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Stone Houses of the English Countryside

For more than one hundred years, Country Life magazine has published a weekly article devoted to a country house. Superbly illustrated with specially commissioned photographs, they form an unrivalled ..

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Story of Architecture

Retraces the story and development of architecture from the antique times to our days, with numerous illustrations and excursuses about major architects, theoricians and movements. This textbook is su..

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Story of Buildings: from the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond

This is a highly readable book about architecture, lavishly illustrated with sixteen intricate cross sections. From straw huts to skyscrapers, palaces to arts centres, The Story of Buildings takes us ..

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Studio Ko

Founded by French architects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty in 2000, Studio KO has quickly secured its status in the world of architectural design. A refreshing modernist aesthetic imbued with subtle..

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Subterranean Railway : How the London Underground Was Built & How it Changed the City Forever

Since the Victorian era, London's Underground has had played a vital role in the daily life of generations of Londoners. In The Subterranean Railway, Christian Wolmar celebrates the vision and determi..

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Summer Palaces of the Romanovs: Treasures from Tsarskoye Selo

Situated just south of St Petersburg, the Russian imperial residence of Tsarskoye Selo is now more than three hundred years old. Tsarskoye Selo the Tsars Village was once a modest estate housing a sum..

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Superhouse: Architecture & Interiors Beyond the Everyday

To Karen, the super house has nothing to do with size; instead, it is one that has a strong connection with nature, that goes well beyond the everyday, and that, through the sensitivity of both archit..

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Sustainable Architecture

This book includes twenty-five projects contemporary architecture projects which pay attention to the relationship architecture and the environment, considering not only the health of our planet but a..

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Sustainable: Houses with Small Footprints

A presentation of contemporary houses that demonstrates how domesticity can be beautiful and still help the planet. Have we passed a tipping point beyond which we can no longer reverse a course of act..

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Tadao Ando: The Colours of Light Volume 1

A new edition of the acclaimed portfolio of work by Japan's leading architect, now featuring digitally remastered photographs."The magnificent photographs by Richard Pare come as close to putting you ..

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This Brutal World

A curated collection of some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring Brutalist architecture ever built This Brutal World is a global survey of this compelling and much-admired style of architecture. It..

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Tiny Homes : Simple Shelter

These days, homeowners, designers, architects (no less), road gypsies, water dwellers, dreamers, people of all ages, all over the world are making do creatively with under-500 sq. ft. shelters. This i..

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Tiny House Living: Ideas for Building and Living Well in Less Than 400 Square Feet

Tiny House, Large Lifestyle! Tiny homes are popping up across America, captivating people with their novel approach not only to housing, but to life. Once considered little more than a charming oddity..

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Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials: Inspiration for Constructing Tiny Homes Using Salvaged and Reclaimed Supplies

Join the tiny house trend! The tiny house movement is a big trend with a very small footprint. Extremely small house, with less than 1,000 square feet of space, are environmentally friendly, less expe..

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Tiny Houses in the City

How we live in cities-smaller, denser, smarter-is at the heart of Tiny Houses in the City. Urban areas across the globe are experiencing a renaissance, with once forgotten downtowns and neighborhoods ..

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Tom Kundig Houses 2: 2

Our 2006 monograph Tom Kundig: Houses was an instant critical and commercial success. Over the past five years, Seattle-based Kundig has continued his meteoric rise, collecting numerous awards, includ..

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Tom Kundig: Works

In Tom Kundig: Works, the celebrated Seattle-based architect presents nineteen new projects, from Hawaii to New York City. Kundig's award-winning houses, known for their rugged yet elegant and welcomi..

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Tree Houses


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Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air

Out on a Limb The sky s the limit with 50 ingenious tree houses around the world The idea of climbing a tree for shelter, or just to see the earth from another perspective, is as old as humanity. In t..

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Twenty-one Australian Architects, Breaking New Ground

AUSTRALIAN ARCHITECTS ARE DESIGNING some of the most innovative residential homes in the world. To celebrate this incredible Australian talent Belle has teamed up with acclaimed architectural and desi..

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Ultimate Containers


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Despite the interest in contemporary architecture it's a fact that more people in inner-city suburbs throughout New Zealand end up living in a villa than a house of any other architectural style. Ever..

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Visual Dictionary of Architecture, A

The classic, bestselling reference on architecture now revised and expanded! An essential one-volume reference of architectural topics using Francis D.K. Ching's signature presentation. It is the only..

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Walkable city: How Downtown Can Save America One Step at a Time

Jeff Speck has dedicated his career to determining what makes cities thrive, and he has boiled it down to one key factor: walkability. The very idea of a modern metropolis evokes visions of bustling s..

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Waterside Modern

From the Mediterranean to the Pacific Ocean and the tropical idylls of Southeast Asia, this book takes an international trip to the world's most stunning waterside homes. Photographs of each house rev..

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What's So Great About the Eiffel Tower?: 70 Questions That Will Change the Way You Think About Architecture

Why do we find the idea of a multi-coloured Parthenon so shocking today? Why was the Eiffel Tower such a target for hatred when it was first built? Is the Sagrada Familia a work of genius or kitsch? W..

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Where Architects Stay

The combination of architecture and vacations is highly inspiring. It promises relaxation and pleasure, beauty and style, all in one. Each of the vacation domiciles presented here can fulfill even the..

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Why a Man Should be Well Dressed


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Why Architects Still Draw

Why would an architect reach for a pencil when drawing software and AutoCAD are a click away? Use a ruler when 3D-scanners and GPS devices are close at hand? In Why Architects Still Draw, Paolo Belard..

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Why You Can Build it Like That: Modern Architecture Explained

In Why You Can Build It Like That, John Zukowsky examines buildings from the past half century or so that pushed the boundaries of what was architecturally acceptable when they were built. 100 strikin..

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Woman's Huts and Hideaways: More Than 40 She Sheds and Other Retreats

In A Woman's Huts and Hideaways Gill Heriz presents an inspirational collection of stunning small spaces. Each place has its own story, a reason for being, whether it's somewhere to escape, to create,..

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Wonder of the North - Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal

Dubbed "the Wonder of the North" in 1732, the National Trust's Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Estate (now a World Heritage Site) encompasses one of the largest, most magnificent and beautiful desig..

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Wood is a fresh, insightful and surprising look at the world's best timber architecture. With 170 structures from the last 1,000 years, Wood features projects from some of the world's most celebrated..

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World of Charles and Ray Eames

Charles (1907-1978) and Ray (1912-1988) Eames are among the most important designers of the 20th century, and the story of the Eames Office is that of visual and material culture in the post-war, mode..

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Worship: A History of New Zealand Church Design

This stunning tribute to New Zealand church architecture brings together early country churches, grand cathedrals and striking modernist designs in a unique survey of some of our most compelling landm..

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Xs - Small Houses Big Time

Rising rents, the desire for a simpler life, the aim for sustainability, or the wish to posses a relocatable home: These are just a few reasons why the market for tiny houses has become increasingly p..

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