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Acknowledge No Frontier: The Creation and Demise of New Zealand's Provinces, 1853-76
Army Fundamentals: From Making Soldiers to the Limits of the Military Instrument

How does an Army recruit attain an identity with soldierhood? What do they give up and what do they gain? What happens when a young officer, indoctrinated in a military way of thinking, is thrust into..

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Broken Decade: Prosperity, Depression and Recovery in New Zealand, 1928-39

The Depression of the 1930s was a defining period in New Zealand history. It had its own vocabulary swaggers and sugarbags, relief work and sustenance, the Queen Street riots and special constables ..

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Doctors in Denial: The Forgotten Women in the 'Unfortunate Experiment'

When Dr Ron Jones joined the staff of National Womens Hospital in Auckland in 1973 as a junior obstetrician and gynaecologist, Professor Herbert Greens study into the natural history of carcinoma in-s..

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Enderby Settlement: Britain's Whaling Venture on the Subantarctic Auckland Islands

This book is a history of the British Enderby settlement on the Auckland Islands 1849-52 and its associated whaling venture. Isolation, a stormswept climate, unproductive soil, inexperienced crews, dr..

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For Cust's Sake: A History of Cust & Districts North Canterbury
From Empires Servant to Global Citizen


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Grand Electrification of the South: A History of the Power Company and its Predecessors......
History of New Zealand Women


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History of North East Valley : People & Places Involved in its Development

First published in 1987, this remains one of the most accurate and informative full-length histories of the Hokianga. As one of the areas first to be populated over 600 years before the arrival of Eur..

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In the Shadow of the Takitimus: The Story of Ohai and the Coalfields
Labour: The New Zealand Labour Party, 1916-2016

The Labour Party is New Zealand's oldest political party. On 7 July 2016 it celebrates a hundred years of commitment to democracy, social justice and economic development-a commitment that has often m..

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New Zealand's London : A Colony & Its Metropolis

For most of New Zealand's history, its main centre has lain some 12,000 miles away from its geographical borders. London, centre of the empire and the world's greatest city, was also New Zealand's met..

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New Zealand's Worst Disasters: True Stories That Rocked a Nation

A full train plunges into a raging river at Tangiwai; the Wahine is tossed onto rocks at the entrance to Wellington Harbour; an Air New Zealand DC-10 plunges into Mt Erebus; an earthquake destroys Chr..

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Place Names of Banks Peninsula and the Port Hills


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Portuguese In Aotearoa: They came to New Zealand from Portugal
Presenting New Zealand: An Illustated History


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Sacred Histories in Secular New Zealand

The secular character of New Zealand has become an accepted 'fact' of our time. Nevertheless, Christian organizations and discourses have played an important role in framing New Zealand's life and ide..

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Selling the Dream: Classic New Zealand Tourism Posters
Southern Lights: The Scottish Contribution to New Zealand's Lighthouses

Southern Lights recounts the story of how New Zealand's lighthouses were established through the transfer of technology from Scotland to New Zealand over a period of almost 90 years. This resulted in ..

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Strange Beautiful Excitement: Katherine Mansfields Wellington 1888-1903

How does a city make a writer? Described by Fiona Kidman as a ravishing, immersing read, A Strange Beautiful Excitement is a wild ride through the Wellington of Katherine Mansfields childhood. From th..

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Tears of Rangi


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Turangawaewae: Identity and Belonging in Aotearoa New Zealand

A BOOK FOR THINKERS AND PARTICIPANTS IN NEW ZEALAND AND GLOBAL SOCIETYWhat is a New Zealander? How do we understand what makes New Zealand complex and unique? And what creates a sense of belonging and..

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Up the hill : Blackrock, Lee Stream and Hindon: the story of the Taieri uplands
Voices of Belonging: A History of Clevedon-Te Wairoa

The protective arms of two headlands bring us from the Hauraki Gulf into the Wairoa River and up its meanders through wide valley flats, yet where steep hills on either side foreshadow the narrowing g..

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Waitapu to Waitui: A Journey Up the Takaka Valley

This Golden Bay photo-history, the fourth to be published by River Press for the Bainham Reunion Committee, is a 192-page book of black and white photographs covering the Takaka Valley from Waitapu an..

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What Happend to Haystacks & Horses?: Changes in New Zealand Agriculture During the Last Half of the Twentieth Century

New Zealand agriculture has seen huge changes in the period from the end of WWII to the 2000 Millenium. Mechanisation, new products, new plants and animals, and changing financial fortunes. Technical ..

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