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And So It Is: New Poems


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As the Verb Tenses

This is the work of a reflective and sensitive poetic talent: one run with gleaming wires of joy. In poems that gather together the vivid details of childhood memory, the surreal juxtapositions of li..

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Being Here

Being Here is the first book to survey the entire span of Vincent O'Sullivan's poetry, from Bearings (1973) to new poems first published in this volume. On display is the full range of the wit, intell..

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Bones in the Octagon

Carolyn McCurdie hails from the deep south and her poems are made at the hem of a mother's checked tablecloth, the rim of a rain-starved garden and the raw edges of a southern landscape where the elem..

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Charles Brasch: Selected Poems

Charles Brasch (1909-1973) was the founder and first editor of Landfall, New Zealand's premier journal of literature and ideas. Born in Dunedin, he grew up to be at home in the literature, art and arc..

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Conch Trumpet

The Conch Shell calls to the scattered tribes of contemporary New Zealand. It sounds the signal to listen close, critically and 'in alert reverie'. David Eggleton's reach of references, the marriage o..

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Taking My Mother to the Opera

Piquant, frank, open, wistful, tender, funny this personal memoir by Diane Brown is deftly marbled throughout with social history. From carefully chosen anecdotes it slowly unfolds a vivid and compell..

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Us, Then


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