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30-Second Anthropology: The 50 most important ideas in the study of being human, each explained in half a minute

Who are we? What is it about our species that sets us apart from every other living creature, past and present, on this planet? These are perennially compelling questions about human evolution and dev..

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Aboriginal Australians: History Since 1788


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Affluence Without Abundance: The Disappearing World of the Bushmen

A vibrant portrait of the "original affluent society"--the Bushmen of southern Africa--by the anthropologist who has spent much of the last twenty-five years documenting their encounter with modernity..

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Anthropology: Graphic Guide


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Archaeologist's Field Handbook: The Essential Guide for Beginners and Professionals in Australia

In one volume here is everything you need to conduct fieldwork in archaeology. The Archaeologist's Field Handbook is designed for every kind of archaeological practice, from simple site recordings to ..

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Archaeology 7E

The seventh edition of ARCHAEOLOGY reflects the most recent research and changes in the field, while covering core concepts in an exceptionally student-friendly fashion by using personalized examples ..

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Archaeology: The Key Concepts

"Archaeology: The Key Concepts" is an invaluable resource, providing an up-to-date and comprehensive survey of key ideas in archaeology and their impact on archaeological thinking and method. Entries ..

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Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice 7E

Since its first edition, Renfrew and Bahn's Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice has been the leading educational source on what archaeologists do and how they do it. The text is organized aro..

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Cambridge Companion to Historical Archaeology


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Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Paleopathology

This book was first published in 1998. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Paleopathology is a major reference work for all those interested in identification of disease in human remains. Many disease..

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Change Through Time: 50 Years of New Zealand Archaeology
Culture And Imperialism

From Jane Austen to Salman Rushdie, and from Yeats to the news coverage of the Gulf War, this is broad account of the roots of imperialism in European culture, and an analysis of the impact of 19th-ce..

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Decolonizing Methodologies : Research and Indigenous Peoples

This essential volume explores intersections of imperialism and research - specifically, the ways in which imperialism is embedded in disciplines of knowledge and tradition as 'regimes of truth'. Conc..

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Finding our Recent Past: Historical Archaeology in New Zealand
Handbook of Landscape Archaeology


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Human Past: World Prehistory and the Development of Human Societies 4E
Old Stones: A Field Guide to the Megalithic Sites of Britain and Ireland, The

This is the only book about standing stones created by the whole community of megalith enthusiasts, as represented by the archaeologists, photographers, theorists and stones aficionados who post on th..

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On the Road of the Winds: An Archaeological History of the Pacific Islands before European Contact, Revised and Expanded Edition

The Pacific Ocean covers one-third of the earth's surface and encompasses many thousands of islands, which are home to numerous human societies and cultures. Among these indigenous Oceanic cultures ar..

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Social & Cultural Anthropology : A Very Short Introduction ( VSI )

If you want to know what anthropology is, look at what anthropologists do. This Very Short Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology combines an accessible account of some of the disciplines gu..

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A concise, beautifully illustrated account of the history and archaeology of an iconic feature of the English landscape. Perched on the chalk uplands of Salisbury Plain, the megaliths of Stonehenge o..

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Tales of the Field: On Writing Ethnography

For more than twenty years, John Van Maanen's "Tales of the Field" has been a definitive reference and guide for students, scholars, and practitioners of ethnography and beyond. Originally published i..

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