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Ants of New Zealand

This book is the outcome of a lifetime's research by the author. He reveals that there are 37 established species of ants in New Zealand, 11 of which are considered to be endemic. This leaves 26 that ..

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Brain Storm: Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences

Female and male brains are different, thanks to hormones coursing through the brain before birth. That's taught as fact in psychology textbooks, academic journals, and bestselling books. And these har..

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Clinical Problems in Medicine and Surgery

"Clinical Problems in Medicine and Surgery" is a departure from traditional medical textbooks in that it deals with the real problems of clinical medicine through scenarios encountered in the emergenc..

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Contemporary Fashion Illustration Techniques


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Denial: A Memoir

Hailed by critics and readers alike, Jessica Stern's riveting memoir examines the horrors of trauma and denial as she investigates her own unsolved adolescent sexual assault at the hands of a serial r..

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Getting Started with Schemas: Revealing the Wonder-full World of Children's Play
Guide to the Elements

Newly updated throughout, and now covering 118 elements, this crystal-clear guide to the periodic table illuminates the basic concepts of chemistry as it traces the history and development of our know..

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Kiwimaps New Zealand Compact Touring Atlas


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Lazzi: Comic Routines of the Commedia dell'Arte

"An important addition to the literature on Italian Commedia dell'Arte."--"Choice" This best-selling PAJ volume presents over 250 comedy routines used by commedia performers in Europe from 1550 to 17..

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No Ordinary Deal: Unmasking Free Trade & The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
Persuasion: Oxford World's Classics

'She had been forced into prudence in her youth, she learned romance as she grew older - the natural sequel of an unnatural beginning.' Anne Elliot seems to have given up on present happiness and has ..

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Recipes for Play: Fun Ideas for Small Hands & Big Imaginations

Recipes for Play contains easy ideas for engaging children's senses. Playtime doesn't have to be expensive and playing with paint and playdough doesn't have to be toxic; many wonderful activities are ..

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Statements : Three Plays


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Swamp Fever - a Golden Bay Memoir


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Untamed : The Extraordinary Adventures of the Swazi Man

Viewers will know him as the guy with guns, tusks, furs and other weird stuff who pops up on Border Patrol from time to time. He's Davey Hughes, the founder of Swazi Outdoor Clothing, and this is his ..

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Your Unselfish Kindness : Robin Hyde's Autobiographical Writings

Robin Hyde's extraordinary but short life (1906-39) included a precocious early career as poet and parliamentary reporter. As a journalist, she juggled writing for the social pages with highly politic..

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