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Made for Living

The trendsetting designer known for her effortless style shares the secrets of the art of layering- arranging all your disparate things so that they work together. NATIONAL BESTSELLER . The trend..

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Maori Meeting House: Introducing the Whare Whakairo

This all-new guide to the whare whakairo, or decorated Maori meeting house, covers every aspect of these treasures--their history and evolution, structure and art forms, and symbolism and cultural sig..

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MMXX: Two Decades of Architecture in Australia

MMXX tells the story of architecture in Australia in the first two decades of the 21st century. Shaped by unprecedented prosperity, urbanisation, uncertainty and internationalisation, the past two dec..

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Modern Architecture A-Z

Space shapers: An encyclopedia of modern architecture The architecture encyclopedia that puts the architects themselves in the spotlight. With more than 270 entries, this indispensable overview, now i..

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Modern Tropical: Houses in the Sun

Contemporary tropical residential architecture has risen from a geographically specific homegrown aesthetic to a source of inspiration for the world's great modern architects and designers. Set in exo..

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Musical Architects: Creating Tomorrow's Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music is one of the most prestigious conservatoires in the world, training generations of eminent musicians for all parts of the profession. Its alumni include Henry Wood, John Ba..

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Off Grid Life

Bestselling Van Life author Foster Huntington shares his experiences - as well as others - living by his own rules in this aspirational book filled with awe-inspiring photographs of unique homes in un..

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One Year Drawn

Architecture and drawing have been dual obsessions for Pete Bossley, one of New Zealand's foremost architects. This colourful and engaging book recalls the watershed year that helped to shape these sh..

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Palm Beach Chic

Palm Beach interiors have long reflected the travels, penchants, and whimsies of the town's worldly inhabitants. But as real estate on this tiny barrier island becomes increasingly valuable, residents..

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Place of My Own : The Architecture of Daydreams

Michael Pollan's unmatched ability to draw lines of connection between our everyday experiences- whether eating, gardening, or building-and the natural world has been the basis for the popular success..

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Radical Architecture of the Future

Architectural practice today goes far beyond the design and construction of buildings the most exciting, forward-thinking architecture is also found in digital landscapes, art, apps, films, installa..

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Scandinavia Dreaming : Nordic Homes, Interiors and Design: Scandinavian Design, Interiors and Living: Volume 2

Scandinavian design has a worldwide reputation for the effortless combination of classical restraint and warm materials. Nordic solutions and inspirations create an aesthetically balanced and traditio..

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Sean Godsell: Houses

Sean Godsell, an award-winning pioneer of `Australian bush minimalism', has established himself as an influence on the global architecture scene. This survey of his residential architecture features t..

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Secret Life of the Modern House: The Evolution of the Way We Live Now, The

Over the last century the way that we live at home has changed dramatically. Nothing short of a design revolution has transformed our houses and the spaces within them - moving from traditional patter..

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Small Architecture

Saving space: Big ideas for small buildingsOver the years, talented architects have occasionally indulged themselves with the challenge of designing small but perfectly formed buildings. Today, with r..

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Small House Living

Smart, space-efficient houses are becoming the way of the future. Small House Living showcases an inspiring collection of homes measuring less than 90m2 from around New Zealand. Family homes, baches a..

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Studio Ko

Founded by French architects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty in 2000, Studio KO has quickly secured its status in the world of architectural design. A refreshing modernist aesthetic imbued with subtle..

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Tiny Houses

Travel the world to get inspired by 40 small houses with unique character and style. At the forefront of modern architecture, tiny houses exemplify today's ideals of minimalism, personal freedom, and..

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Vincent Van Duysen Works 1989-2009

A follow-up and companion to Vincent Van Duysen Works 1989-2009, this new overview presents Belgian architect Van Duysen's most recent works over the course of the past decade. The projects featured i..

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Vincent Van Duysen Works 2009-2018

Since the release of his first monograph, Vincent Van Duysen has consolidated his reputation for buildings of exceptional spatial mastery and highly refined detailing, and built a growing internationa..

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