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Little House in the City

A change is taking place all across the country and especially on the West Coast, a shift led by the younger generations. People who in years past might have headed for the suburbs are instead moving ..

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Living Big in a Tiny House

Many of us dream of having a life free from rent, mortgages and utility bills and for some this dream is being achieved by living in a tiny house. Small, compact buildings offer an appealing way to li..

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Living in Paradox : History of Urban Design Across Kainga, Towns & Cities in New Zealand

How can we develop better urban environments for New Zealanders? Is it a straightforward matter of better planning and applying more resources? Do we have to settle for second best? What of the lesson..

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Living in the Landscape

As urban life becomes increasingly more demanding, many people are choosing to build away from the city in a way that acknowledges and connects with the landscape. Living in the Landscape explores new..

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Living in the Landscape: Extraordinary Rural Homes in Australia and New Zealand
Living with Buildings: And Walking with Ghosts - On Health and Architecture

We shape ourselves, and are shaped in return, by the walls that contain us. Buildings affect how we sleep, work, socialise and even breathe. They can isolate and endanger us but they can also heal us...

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Living with Buildings: And Walking with Ghosts - On Health and Architecture

Buildings shape our lives and our health. They affect how we sleep, work, socialise and even breathe. They can isolate us, make us sick or put us in danger, but they can also heal. We, in turn, make o..

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Loft Conversion Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide to Designing, Building and Managing a Loft Project

Loft conversions are a great way to add valuable living space to your home and significantly boost your property's value. But creating new rooms in your roof can mean making major structural alteratio..

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Low Cost Architecture


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Making Sense of Buddhist Art and Architecture

Making Sense of Buddhist Art & Architecture is designed to equip the cultural tourist and art student with the means to interpret each painting, building, or artifact in terms of the iconography and s..

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Making Sense of Christian Art and Architecture

Making Sense of Christian Art & Architecture is designed to equip the cultural tourist and art student with the means to interpret each painting, building, or artifact in terms of the iconography and ..

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Making Sense of Islamic Art and Architecture

Making Sense of Islamic Art & Architecture is designed to equip the cultural tourist and art student with the means to interpret each painting, building, or artifact in terms of the iconography and sy..

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Manmade Wonders of the World

Discover the most incredible man-made wonders, from Stonehenge to Burj Khalifa, with this unparalleled catalogue of the most amazing, famous, and intriguing buildings and monuments ever created by hum..

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Maori Meeting House: Introducing the Whare Whakairo

This all-new guide to the whare whakairo, or decorated Maori meeting house, covers every aspect of these treasures--their history and evolution, structure and art forms, and symbolism and cultural sig..

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Massive, Expressive, Sculptural: Brutalism Now and Then

Buildings designated brutalist in style were largely built in the 1960s and 1970s, exuding an aura of daring, uncom promising design today. It is the French term "brut", meaning raw or unrefined, th..

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Created by an assembly of leading designers, architects, and bloggers, these 57 unique and innovative designs will show you the limits of what is possible. All of the designs include beautiful full-co..

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Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: West Coast USA

A must-have guide to one of the most fertile regions for the development of Mid-Century Modern architecture This handbook - the first ever to focus on the architectural wonders of the West Coast of th..

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Mini Spaces for Living: 247 to 602 Sq Ft

With space at a premium, the majority of new housing is being constructed with significantly lower square footage than ever before. This has led developers to search for unique and innovative ways to ..

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Mobile Homes


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Model City Pyongyang

Many `model' cities, both imagined and physical, have existed throughout history; from the ideal cities of the Renaissance, Urbino, Pienza and Ferrara, to modernist utopias, such as Brasilia or Chandi..

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Modern Architecture A-Z

Space shapers: An encyclopedia of modern architecture The architecture encyclopedia that puts the architects themselves in the spotlight. With more than 270 entries, this indispensable overview, now i..

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Modular Loft


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Mountain Modern: Contemporary Homes in High Places

This visual sourcebook of 25 modern interiors in a range of mountain settings features photographs by Richard Powers and text by interiors writer Dominic Bradbury. Organized into three sections - 'Cab..

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Movable Architecture: A Design Guide to Container Reuse

Focusing on the requirement for energy-efficient sustainable architecture with a small carbon footprint, this book explores the many ways in which containers can be renovated to create housing and mor..

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My Cool Treehouse: An Inspirational Guide to Stylish Treehouses

Treehouses have always been a symbol of imagination and adventure, but despite the traditional stereotype, treehouses are not just for children and children's stories. Well built and in the right spot..

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NanoHouse: Innovations for Small Dwellings

Drawing on the success of "XS" series, "Nano House" presents 43 examples of the most innovative, most ingenious and most responsible designs for small-scale (less than 75m2) houses set in a variety of..

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Nanotecture: Tiny Built Things

The most wide-ranging, comprehensive and inclusive book on small-scale architecture ever published An inspiring, surprising and fun collection of 300 works of small-scale architecture including demoun..

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New Cabin Homes


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New Chinese Architecture

This celebration of 20 of China's latest generation features detailed profiles of each architect, exploring their routes to success, their inspirations and the challenges posed for those working and d..

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New Eco House: Structure & Ideas


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New Ecological Home: Materials for Bioclimatic

Successful ecological architecture must take into account multiple factors within the construction process of a project, and the impact that construction will have during its life-cycle: from its plan..

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New Nordic Houses

In a climate that ranges from cold, dark and unforgiving to endless sun and crystalline skies, the homes of the Nordic countries are lifted by ever-changing and dramatic natural light balanced by an i..

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New Old House: Historic & Modern Architecture Combined

Old House, New Life presents 18 private historic homes, from North America to Europe, and traces the ingenious ways architects such as Allan Greenberg, Brian Messana and Toby O'Rorke, Lorcan O'Herlihy..

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New Town Houses


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New York Festivals 18

The organization responsible for producing nine world-renowned awards competitions, New York Festival's mission is to showcase the world's newest and most exciting ideas in advertising-the best of whi..

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Nomadic Homes: Architecture on the Move

This illustrated volume, written and edited by Philip Jodidio contains some of the most remarkable examples of homes on the move. Starting with totally revamped Airstream mobile homes, and going on to..

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Not So Big House: A Blue Print for the Way We Really Live

This title offers an inspiration for homeowners and builders from a leading architect. "The Not So Big House" has sold over 500,000 copies since 1998. It features clear guidance that emphasises the us..

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Notes from the Underworld: An Architectural Exploration

Since early times, humans have explored the space below their feet for different purposes: to flee persecution and war, to find protection from severe climates, to improve urban life - and more recent..

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Notre-Dame de Paris: History, Art, and Revival from 1163 to Tomorrow

With its spectacular rose windows, majestic spire, soaring vaults, twin bell towers, and massive pipe organ, the gothic cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris has long stood as a symbol of of that city. People..

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Notre-Dame: A Short History of the Meaning of Cathedrals

Ken Follett will donate his proceeds from this book to the charity La Fondation du Patrimoine. "The wonderful cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, one of the greatest achievements of European civili..

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Now We See Now: Architecture and Research by The Living

In the context of massive and accelerating change--in technology, science, climate, and society--the nature of architectural design is also evolving and coming to life in new ways. New York-based offi..

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Old Letter Boxes

Pillar boxes were first introduced into Britain at the instigation of Anthony Trollope, the novelist, who was also a Post Office surveyor. Although many letter boxes are ordinary, some types, such as ..

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One Year Drawn

Architecture and drawing have been dual obsessions for Pete Bossley, one of New Zealand's foremost architects. This colourful and engaging book recalls the watershed year that helped to shape these sh..

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Origami Architecture Kit: Create Lifelike Scale Paper Models of Three Iconic Buildings

Build detailed models of your favorite iconic buildings with this easy origami kit! Master paper crafter and preeminent designer Yee, brings origami folders this extraordinary boxed architectural craf..

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Ornament and Crime

'But art has nothing to do with forgery, with lies. The paths of art may be thorny, but they are clean.' Ornament and Crime comprises a selection of essays by celebrated Viennese architect, Adolf..

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Otago & Southland Heritage Houses

This book is a beautifully illustrated account of 76 heritage houses located in Otago and Southland. Fine pen and ink drawings by renowned artist Rodney Wells are complemented by Tessa Ward's text whi..

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Parks, Plants, and People: Beautifying the Urban Landscape

An internationally renowned public garden designer, with 27 years' experience and an artist's eye, Lynden Miller has changed the face of New York City's public places by providing a connection with na..

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Patterson: Houses of Aotearoa

In Maori culture, architecture is approached as a construction of beliefs: a building must emulate and amplify personalities, hopes and aspirations, becoming the physical expression of those who inhab..

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Perfect French Country: Inspirational Interiors from Rural France

In Perfect French Country Ros Byam Shaw celebrates relaxed rural France at its finest, visiting timeless and beautiful French country homes that feature ancient beams and stone fireplaces, panelled ro..

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Pet-tecture: Design for Pets

A fun, engaging, inspirational survey of more than 200 of the very best contemporary designs for pets in the same format as Mobitecture and Nanotecture...

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Peter Beaven Architect


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