their entirety for the first time Irresistibly magnetic on stage, mesmerizing in movies, seven times an Academy Award nominee, Ri..

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Richard III

Not many people would claim to be saints, or alternatively, consider themselves entirely without redeeming qualities. Some are unquestionably worse than others, but few have been held in greater infam..

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Road to Wigan Pier, The


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Robert Graves: From Great War Poet to Good-bye to All That (1895-1929)

The writer and poet Robert Graves suppressed virtually all of the poems he had published during and just after the First World War. Until his son, William Graves, reprinted almost all the Poems About ..

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Robert Louis Stevenson in Samoa

Almost every adult and child is familiar with his Treasure Island, but few know that Robert Louis Stevenson lived out his last years on an equally remote island, which was squabbled over by colonial p..

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Romantic Poets and Their Circle

The ideal of the inspired artist owes its origin to the figures of the Romantic period, who revolutionised English art and literature. In this book, Richard Holmes explores the portraits and lives of ..

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Room to Dream: A Life in Art

The extraordinary and highly anticipated memoir from visionary filmmaker David Lynch. In this memoir, David Lynch opens up about a lifetime of extraordinary creativity, the friendships he has mad..

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Rosie: Scenes from a Vanished Life

*The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller*Rose Tremain grew up in post-war London, a city still partly in ruins, where both food and affection were fiercely rationed. The girl known then as 'Rosie? and her..

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Rust: One woman's story of finding hope across the divide

When Eliese Goldbach was nine years old, she decided to become a Catholic nun. Twenty years later, with a Master's degree, she found herself making steel in the Rust Belt during the 2016 US election s..

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Sad Mum Lady


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Salt Path, The

Just days after Raynor learns that Moth, her husband of 32 years is terminally ill, their home is taken away and they lose their livelihood. With nothing left and little time, they make the brave and ..

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Sam Bloom: Heartache & Birdsong

The follow-up to the ABIA award-winning, international bestselling sensation Penguin Bloom The heart-warming Australian story Penguin Bloom - the miraculous tale of a baby magpie that helped sa..

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Savage Messiah: How Dr. Jordan Peterson is Saving Western Civilization

Who is psychologist, professor, bestselling author, and YouTube personality Dr. Peterson? What does he believe in? Who are his followers? And why is he so controversial? These are among the many quest..

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School of Restoration, The: The Story of One Ugandan Woman Who Has Given Hope to Hundreds of Female Survivors of War and Violence

'Beyond inspiring . . . This story of the redeeming power of educating girls and the restoration of traumatised lives is beautiful. The impact will be immeasurable.' Tim Costello AO Alice Achan ..

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Second Lives, Second Chances: A Surgeon's Stories of Transformation

The engrossing memoir of a plastic and reconstructive surgeon involved in groundbreaking and life-changing procedures. Through his work in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Donald Laub c..

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Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister - Vol.2: No Priest But Love


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Seduction and Betrayal

'Hardwick's sentences are burned in my brain.' - Susan Sontag Sidelined. Betrayed. Killed off. Elizabeth Hardwick dissects the history of women and literature. In her most virtuoso work of critic..

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Self Made: The Life and Times of Madam C.J. Walker

The book behind the new Netflix series, starring Octavia Spencer 'One of the most fabulous African-American figures of the twentieth century' Ishmael Reed Madam Walker was the fi..

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I'm not a portrait painter. If I'm anything, I have always been an autobiographer. Self-Portrait reveals a life truly lived through art. In this short, intimate memoir, Celia Paul moves effortles..

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Shakespeare and His Contemporaries

Shakespeare and his Contemporaries by Charles Nicholl William Shakespeare and his contemporaries helped create not only a new kind of theatre but also a new form of language. In an age of religious an..

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