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Art - History

Art History: The Basics

Now in its second edition, this volume is an accessible introduction to the history of art. Using an international range of examples, it provides the reader with a toolkit of concepts, ideas and metho..


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Art in California

An introduction to the rich and diverse art of California, this book highlights its distinctive role in the history of American art, from early-20th-century photography to Chicanx mural painting, the ..


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Black Art: A Cultural History

The African diaspora - a direct result of the transatlantic slave trade and Western colonialism - has generated a wide array of artistic achievements, from blues and reggae, to the paintings of the pi..


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final Painting, The: The Last Works of the Great Masters, from Van Eyck to Picasso

An intense focus on the late and final work of great painters has become a striking trend in recent years. Exhibitions have been devoted to 'the Late' Raphael, Tintoretto, Rembrandt, Goya, Turner, Man..


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Graphic Design in the Twentieth Century: A Concise History

The story of graphic design is one of the most exciting and important in the history of twentieth century visual culture. From its roots in the development of printing, graphic design has evolved as a..


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Louis Vuitton: Extraordinary Voyages

The mid-19th and early 20th centuries heralded new means of transport and equipment and, with them, new and original ways of exploring the world. Transatlantic liners, automobiles, long-haul airplanes..


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Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement

This pioneering book stands as the most comprehensive treatment of the lives, ideas and art works of the remarkable group of women who were an essential part of the Surrealist movement. Frida Kahlo, M..


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