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Art - Theory

...isms: Understanding Modern Art New Edition

This is a handy guide to the art 'isms' of the modern day. From Impressionism and the birth of modern art to street art and Internationalism of the 21st century, it gives a practical introduction to a..

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100 Secrets of the Art World: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Arts but Were Afraid to Ask

What do major artists consider their best kept secret? What is regarded as confidential knowledge among the key players of the global art market? In 100 Secrets of the Art World the most powerful inte..

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101 Things to Learn in Art School

What is the first thing to learn in art school? "Art can be anything." The second thing? "Learn to draw." With 101 Things to Learn in Art School, artist and teacher Kit White delivers and develops suc..

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Akademie X: Lessons + Tutors in Art

Invaluable advice for aspiring artists from leading art educators..

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Truly comprehensive in scope, Art shows you masterpieces from over 700 artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, and Van Gogh. An invaluable reference book for any art lover, it showcases the wor..

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Art as Therapy

Two authorities on popular culture reveal the ways in which art can enhance mood and enrich lives - now available in paperback This passionate, thought-provoking, often funny, and always-accessible bo..

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Art in Theory 1900-2000: An Anthology of Changing Ideas

Since it was first published in 1992, this book has become one of the leading anthologies of art theoretical texts in the English-speaking world. This expanded edition includes the fruits of recent re..

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Art Matters

A creative call to arms from the mind of Neil Gaiman, combining his extraordinary words with deft and striking illustrations by Chris Riddell. Art Matters will inspire its readers to seize the day in ..

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Bad New Days: Art, Criticism, Emergency

One of the world s leading art theorists dissects a quarter century of artistic practice "Bad New Days" examines the evolution of art and criticism in Western Europe and North America over the last t..

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Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think About Art, Pleasure, Beauty and Truth

Few could explain, let alone seek out, a career in criticism. Yet what A. O. Scott shows in Better Living Through Criticism is that we are, in fact, all critics: because critical thinking informs almo..

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Books That Shaped Art History: From Gombrich and Greenberg to Alpers and Krauss

What makes a colour work? What do colours mean to artists or cultures? Why does grey make a colour stand out? What colour are the oceans? Why is the yellow of lemons something to treasure? Award-winn..

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Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox

Part travelogue, part narrative history, Colour unlocks the history of the colours of the rainbow, and reveals how paints came to be invented, discovered, traded and used. This remarkable and beautifu..

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Contemporaries: Travels in the 21st-Century Art World

It's been nearly a century since Marcel Duchamp exhibited a urinal and called it art. Since then, painting has been declared dead several times over, and contemporary art has now expanded to include j..

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Critic's Part: Wystan Curnow Art Writings 1971-2013

Wystan Curnow is New Zealand's longest-serving and, arguably, most important art critic. This edited collection brings together a selection of his art writings from 1971 to 2013 to provide the first c..

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Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else

Now that we 'curate' even lunch, what happens to the role of the connoisseur in contemporary culture? 'Curate' is now a buzzword, applied to everything from music festivals to artisanal cheese. Inside..

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Heaven on Earth: Painting and the Life to Come

The idea of heaven on earth haunts the human imagination. The day will come, say believers, when the pain and confusion of mortal life will give way to a transfigured community. Such a vision of the w..

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Illustration Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters, The:Inspirat

This book serves as an introduction to the key elements of good illustration. The Illustration Idea Book presents 50 of the most inspiring approaches used by masters of the field from acro..

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Introducing Aesthetics : Graphic Guide

What is beauty, and what is truth? These are some of the questions which aesthetics tries to answer. In our everyday life, we talk about the 'aesthetics' of an artwork or a piece of design. But aesthe..

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Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on Art

'Flaubert believed that it was impossible to explain one art form in terms of another, and that great paintings required no words of explanation. Braque thought the ideal state would be reached when w..

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Make it Now!: Creativity and the Art of Getting Things Done
Meaning of Art: Faber Modern Classics

Since its first appearance in 1931 Herbert Read's introduction to the understanding of art has established itself as a classic of its kind. It provides a basis for the appreciation of paintings, sculp..

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Modernist Design Complete

The powerful aesthetic and philosophical framework that modernism ushered in during the early part of the 20th century revolutionized the built world, transformed our living spaces and lifestyles, and..

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New Curator

This book presents a snapshot of the most interesting curatorial practices in the art world today. There is an emphasis on the 'now': the introduction sketches in the development of curatorial practic..

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On Contemporary Art

Translated into English for the first time, On Contemporary Art , a speech by the renowned novelist Cesar Aira, was delivered at a 2010 colloquium in Madrid dedicated to bridging the gap between wr..

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On Pictures & the Words that Fail Them

In this innovative, interdisciplinary study, James Elkins argues against the assumption that images can be adequately described in words. In his view, words must always fail because pictures possess a..

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One Way Street & Other Writings


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Orange Balloon Dog: Bubbles, Turmoil and Avarice in the Contemporary Art Market

Within forty-eight hours in the fall of 2014, buyers in the Sotheby's and Christie's New York auction houses spent $1.7 billion on contemporary art. Non-taxed freeport warehouses around the globe are ..

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Penguin Dictionary of Symbols

This is a remarkable dictionary, exploring the vast and various symbols which abound in literature, religion, national identity and are found at the very heart of our dreams and sub-conscious. Compile..

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Pixels of Paul Cezanne: And Reflections on Other Artists

The Pixels of Paul Cezanne is a collection of essays by Wim Wenders which he presents his observations and reflections on the fellow artists who have influenced, shaped and inspired him."How are they ..

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Playing to the Gallery: Helping Contemporary Art in its Struggle to be Understood: The Reith Lectures

"I have never read such a stimulating short guide to art. It should be issued as a set text in every school." (Lynn Barber, Sunday Times Now). Grayson Perry is a fully paid-up member of the art establ..

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Pocket Universal Principles of Art: 100 Key Concepts for Understanding, Analyzing, and Practicing Art

This new, pocket volume of the Pocket Universal Principles of Art provides a handy, portable, reference for art enthusiast, art students, and any artist on the go. This is the same excellent informati..

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Running the City: Why public art matters

Leading Australian curator Felicity Fenner profiles activity-based and pop-up contemporary public art projects from Australia and around the globe. Running the City explores art projects that bring to..

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Secret Lives of Colour

'A mind-expanding tour of the world without leaving your paintbox. Every colour has a story, and here are some of the most alluring, alarming, and thought-provoking. Very hard painting the hallway mag..

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Secret Lives of Colour

'A mind-expanding tour of the world without leaving your paintbox. Every colour has a story, and here are some of the most alluring, alarming, and thought-provoking. Very hard painting the hallway mag..

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Sign Language: A Contemporary Guide to Signs + Symbols

A new pictorial reference book for artists and designers, with over 400 images from sources ranging from Greco-Roman art to Benjamin Franklin and Wes Anderson Symbols offers a fresh approach to unders..

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Spectrum: Heritage Patterns and Colours

This simply structured and highly original book analyses the palettes that have been used by designers in the creation of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers from the 15th century to the present. The co..

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Take Three Colours: Watercolour Flowers: Start to Paint with 3 Colours, 3 Brushes and 9 Easy Projects

Tempted to start painting but not sure where to start? Learn how to paint beautiful watercolour flowers using just 3 colours, 3 brushes, a plastic palette and a watercolour pad. This book will bu..

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Taste: The Secret Meaning of Things

How do we define taste? The only certainty is that it shifts and changes sometimes abruptly. With the explosion of vulgar consumerism in the mid-nineteenth century, the Victorians seized upon the noti..

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Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms

How many times have you read the caption next to a work of art in a museum or gallery, or a review of an exhibition, and found yourself none the wiser? The language in which modern art is described ca..

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Think Like an Artist, Don't Act Like One: Common Sense from an Un

This book presents 75 ways to look at art and 75 life lessons you can learn from it. From the works of ancient Egypt and Greece to today's abstract and conceptual pieces, by way of Leonardo, Durer..

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Ugliness: A Cultural History

In this riveting book Gretchen E. Henderson explores perceptions of ugliness through history, from ancient Roman feasts to medieval grotesque gargoyles, from Mary Shelley's monster cobbled from corpse..

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Vizualizing Research: A Guide to the Research Process in Art and Design

Visualizing Research guides postgraduate students in art and design through the development and implementation of a research project, using the metaphor of a 'journey of exploration'. For use with a f..

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Ways of Curating

Drawing on his own experiences and inspirations - from staging his first exhibition in his tiny Zurich kitchen in 1986 to encounters with artists, exhibition makers and thinkers - Hans Ulrich Obrist l..

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Ways of Looking: How to Experience Contemporary Art

Art has changed. Those reassuringly familiar styles and movements that characterised art production prior to the twenty-first century have all vanished. Traditional artistic media no longer do what we..

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What Art Is

What is it to be a work of art? Renowned author and critic Arthur C. Danto addresses this fundamental, complex question. Part philosophical monograph and part memoiristic meditation, What Art Is chall..

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What is Painting?


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What They Didn't Teach You in Art School: What You Need to Know to Survive as an Artist

You have the artistic talent, but do you know how to make a success of it? The thing they don't teach you in art school is just how active and engaged you need to be; you'll have to become your own fi..

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Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art

What is contemporary art? What makes it 'contemporary'? What is it for? And why is it so expensive? The contemporary art world can be a baffling place, but Kyung An and Jessica Cerasi are on hand to b..

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Why are We 'Artists'?: 100 World Art Manifestos

'Art is not a luxury. Art is a basic social need to which everyone has a right'. This extraordinary collection of 100 artists' manifestos from across the globe over the last 100 years brings together..

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