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Science (Sale)

Ants of New Zealand

This book is the outcome of a lifetime's research by the author. He reveals that there are 37 established species of ants in New Zealand, 11 of which are considered to be endemic. This leaves 26 that ..

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Chasing Venus : Race to Measure the Heavens

On two days in 1761 and 1769 hundreds of astronomers pointed their telescopes towards the skies to observe a rare astronomical event: the transit of Venus across the face of the sun. United by this mo..

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Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast

Archer's Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast 2 nd Edition, is the first real text to present the science and policy surrounding climate change at the right level. Accompanying videos, simula..

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Guide to the Elements

Newly updated throughout, and now covering 118 elements, this crystal-clear guide to the periodic table illuminates the basic concepts of chemistry as it traces the history and development of our know..

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