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Acts and Omissions

The Bishop of Lindchester is happily married with four daughters. But does he have a secret? Archdeacon Matt is inclined to think not. That said, it's obvious to him that Bishop Paul's got a pretty bi..

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Beneath a Rising Sun

As the Allied forces fight to repel invaders in the Pacific, the Duffy and Macintosh clans face their greatest challenges at home. Sergeant Jessica Duffy relishes her work as a code breaker in MacArth..

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Berlin Tales


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Best American Short Stories 2014

"The literary 'Oscars' features twenty outstanding examples of the best of the best in American short stories." -- "Shelf Awareness for Readers""The Best American Short Stories 2014" will be selected ..

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Best American Short Stories 2015

In his introduction to this one hundredth volume of the beloved"Best American Short Stories, "guest editor T. C. Boyle writes, The Model T gave way to the Model A and to the Ferrari and the Prius . . ..

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Big Sky Country

The First Lady of the West, #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller is back with a new series about Parable, Montana-where love awaits. The illegitimate son of a wealthy rancher, Sherif..

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Burnt Tongues: An Anthology of Transgressive Short Stories

Burnt Tongues is a collection of transgressive stories - taboo subjects, shocking images - selected by a rigorous nomination and vetting process and then hand-selected by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fi..

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Constant Soldier


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Deep in the Valley

Welcome to Grace Valley, California--where blood runs thicker...ties are stronger...and love is all the more sweet Visitors to the town often remark about the valley's peace and beauty--both of which ..

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Dogwood Hill

#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods tests the strength of the beloved O'Briens and proves that love and family can always triumph! When former pro football quarterback Aidan Mitchell co..

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For All Time

Return to charming Nantucket with Jude Deveraux, the New York Times bestselling author of unforgettable romance. For All Time is the second novel in her fabulous Nantucket Brides trilogy, with more f..

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Freeman's: Arrival

The first volume in a series of biannual literary anthologies from renowned literary critic and former Granta editor John Freeman, Freeman's: Arrival features never-before-published stories by Haruki ..

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Ghostly: A Collection of Ghost Stories

This book is Edited, Introduced and Illustrated By Audrey Niffenegger. Haunted houses, spectral chills, and of course, the odd cat...In this volume, Audrey Niffenegger, bestselling author of The Time ..

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Good Husband of Zebra Drive (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency 8)

As winter turns to spring across the red earth, acacia trees and slow green rivers of Botswana, all is not quite as it should be on Zebra Drive, home to Mma Ramotswe and her beloved husband Mr J. L. B..

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Granta 127 : Japan

Hello Kitty, earthquakes, manga, samurai, robots and sushi. These are some of the things we think about when we think about Japan. This small island nation looms large in the popular imagination, in o..

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Granta 128: American Wild

'I found in my absence that I had missed two visitors: one left me nothing I could know them by; the other must have been a woman, judging by the gift of wood-shavings and pale grasses she had pic..

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Granta 129: Fate

Maulana Radio bends down at the washbasin and draws water to his face. Three times he wets his eyes, small and minutely lashed, three times he turns his head left and right making sure his ears are fi..

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Granta 133

From Nobel laureates to debut novelists, international translations to investigative journalism, each themed issue of Granta turns the attention of the world's best writers on to one aspect of the way..

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Granta 136: A Legacy of Love

From Nobel laureates to debut novelists, international translations to investigative journalism, each themed issue of Granta turns the attention of the world's best writers on to one aspect of the way..

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Granta 138: Journeys

What are the ethics of writing about a place you visit as an outsider? With Granta's long tradition of travel writing in mind, we ask some of the foremost writers of the genre: is travel writing dead?..

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Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists

Once every ten years Granta publishes a list of the twenty best American fiction writers under the age of forty. In 1997 and 2007 we picked out such luminaries as Daniel Alarcon, Edwidge Danticat, Ant..

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Griffith Review 2: Imagining the Future

AUSTRALIAN politics and national life are trapped in a permanent present. There are few opportunities to imagine the future, and even fewer to create it. Politics, commerce, media all focus relentless..

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Heart is Deceitful Above All Things

This book of interconnected stories depicts the chaotic life of a young boy on the run with his teenage mother. When Sarah reclaims Jeremiah from his foster parents, he finds himself catapulted into h..

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History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters (US edition)

Peyton Lockhart and her sisters have just inherited Bishop's Cove, a charming oceanfront resort. But it comes with a condition: They must run the resort for one year and show a profit--only then will ..

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Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard Von Bingen

"Sharratt brings one of the most famous and enigmatic women of the Middle Ages to vibrant life in this tour de force, which will captivate the reader from the very first page." --Sharon Kay Penman "On..

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It Can't Happen Here

'An eerily prescient foreshadowing of current affairs' Guardian 'Not only Lewis's most important book but one of the most important books ever produced in the United States' New Yorker A vain, outla..

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Lone Rider

When danger claims her, rescue comes from the one man she least expects A cowgirl at heart, Bo Hamilton does her best thinking in wide-open spaces. So when money goes missing from the family foundatio..

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Madrid Tales

The buzzing life of bars, warm evenings by the Manzanares river, the subterranean terrors of the Metro, icy winters and hot, empty summers, student days in the sixties, the ruthless underworld of the ..

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Marriage Between Friends: White Lace and Promises\Friends - And Then Some

First comes friendship... Back in high school, Maggie Kingsbury and Glenn Lambert were close friends. But after that, life took them in different directions. Now they meet again--as maid of honor and ..

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Dabney Kimball Beech, the 48-year-old Director of the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce and fifth generation Nantucketer, has had a lifelong gift of matchmaking (52 couples still together to her credit). ..

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New American Stories

The short story is a barometer for the state and shape of literature. New American Stories presents the boldest, most innovative and most resonant fiction coming out of the American literary scene. Be..

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No Man's Land: Writings from a World at War

The Great War gave birth to some of the twentieth century's most celebrated writing; from Brooke to Sassoon, the poetry generated by the war is etched into collective memory. But it is in prose fictio..

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O. Henry Prize Stories: 2014

Since its establishment in 1919, the 'O. Henry Prize Stories' collection has offered a selection of the best stories published in hundreds of literary magazines every year. Series editor Laura Furman ..

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O. Henry Prize Stories: 2015

"The O. Henry Prize Stories 2015" gathers twenty of the best short stories of the year, selected from thousands published in literary magazines. The winning stories span the globe from the glamorous R..

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Parasites Like Us

After trashing his cherry '72 Corvette, illegally breaking into an ancient burial site, and snacking on 12,000-year-old popcorn, Hank Hannah finds that he's inadvertently unleashed the apocalypse. Han..

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Paris Metro Tales

Following on from Helen Constantine's hugely successful Paris Tales, the twenty-two short stories included in More Metro Tales take the reader on an fascinating journey around Paris by metro. The jou..

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Patrick Melrose Novels

Acclaimed for their searing wit and their deep humanity, this magnificent cycle of novels - in which Patrick Melrose battles to survive the savageries of his childhood and lead a self-determined life ..

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When Kino, a poor Indian pearl-diver, finds 'the Pearl of the world' he believes that his life will be magically transformed. He will marry Juana and their son Coyotito will be able to attend school. ..

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Penguin Book of the British Short Story: 1: From Daniel Defoe to John Buchan: I

'A bold anthology ...alive with provocations and insights' John Carey, Sunday Times 'The Boy-scouts mistook my signal, and have killed the postman. I've had very little practice in this sort of thing..

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Penguin Book of the British Short Story: 2: From P.G. Wodehouse to Zadie Smith: II

'Eclectic, entertaining ...almost all British, if not human, life is here' Boyd Tonkin, Independent 'Mind-stretching, heart-breaking, beautifully-crafted fiction' Claire Harman, Evening Standard 'Sh..

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Plot Against America


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Portable Sixties Reader, The

From civil rights to free love, JFK to LSD, Woodstock to the Moonwalk, the Sixties was a time of change, political unrest, and radical experiments in the arts, sexuality, and personal identity. In thi..

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Reader, I Married Him

'This collection is stormy, romantic, strong - the Full Bronte' The Times A collection of short stories celebrating Charlotte Bronte, published in the year of her bicentenary and stemming from the now..

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Spellbound & Ever After

Ancient magic, modern-day mishap and passionate love affairs are combined in these two mesmerising short stories. Spellbound Roguish and overworked, world-famous photographer Calin Farrell is struggli..

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Thoughtfully imaginative and action-packed, "Steeplejack" is" New York Times" bestselling A. J. Hartley's YA debut set in a 19th-century South African fantasy worldSeventeen-year-old Anglet Sutonga li..

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Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange

On the shrouded corpse hung a tablet of green topaz with the inscription: 'I am Shaddad the Great. I conquered a thousand cities; a thousand white elephants were collected for me; I lived for a thousa..

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Tales of Two Cities: The Best and Worst of Times in Today's New York

In a city where the top one percent earns more than a half-million dollars per year while 25 thousand children are homeless, public discourse about our entrenched and worsening wealth gap has never be..

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That Glimpse of Truth: The 100 Finest Short Stories Ever Written

Profound, lyrical, shocking, wise: the short story is capable of almost anything. This collection of 100 of the finest stories ever written ranges from the essential to the unexpected, the traditional..

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The Best American Short Stories

The literary Oscars featurestwenty outstanding examples of the best of the best in American short stories. Shelf Awareness for Readers The Best American Short Stories 2016 will be selected by Pulitze..

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Thirty years in the making, William Gass's second novel first appeared on the literary scene in 1995, at which time it was promptly hailed as an indisputable masterpiece. The story of a middle aged pr..

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