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Ebony Tower, The

"The Ebony Tower" is a series of novellas, rich in imagery, exploring the nature of art. The story of the title - which the "Observer" described as 'the finest thing Fowles has written' - concerns a j..

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Flaubert's Parrot (Vintage Classics Edition)

Geoffrey Braithwaite is a retired doctor haunted by an obsession with the great French literary genius, Gustave Flaubert. As Geoffrey investigates the mystery of the stuffed parrot Flaubert borrowed f..

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Jorge Luis Borges was a literary spellbinder whose tales of magic, mystery and murder are shot through with deep philosophical paradoxes. This collection brings together many of his stories, including..

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Pale Fire

A novel constructed around the last great poem of a fictional American poet, John Shade, and an account of his death. The poem appears in full and the narrative develops through the lengthy, and incre..

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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

The portrayal of Stephen Dedalus' Dublin childhood and youth, his quest for identity through art and his gradual emancipation from the claims of family, religion and Ireland itself, is also an oblique..

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Power & the Glory

This title is provided with an introduction by John Updike. During a vicious persecution of the clergy in Mexico, a worldly priest, the 'whisky priest', is on the run. With the police closing in, his ..

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Remains of the Day, The

This title is winner of the Booker Prize. In the summer of 1956, Stevens, the ageing butler of Darlington Hall, embarks on a leisurely holiday that will take him deep into the countryside and into his..

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Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

Acclaimed as a modern dramatic masterpiece, "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" is the fabulously inventive tale of "Hamlet" as told from the worm's-eye view of the bewildered Rosencrantz and Guil..

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Third Policeman, The

A masterpiece of black humour from the renown comic and acclaimed author of 'At Swim-Two-Birds' -- Flann O'Brien. A thriller, a hilarious comic satire about an archetypal village police force, a surre..

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Violent Bear It Away, The

First published in 1955, "The Violent Bear It Away" is now a landmark in American literature. It is a dark and absorbing example of the Gothic sensibility and bracing satirical voice that are united i..

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