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Know My Name: The Survivor of the Stanford Sexual Assault Case Tells Her Story

In 2016 Chanel Miller stunned millions with a letter. Brock Turner had been sentenced to just six months in jail after he was found sexually assaulting her on Stanford's campus. Her victim impact stat..

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Ladies in Waiting:  History of Court Life From the Tudors to the Present Day

'Provides a wealth of juicy anecdotal material about five centuries of court life' New York Times 'Naughty Knickers version of our island story' Daily Mail ----------------------..

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Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown

**DAILY MAIL'S 'BEST NON-FICTION BOOKS TO HELP YOU THROUGH LOCKDOWN'** 'Beautifully written . . . very entertaining, very funny' RICHARD & JUDY 'It's an astonishing story and nar..

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Losing your religion is harder than it looks ... From devout ten-year-old performing the part of Jesus in a primary school play to blaspheming, undergraduate atheist, Monica Dux and her attitude ..

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Last 100 Years (give or take) and All That, The

'I squealed laughing at this but now worry that my knowledge of history has been dangerously ruined' Matt Forde A fascinating and hilarious gallop through twentieth-century British history,..

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Leaving Isn't the Hardest Thing: The New York Times bestseller

'Hough's writing will break your heart' - Roxane Gay, author of Difficult Women 'An edgy and unapologetic memoir in essays' - Kirkus Reviews 'This moving account of resilience an..

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Leo Tolstoy

When he arrived in Moscow in 1851, a young Leo Tolstoy set himself three immediate aims: to gamble, to marry and to obtain a post. At that time he managed only the first. The writer's momentous life w..

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Leonardo da Vinci

The #1 New York Times bestseller from Walter Isaacson brings Leonardo da Vinci to life in this exciting new biography that is "a study in creativity: how to define it, how to achieve it...Most importa..

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Let Me Go

Let Me Go is the powerful new memoir from foster carer and Sunday Times bestselling author Casey Watson. Harley is a troubled 13-year-old girl who wants to end her own life and there's only one..

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Let's Do It: The Authorised Biography of Victoria Wood

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'I was born with a warped sense of humour and when I was carried home from being born it was Coronation Day and so I was called Victoria but you are not supposed..

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Letters from Tove

"I find myself talking to you about all the great joys, all the agonies, all my thoughts..." - Letter to Eva Konikova, 1946 Out of the thousands of letters Tove Jansson wrote a cache remains that..

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Letters of Sylvia Plath Volume II: 1956 - 1963

Sylvia Plath (1932-1963) was one of the writers who defined the course of twentieth-century poetry. In the Letters, we discover the art of Plath's correspondence. Most has never before been published,..

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Levels of Life

'You put together two things that have not been put together before. And the world is changed...' Julian Barnes' new book is about ballooning, photography, love and grief; about putting two things, an..

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Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini

Joe Posnanski enters the colorful world of Harry Houdini and his legions of devoted fans to explore the illusionist's impact on global culture-and why his legacy endures to this day. Nearly a ce..

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Life in a Cold Climate: Nancy Mitford  Biography

A biography of the most brilliant of the Mitford sisters, who dazzled and scandalised interwar high society with their wit and sometimes controversial lifestyles. Nancy Mitford was, in the wor..

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Life in the Making, A

Over the 29 years of his short life, Franz Michael Felder worked with furious productivity to better himself and the lives of those around him. From his humble origins in the Austrian village of Schop..

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Life Lost: Jackson Is Haunted by a Secret from His Past, A

Jackson is aggressive, confrontational and often volatile. His mother, Kayla, is crippled with grief after tragically losing her husband and eldest son. Struggling to cope, she puts Jackson into foste..

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Life of Extremes, A : The Life and Times of a Polar Filmmaker

Max Quinn's filmmaking career has taken him to the ends of the earth; from his native New Zealand to Alaska; Antarctica to the Arctic. A Life of Extremes is a personal account of his travel and work i..

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Life Undercover: My Life in the CIA

The instant New York Times Bestseller soon to be a major Apple TV series with Brie Larson. 'Reads as if a John le Carre character landed in Eat Pray Love' - New York Times 'Best book of the yea..

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Life's What You Make It

For a long time, I felt that I couldn't write this book. More recently, there was a very painful consideration - I knew where it would eventually have to go. I've decided only the truth can set me fre..

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Like Father, Like Son:  family story

A look at the life and times of the man Sir Michael most looked up to. It started in the shadow of the pithead in a South Yorkshire mining village and ended up in tears before an audience o..

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Limitless: The Autobiography

From the #1 bestselling author of Hello, is this Planet Earth? and Ask an Astronaut__________________'What surprised me was how entirely serene I felt. I was weightless, no forces exerting themselves ..

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Limits of My Language: Meditations on Depression, The

Much has been written about the treatment of depression, but its wider meaning has garnered less attention. Here Eva Meijer draws deeply on her own experiences to offer valuable insight into depressio..

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Saroo Brierley's journey home to a small village in India with the help of Google Earth became an internationally bestselling book and inspired the major motion picture LION. But the story of how his ..

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Live Long and . . .: What I Learned Along the Way

"I have always felt," William Shatner says early in his newest memoir, that "like the great comedian George Burns, who lived to 100, I couldn't die as long as I was booked." And Shatner is always book..

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Lives of Lucian Freud - FAME 1968 - 2011 (Part 2 in Feaver's biography of Freud)

The second half of William Feaver's Baillie Gifford Prize-shortlisted work of biography: the definitive story of the epic life of one of the twentieth century's most important artists William Fea..

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Lives of Lucian Freud, The: The Restless Years, 1922-1968 (USA Edition)

The first biography of the epic life of one of the most important, enigmatic and private artists of the 20th century. Drawn from almost 40 years of conversations with the artist, letters and papers, i..

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London Journal 1762 - 1763 (Penguin Classics ed Gordon Turnbull)
London Journal 1762-1763

Even if James Boswell hadn't written the The Life of Johnson, he would be famous for this memoir of eighteenth-century London life. Boswell arrived in the great metropolis from his native Edinburgh in..

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Lost Cafe Schindler: One family, two wars and the search for truth

'An extraordinary story - so cadenced and so moving.' -- Edmund de Waal, author of The Hare with Amber Eyes 'An extraordinary and compelling book of reckonings - a journey across a long, co..

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Love, Kurt: The Vonnegut Love Letters, 1941-1945

A never-before-seen collection of deeply intimate love letters from Kurt Vonnegut to his first wife, Jane, compiled and edited by their daughter and reproduced in gorgeous full color. "If ever I ..

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Loved and Wanted: A Memoir of Choice, Children, and Womanhood

'Haunting, wild, and quiet at once. A shimmering look at motherhood, in all gothic pain and glory. I could not stop reading' - Lisa Taddeo, bestselling author of Three Women In 2017 Christa Parra..

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Ma'am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret


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Machiavelli: The Art of Teaching People What to Fear

We turn to Machiavelli at every tumultuous period in history - he is the one who knows how to philsophise in dark times. In fact, since his death in 1527, we have never stopped reading him, always to ..

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Madness Made Me : A Memoir

After her journey through madness Mary O'Hagan realised the mental health system and society did more harm than good. 'Madness Made Me' is a myth-busting account of madness and our customary responses..

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BARACK OBAMA'S SUMMER READING PICK, 2019. BBC RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK. EDUCATED meets NICKEL AND DIMED in Stephanie Land's memoir about working as a maid. A beautiful and gritty ex..

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Maiden Voyages

A VIVID PORTRAIT OF WOMEN'S LIVES DURING THE GOLDEN AGE OF TRANSATLANTIC TRAVEL Before convenient air travel, transatlantic travel was the province of the great ocean liners and never more ..

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Make Life Beautiful


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Man's Search for Meaning: The Classic Tribute to Hope from the Holocaust (B-format PB)

A prominent Viennese psychiatrist before the war, Viktor Frankl was uniquely able to observe the way that both he and others in Auschwitz coped (or didn't) with the experience. He noticed that it was ..

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Margaret Thatcher:  Authorized Biography, Volume Three: Herself Alone

This third and climactic volume of Charles Moore's authorised biography gives the definitive account of Margaret Thatcher's third term in office and her life after it. Three stories run through the wh..

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Marie Curie: The Pioneer, The Nobel Laureate

Marie Curie coined the term 'radioactivity', and it is to her and her husband, Pierre Curie, that we owe much of our current understanding of the very fabric of reality. Born in Warsaw, Marie was..

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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe. Her beauty still captivates. Her love life still fascinates. Her story still dominates popular culture. Now, drawing on years of research and dozens of new interviews this biography cu..

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Martha Gellhorn: A Life

Martha Gelhorn's journalism tracks many of the flashpoints of the twentieth century; as a young woman she witnessed the suffering of the American Depression and risked her life in the Spanish Civil Wa..

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Mary's Last Dance

'I can vividly remember the last steps of the last ballet, walking off the stage and knowing the decision I had to make. That was my last dance.' Mary Li (nee McKendry) is an international balle..

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Mauritanian, The

Previously published as Guantanamo Diary, this momentous account and international bestseller is soon to be a major motion picture. The first and only diary written by a Guantanamo detainee durin..

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Maya Angelou (Revised and Updated Edition): Adventurous Spirit

A revised and updated edition of a comprehensive biographical and critical reading of the works of American poet and memoirist Maya Angelou (1928-2014). Linda Wagner-Martin covers all six of Angelou's..

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Meghan and Harry: The Real Story

A balanced account of game changes, conflicts and ambitions. The fall from popular grace of the previously adulated brother of the heir to the British throne as a consequence of his marriage to ..

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Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady

What Melania wants, Melania gets. The former director of special events at Vogue and producer of nine legendary Met Galas, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff met Melania Knauss in 2003 and had a front ro..

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Memoirs of an Egotist ( published by White Press )

This book contains the memoirs of Stendahl or in his own words the 'chatter about his private life' between 1821 and 1830. It was between these dates that he moved to Paris and here looks back on his ..

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Memorial Drive: A Daughter's Memoir

Natasha Trethewey was born in Mississippi in the 60s to a black mother and a white father. When she was six, Natasha's parents divorced, and she and her mother moved to Atlanta. There, her mother met ..

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Michelle Obama: A Photographic Journey

With 140 photographs, inspiring quotes and excerpts from five historic speeches, this gorgeous volume pays tribute to Michelle Obama. Although it primarily focuses on 2007 to 2016, this book also cove..

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