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Anatomy of a Medical School : A History of Medicine at the University of Otago 1875-2000

The 10,000th graduate of the Otago Medical School was capped in December 2006. Since the 1970s it has in fact been three schools, based in Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington. Its graduates include m..

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Ants of New Zealand

This book is the outcome of a lifetime's research by the author. He reveals that there are 37 established species of ants in New Zealand, 11 of which are considered to be endemic. This leaves 26 that ..

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Asians and the New Multiculturalism in Aotearoa New Zealand

Asians and the New Multiculturalism in Aotearoa New Zealand presents thought-provoking new research on New Zealand's fastest-growing demographic - the geographically, nationally and historically diver..

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Early New Zealand Photography

We are all participants in an increasingly visual culture, yet we rarely give thought to the ways that photographs shape our experience and understanding of the world and historical past. This book lo..

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Enderby Settlement: Britain's Whaling Venture on the Subantarctic Auckland Islands

This book is a history of the British Enderby settlement on the Auckland Islands 1849-52 and its associated whaling venture. Isolation, a stormswept climate, unproductive soil, inexperienced crews, dr..

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Niue 1774-1974: 200 Years of Contact and Change

Tiny Niue lies alone in the south Pacific, a single island with formidable cliffs rising from the deep ocean. Far from the main shipping routes and with a daunting reputation, 'Savage Island' did not ..

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Oceanian Journeys and Sojourns: Home Thoughts Abroad

Oceanian Journeys and Sojourns focuses on how Pacific Island peoples - Oceanians - think about a range of journeys near and far: their meanings, motives and implications. In addition to addressing hum..

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Rising Tide : Evangelical Christianity in New Zealand 1930-65

We cannot understand the history of any society without considering its spiritual beliefs. In New Zealand, evangelical Christianity has always played a significant role. This book explores the fascina..

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Sanctuary: The Discovery of Wonder

To feel safe and sacred in this world, I need to treasure the sanctuary within me...Sanctuary: The discovery of wonder is an engaging and moving book full of spiritual insight, wisdom and warmth. It i..

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Traditional Lifeways of the Southern Maori

Journalist and researcher Herries Beattie worked with Southern Maori for almost fifty years and produced many books. With a strong sense that traditional knowledge needed to be recorded, in 1920 he in..

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Your Unselfish Kindness : Robin Hyde's Autobiographical Writings

Robin Hyde's extraordinary but short life (1906-39) included a precocious early career as poet and parliamentary reporter. As a journalist, she juggled writing for the social pages with highly politic..

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