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Animal Tales

Imagine you could have been there when Jesus was alive on earth. All the Animals in this book saw just what happened. The fox was out in the cold, starry night, when he suddenly heard the sound of ang..

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Biblical Literacy : The Essential Bible Stories Everyone Needs To Know
Brick Bible : New Spin on the Old Testament

Brendan Powell Smith has spent the last decade creating nearly 5,000 scenes from the bible with Legos. His wonderfully original sets are featured on his website,, but for the first ..

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Brick Bible: the New Testament: A New Spin on the Story of Jesus

From the author of the highly praised and somewhat controversial "The Brick Bible: A New Spin on the Old Testament" comes the much-anticipated New Testament edition. For over a decade, Brendan Powell ..

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Candle Atlas of the Bible

"An invaluable Bible Atlas for the Bible reader and student, with 79 original, full-colour maps of Bible lands. Maps are carefully annotated to show the routes of the great travellers such as Abraham..

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Children's Bible

Discover the greatest story ever told. "DK Children's Bible" features more than 150 of the best loved stories from the Bible, covering both Old and New Testaments. Beautiful illustrations and colour p..

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Compact Guide To The Bible


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HarperCollins Study Bible-NRSV-Student

The landmark general reference Bible that offers the full text of the New Revised Standard Version. Completely revised and updated, this new edition includes revised introductions and notes, and new d..

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Holy Bible - NRSV New Revised Standard Version PAPERBACK

With its traditional Bible text and designer cover, this popular paperback makes a good study and devotional Bible. Includes reader's aids and supplements. DOES NO INCLUDE Deuterocanonical / Apocr..

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Inductive Bible Study: A Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Hermeneutics

Following up Robert Traina's classic "Methodical Bible Study," this book introduces the practice of inductive Bible study to a new generation of students, pastors, and church leaders. The authors, two..

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James Moffatt Bible-OE-Non-Sequential

Once called "the original modern-language Bible," Moffatt's 1924 translation began the ongoing trend of popular English translations geared toward the general Christian reader. Features 10 point font ..

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Jewish Study Bible: Featuring the Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation: College Edition

Oxford University Press breaks exciting new ground in the field of study Bibles with The Jewish Study Bible. This innovative volume will, for the first time, offer readers of the Hebrew Bible a resour..

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Kawenata Hou/The New Testament in Maori


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Lion First Book of Bible Stories


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New Lion Bible Encyclopedia

Why is the Bible the all-time best-selling book? What makes it unique? Who were the key players in the events of the Bible? What was it like to live in biblical times? The Bible has made a huge impact..

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NIV Pocket Bible: New International Version

Accurate and readable, the New International Version is the world's most popular modern English Bible translation. Royalties from all sales of the NIV Bible help Biblica in their work of translating a..

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NIV Popular Bible

With over 400 million Bibles in print, the New International Version is the renowned combination of reliability and readability. The NIV is ideal for personal reading, public teaching and group study...

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NRSV Go-Anywhere Compact Thinline Bible With the Apocrypha

The NRSV Go-Anywhere Compact Thinline Bible is the most portable edition of the NRSV available today. At less than an inch thick, this compact edition combines the portability you'd expect in a compac..

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Tongan Bible


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