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Difficult Conversations at Work in a Week: Teach Yourself

Sunday: Why are conversations difficult? Monday: Considering emotions Tuesday: Listening well Wednesday: Treating colleagues with respect Theusday: Preparing well Friday: Seeking change Saturday: Dev..

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Good Psychopath's Guide to Success

What is a good psychopath? And how can thinking like one help you to be the best that you can be? Professor Kevin Dutton has spent a lifetime studying psychopaths. He first met SAS hero Andy McNab dur..

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Hacking Happiness: Why Your Personal Data Counts & How Tracking it Can Change the World

In HACKING HAPPINESS, futurist and contributing Mashable writer John C. Havens introduces you to your "quantified self"-your digital identity represented by gigabytes of data produced from tracking yo..

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How to Say Anything to Anyone: A Guide to Building Business Relationships That Really Work

Take charge of your career by taking charge of your business relationships. We all know how it feels when our colleagues talk about us but not to us. It is frustrating, and it creates tension. When ca..

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Humane Workplace

The humane Workplace is about people, community and technology. ItÆs about making the workplace more human. Technology is changing the way we work and learn. In this environment, itÆs easy to think..

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Ignorant Maestro: How Great Leaders Inspire Unpredictable Brilliance

In The Ignorant Maestro, Symphony Orchestra conductor Itay Talgam reveals the art of successful leadership by looking at the world's greatest conductors. A conductor in front of his orchestra is an ic..

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Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion

What do fact-checkers, anesthesiologists, UN interpreters, and structural engineers have in common? For most of us, the better we perform the more attention we receive. Yet for many "Invisibles" - ski..

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Lean In : Women, Work, & the Will to Lead

Ask most women whether they have the right to equality at work and the answer will be a resounding yes, but ask the same women whether they'd feel confident asking for a raise, a promotion, or equal p..

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Limitless: Leadership That Endures

Ajaz Ahmed, bestselling co-author of Velocity and the founder of AKQA, shares his inspirations and extraordinary stories of enduring leadership. Drawing on insights from business legends, present and ..

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Little Book of Mindfulness

More and more of us are suffering from the stresses and strains of modern life. Mindfulness is an increasingly popular discipline that can not only help alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety and d..

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Practical Mindfulness

Practical Mindfulness offers an easy way of taking control of your life for the better. Focusing on simple breathing techniques, meditation tips and relaxation methods, this unique book will improve y..

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Say No to Bullying : Factors, Challenges and Strategies

This amazingly easy to read (and hard to put down) workbook deals with childhood bullying, teen bullying, work place bullying, domestic violence (which is bullying within the home environment) and ins..

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Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much

Sendhil Mullainathan, the 'most interesting young economist in the world', and Eldar Shafir, the 'most brilliant psychologist' of his generation, explain the hidden problem behind everything with Scar..

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Serious Creativity: How to be Creative Under Pressure and Turn Ideas into Action

If you want to be the best, focus on your most valuable asset: the power of your creative mind. As competition and the pace of change intensify, companies and individuals need to harness their creativ..

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Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy

Where does the desire for endless rules, regulations, and bureaucracy come from? How did we come to spend so much of our time filling out forms? To answer these questions, anthropologist David Graeber..

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Way We Work

The way we work has changed profoundly in recent years. This timely edition of the multi-award-winning Griffith REVIEW explores the extraordinary structural changes triggered by globalisation, the int..

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Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life

Who Moved My Cheese? is an amusing and enlightening story of four characters who live in a maze and look for cheese to nourish them and make them happy. Cheese is a metaphor for what you want to have ..

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Winners: And How They Succeed

How people succeed - and how you can, too. Alastair Campbell knows all about winning. As Tony Blair's chief spokesman and strategist he helped guide the Labour Party to victory in three successive gen..

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Work & Worship : Religious Diversity at Workplaces in New Zealand

The book investigates religious diversity and suggests how business leaders can script success in their policies and practices by taking into account the growing workforce of minority religions in the..

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