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An Auctioneer's Lot: Triumphs and Disasters at Christie's

Lord Hindlip presided over London's auction house Christie's during a time of great excitement in the art world. The 1960s, 70s and early 80s saw the wholesale denuding of country houses and ransackin..

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Conman: Extraordinary Story How One Amateur with a Pot of Emulsion Paint Mixed with KY Jelly Fooled the Art Experts

When a school teacher put a modest advertisement in Private Eye as a painter of 'genuine fakes', he had no idea that it would lead to him becoming a willing part of the biggest art fraud in Britain. A..

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Francis Bacon in Your Blood

It is a story I have been wanting to write for a long time, telling it as it really was before that whole world that I shared with Francis vanishes...Michael Peppiatt met Francis Bacon in June 1963 in..

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Kaffe Fassett: Dreaming in Colour : Autobiography

Kaffe Fassett has led an extraordinary life and is a captivating storyteller with a vivid memory. Born in 1937 in San Francisco, he spent much of his youth in Big Sur, where his parents bought a log c..

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Ken Done: A Life Coloured in

An impressionistic and exuberant memoir by Australia's best-loved artist. Ken Done has an extraordinary place in the hearts of Australians - we've all worn or decorated our homes with his artwork. His..

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Lady in Gold: The Extraordinary Tale of Gustav Klimt's Masterpiece, Portrait

National Bestseller The true story that inspired the movie "Woman in Gold" starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.""Contributor to the"Washington Post"Anne-Marie O Connor brilliantly regales us with ..

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Lost Carving: A Journey to the Heart of Making

Awestruck by the sight of a Grinling Gibbons carving in a London church, David Esterly chose to dedicate his life to the art - its physical control, intricate beauty and intellectual demands. Forty ..

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Louise Nevelson: Art is Life

Louise Nevelson (1899-1988) was, with Calder, Noguchi and David Smith, one of the great American sculptors of the 20th century. She created extraordinary work, from room-size installations composed of..

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Marcel Duchamp: A Biography

First published to great acclaim in 1996, "New Yorker" writer and art critic Calvin Tomkins' biography of the influential artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) has been out of print for many years. Now, T..

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Michelangelo: His Epic Life

'An absorbing book, beautifully told and with the writer fully in command of a huge body of research' Philip Hensher, Mail on Sunday There was an epic sweep to Michelangelo's life. At 31 he was consi..

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Julie Birmant and Clement Oubrerie's award-winning graphic biography of Pablo Picasso captures the prolific and eventful life of one of the world's best-loved artists. Pablo takes in Picasso's early l..

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Paper Garden: Mrs Delany Begins Her Life's Work at 72

At once a biography of an extraordinary 18th-century gentlewoman and a meditation on late-life creativity, this is a beautifully written tour de force from an acclaimed poet. Mary Granville Pendarves ..

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Philosophy of Andy Warhol


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Sacred and Stolen: Confessions of a Museum Director

Sacred and Stolen is the memoir of an art museum director with the courage to reveal what goes on behind the scenes. It lays bare the messy part of museums: looted antiquities, crooked dealers, delude..

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Walk Through Walls: A Memoir

This memoir spans Marina Abramovic's five decade career, and tells a life story that is almost as exhilarating and extraordinary as her groundbreaking performance art. Taking us from her early life in..

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Widow Basquiat: A Memoir

Madonna. Andy Warhol. Keith Haring. Fab 5 Freddie. Debbie Harry. Julian Schnabel. Jean-Michel Basquiat's transition from the subways to the chic gallery spaces of Manhattan brought the artist into the..

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