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Now We See Now: Architecture and Research by The Living

In the context of massive and accelerating change--in technology, science, climate, and society--the nature of architectural design is also evolving and coming to life in new ways. New York-based offi..

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Old Letter Boxes

Pillar boxes were first introduced into Britain at the instigation of Anthony Trollope, the novelist, who was also a Post Office surveyor. Although many letter boxes are ordinary, some types, such as ..

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On the Shore: Seaside Living

Embracing seaside lifestyles across the globe. Living near the sea promises an intense experience of nature. The view of waves breaking on the shore or of the vast horizon behind steep cliffs determin..

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Origami Architecture Kit: Create Lifelike Scale Paper Models of Three Iconic Buildings

Build detailed models of your favorite iconic buildings with this easy origami kit! Master paper crafter and preeminent designer Yee, brings origami folders this extraordinary boxed architectural craf..

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Outside Living: Terraces, Balconies, Roof Decks, Courtyards, Pocket Gardens, and Other Small Outdoor Spaces

Anyone looking for design ideas for patios, terraces, and other compact outdoor spaces will find this inspirational sourcebook invaluable, whether starting afresh or fine-tuning an existing design. T..

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Parish Church Treasures: The Nation's Greatest Art Collection

Our parish churches constitute a living patrimony without precise European parallel. Their cultural riches are astonishing, not only for their quality and quantity, but also their diversity and intere..

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Parks, Plants, and People: Beautifying the Urban Landscape

An internationally renowned public garden designer, with 27 years' experience and an artist's eye, Lynden Miller has changed the face of New York City's public places by providing a connection with na..

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Pattern Language, A


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Patterson: Houses of Aotearoa

In Maori culture, architecture is approached as a construction of beliefs: a building must emulate and amplify personalities, hopes and aspirations, becoming the physical expression of those who inhab..

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Perfect French Country: Inspirational Interiors from Rural France

In Perfect French Country Ros Byam Shaw celebrates relaxed rural France at its finest, visiting timeless and beautiful French country homes that feature ancient beams and stone fireplaces, panelled ro..

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Perfect Treehouse: From Site Selection to Design & Construction

Treehouses awaken the little kid inside all of us. The idea of having a fantasy house in the treetops appeals to pretty much everyone one. But building a treehouse the right way takes a lot of thought..

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Pet-tecture: Design for Pets

A fun, engaging, inspirational survey of more than 200 of the very best contemporary designs for pets in the same format as Mobitecture and Nanotecture...

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Peter Beaven Architect


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Phantom Architecture

A skyscraper one mile high, a dome covering most of downtown Manhattan, a triumphal arch in the form of an elephant: some of the most exciting buildings in the history of architecture are the ones tha..

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Place for All People: Life, Architecture and the Fair Society

Richard Rogers is one of the pre-eminent architects of his generation, whose approach to buildings is infused with his love of life, strong sense of social justice, and his playful aesthetic sense. Fr..

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Place of My Own : The Architecture of Daydreams

Michael Pollan's unmatched ability to draw lines of connection between our everyday experiences- whether eating, gardening, or building-and the natural world has been the basis for the popular success..

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Positive Energy Homes: Creating Passive Houses for Better Living

A guide to how positive energy living can be achieved, through homes that power themselves and empower their occupants. Positive energy homes enable people to live healthy and comfortable lives with ..

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Prefab Houses Designsource

For many, the idea of prefab housing still brings to mind trailer parks, cookie-cutter suburbs, and Levittown-style homogeneity. But this picture couldn't be more behind the times. The newest trends i..

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Prefab: How many modules do you need to live?


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Prefabulous Small Houses

Prefab home construction has arrived. The benefits of buildings a prefab home (they are better built, use resources more efficiently, and are healthier to live in) apply just as well to vacation homes..

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Public Places Urban Spaces : The Dimensions of Urban Design

"Public Places Urban Spaces", 2/e is a thorough introduction to the principles of urban design theory and practice. Authored by experts in the fields of urban design and planning, it is designed speci..

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Radical Cities: Across Latin America in Search of a New Architecture

In Radical Cities, Justin McGuirk travels across Latin America in search of activist architects, politicians and radical communities who have begun rebuilding and redesigning their environments in rad..

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Railway Houses of New Zealand


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Rebuilt: Inspiring Recovery Stories from Quake-Damaged Canterbury Homes

Thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed when more than 14,000 earthquakes and aftershocks hit Canterbury during 2010 and 2011. For many homeowners the task of repairing or rebuilding their home h..

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Red: Architecture in Monochrome

A visual exploration of red's vivid role in global architecture over the centuries. From the earliest structures to today's contemporary creations, red has been one of the most traditional, and, ..

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Remarkable Buildings of the World

Remarkable Buildings of the World is a beautifully presented, unique visual profile of the most iconic buildings in the world, spread through 25 of its most architecturally rich cities. Featuring the ..

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Remodeling Tiny Lofts


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Renovate Innovate: Reclaimed and Upcycled Homes

Antonia Edwards' first book, Upcyclist, explored how artists and designers around the globe transform castoff materials into elegant domestic furnishings. Now, she turns her sights to the homes themse..

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Repurposed: New Zealand Homes Using Upcycled Materials and Spaces

An on-trend home design book, featuring an inspiring array of homes that have made good use of recycled and upcycled materials, structures, spaces and furnishings. Included in the mix are industrial a..

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Resident Dog: Incredible Homes and the Dogs That Live There

Stylish aspirational interiors feature each home's 'resident dog'. Rather than the typical house-by-house structure, this quirky beautifully photographed collection is organised dog by dog with insigh..

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Retreat: The Modern House in Nature

The most forward-looking spaces designed for rustic living in the twenty-first century. Across the globe, architects are creating innovative houses for country living, reimagining the way we escape in..

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Revolution of Forms

Prior to the publication of Revolution of Forms in 1999, few were aware that the most outstanding architectural achievement of the Cuban Revolution, the Escuelas Nacionales de Arte (National Art Schoo..

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Rice's Language of Buildings

A new, larger format edition of Rice's Architectural Primer. This beautifully illustrated book covers the grammar and vocabulary of British buildings, explaining the evolution of styles from Norm..

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Sacred Spaces : Contemporary Religious Architecture

Contemporary religious buildings have a profound influence on the architectural mainstream and offer an outlet for a more unrestrained approach to form and space making. Unshackled by functional const..

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Sagrada Familia: Gaudi's Heaven on Earth

'Exquisite ... A wonderment of an essay about a wonderment of a building' Paul Preston Its scaffolding-cloaked spires reach up to the heavens, dominating the Barcelona skyline and drawing in mill..

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Samuel Palmer: Shadows on the Wall

Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) was one of the leading British landscape painters of the 19th century. Inspired by his mentor, the artist and poet William Blake, Palmer brought a new spiritual intensity to ..

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With this exquisite infographic masterpiece, Zack Scott explores in stunning detail the majestic constructions that humans have created on the surface of our own planet. This is SCRAPERS, a visu..

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Sea Ranch: Fifty Years of Architecture, Landscape, and Placemaking on the Northern California Coast

The ecologically inspired planning and innovative architecture created at The Sea Ranch in the mid-1960s caused a quiet revolution in architecture. When the region, a former sheep ranch and lumbering ..

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Seashaken Houses: A Lighthouse History from Eddystone to Fastnet

Lighthouses are striking totems of our relationship to the sea. For many, they encapsulate a romantic vision of solitary homes amongst the waves, but their original purpose was much more utilitarian t..

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Seaside Living: 50 Remarkable Houses

Seaside Living: 50 Remarkable Houses features a breathtaking, hand-picked collection of innovative designs in contemporary residential beachside architecture, showcased with stunning full-colour photo..

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Seeing the Better City: How to Explore, Observe, and Improve Urban Space

In order to understand and improve cities today, personal observation remains as important as ever. While big data, digital mapping, and simulated cityscapes are valuable tools for understanding urban..

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She Sheds: A Treasure Trove of Women's Creative Spaces
Shrines of the Saints: In England and Wales

Shrine enthusiast Michael Tavinor explores the history and the present day significance of the shrines to the saints that can be found in many cathedrals and abbeys, and in places such as Walsingham, ..

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Signature Homes: High Style from the Finest Architects and Builders

Presenting an inspiring array of beautiful homes from California to New York, this book showcases designs by more than 40 of the nation s foremost architects and custom home builders. Several pages ar..

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Simply Scandinavian: 20 Stylish and Inspirational Scandi Homes

Scandinavian interior design is admired the world over for its unpretentious simplicity and understated elegance. Rooms are typically airy, light and bright. Furnishings are modern design classics fro..

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Sir John Soane's Museum

This new edition (the thirteenth) provides a comprehensive description of Sir John Soane's Museum in London's Lincoln's Inn Fields and reflects recent changes to the Museum including the immaculate re..

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Skylines: A Journey Through 50 Skylines of the World's Greatest Cities

Big city life unites the planet. Every habitable continent has metropolitan hot spots that are a hive of activity, a hub of culture - or, to countless millions, the place they call home. Some thrive o..

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Small Architecture

Saving space: Big ideas for small buildingsOver the years, talented architects have occasionally indulged themselves with the challenge of designing small but perfectly formed buildings. Today, with r..

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Small ECO Houses

Fresh perspectives on how good design can create stylish yet ecologically sound living spaces in small-scale homes. Anyone who has faced the challenges of limited living space will find inspiration in..

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Small Homes: The Right Size

From the publishers of a popular series of building books comes Small Homes, which is highly relevant for these times -- getting smaller, rather than larger. Some 75 builders share their knowledge of ..

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Small House Living

THIS TITLE IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK. MORE BOOKS COMING EARLY JANUARY. Smart, space-efficient houses are becoming the way of the future. Small House Living showcases an inspiring collection of ..

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