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Axel Vervoordt: Wabi Inspirations

Interior design guru Axel Vervoordt shares his latest inspirations for the home. Axel Vervoordts intense curiosity has fueled his work as an interior designer, spurring him to explore and draw inspira..

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Barn: Form and Function of an American Icon

When you read all about its extensive history, shifting architecture, and rich cultural background, you'll never look at a barn the same way again!Strong-timbered barns are icons of American agricultu..

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Battle for Home: Memoir of a Syrian Architect

Drawing on the author's personal experience of living and working as an architect in Syria, this book offers an eyewitness perspective on the country's bitter conflict through the lens of architecture..

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Best of Grand Designs

A complete celebration of Britain's favourite architectural show. Kevin McCloud is widely recognised as the leading commentator on modern architecture and design in Britain. He has built up this reput..

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Best of Grand Designs Australia

The Best of Grand Designs Australia is a selection of inspiring homes from Australia's best loved home design show, showcasing some of the most innovative and inspirational homes to feature through se..

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Beyond the State: New Zealand State Houses from Modest to Modern

New Zealand's distinctive state houses from the 1930s and '40s are an enduring symbol of this country's egalitarian values. Modest houses, they were built from quality materials and with an emphasis o..

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Big House, Small House: 60 New Zealand Houses


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Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir

Part how-to, part personal memoir, "The Big Tiny" is an utterly seductive meditation on the benefits of slowing down, scaling back, and appreciating the truly important things in life. More than ten y..

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Black: Architecture in Monochrome

A stunning exploration of the beauty and drama of 150 black structures built by the world's leading architects over 1,000 years.A visually rich book, Black: Architecture in Monochrome casts a new eye ..

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Box: Architectural Solutions with Containers

Shipping containers are the most conspicuous symbol of the globalized world economy 20 or 40 feet of pure steel reduced to the essentials. They are robust, standardized, inexpensive, universally avail..

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BRANZ House Building Guide (3rd ed)

This guide contains practical guidelines for good timber-framed house building, with hundreds of diagrams, easy to follow tables for quick reference and bullet points for easy reading. Informative ill..

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Brick is a fresh, insightful and surprising look at one of the world's most familiar and popular building materials. From the strange remains of the Ziggurat of Ur dating from 2100 BC, to formidable m..

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Brick: A World History

Marvelously illustrated with spectacular, specially taken photographs, Brick is at once an historical account of how bricks have been employed by architects of every period, a technical survey of bric..

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Bricks & Mortals: Ten Great Buildings and the People They Made

We don't just look at buildings: their facades, beautiful or ugly, conceal the spaces we inhabit. We are born, work, love and die in architecture. We buy and sell it, rent it and squat in it, create a..

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Bridges: A History of the World's Most Spectacular Spans

This visual history of the world 's landmark bridges is thoroughly revised and updated since its initial publication with all-new photographs and features cutting edge work by today's international su..

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Britain's Lost Churches: The Forgotten Holy Sites of Britain's Christian Past

Neglected to the elements, renovated for commercial use or demolished completely, many of Britain's beautiful churches have vanished, leaving no trace except photographs or illustrations to mark their..

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Build Over There: Understanding the Government's Role in Shaping Our Cities

In an age of virtual communication, globalisation and technological advance, does the issue of where we build, or not build, really matter? Described as a code that is to the city what an operating sy..

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Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City

In this sweeping study, one of the world's leading thinkers about the urban environment traces the often anguished relation between how cities are built and how people live in them, from ancient Athen..

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Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry

From Pulitzer Prize-winning architectural critic Paul Goldberger- an engaging, nuanced exploration of the life and work of Frank Gehry, undoubtedly the most famous architect of our time. This first fu..

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Building Structures Illustrated: Patterns, Systems, and Design

While typical structures textbooks show how to design "members" of a structure, there is little consideration given to structural design as part of the entire building design process. Taking a holisti..

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Building With Pallets


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Burglar's Guide to the City, A

At the heart of Geoff Manaugh's A Burglar's Guide to the City is an unexpected and thrilling insight: the city as seen through the eyes of robbers. From experts on both sides of the law, readers learn..

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Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere

From the creators of the hugely popular tumblr site, 'Cabin Porn', comes this collection of breath-taking photography of rural escapes and inspiring stories of people who've created their dream home. ..

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Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere

'Addictive ...a charter for wistfulness' Observer 'An enchanting rabbit hole of handmade houses' The New York Times 'The Bible of pared back, natural living' Der Spiegel 'Take a deep breath and let..

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California: Designing Freedom

This book examines California's enormous impact on contemporary design, from the counterculture of the 1960s to the tech culture of Silicon Valley. On a more expansive level, California: Designing Fre..

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Carlo Scarpa

Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978) is a unique figure in the Modern movement and his work in fact challenged, and continues to challenge, accepted notions of modern architecture. While several books have been p..

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The book contains a well-reasoned selection of houses from all over the world. Some of these exhale sensations of carefully-considered functionality, like the modern apartments in Italy, other..

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Castles takes a uniquely architectural approach to deconstructing all forms of fortification, showing how the work of architect, stonemason, and engineer evolved to repel the increasingly destructive ..

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Chic Refurbishment- Small Apartments from 50m2


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Cities Are Good for You: The Genius of the Metropolis

Cities are where the twenty-first century is really going to happen. Already at the beginning of the century, we became 50% urban as a global population, and by 2050 we're going to be up to 70% urban...

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City House, Country House

The much anticipated follow-up to the bestselling Big House, Small House. City House, Country House explores 40 of New Zealand's most outstanding residential projects in locations ranging from intens..

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City Living: Apartments, Lofts, Studios, and Townhouses

An accessible architecture and interiors title in a format and series that appeals to a broad audience. Price point, format, contents and range of subjects are very much in keeping with earlier succes..

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Coast Country Neighbourhood City

First and foremost, this is a book about New Zealand landscape architecture and urban design, viewed through the lens of Isthmus, an award-winning design studio that for more than 25 years has been sh..

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Coastal Homes of the World


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Compact Cabins

"Compact Cabins" presents 62 design interpretations of the getaway dream, with something to please every taste. Best of all, these small- footprint designs are affordable and energy- efficient without..

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Compact Houses: 50 Creative Floor Plans for Well-designed Small Homes

Compact Houses shows how to make the most of less space, with a focus on maximizing storage space, planning for multi-use areas, and using every element of the house to its fullest (including decks, p..

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Complete Zaha Hadid: Expanded and Updated


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Concrete (Mini Format)

A visual exploration of the world's most extraordinary and inspiring concrete architecture - in a stylish and compact format."Yes, concrete can be cold and imposing - but as the structures in the book..

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Container & Prefab Houses


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Cottage in the Country: Inspirational Hideaways

A collection of the most fascinating and picturesque cottages from the National Trust. We all dream of escaping to a hideaway in the country - a green and pleasant idyll of country lanes with hawthorn..

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Design Drawing

Get the completely revised edition to mastering the visual language of architecture. In his distinctive graphic style, world-renowned author and architecture educator Francis D.K. Ching takes us on a..

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Destination Architecture: The Essential Guide to 1000 Contemporary Buildings

The definitive architecture travel guide that lets you visit 1,000 of today's most must-see contemporary buildings - whether at home or on the road Featuring 1,000 of today's most compelling buildings..

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Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture

This book provides analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in the development of contemporary residential architecture, providing a study of the emerging trends in detai..

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Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture 2

Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture 2 follows on from the success of the first book in the series, and contains entirely new projects. Featuring the work of renowned architects from around..

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Detail in Contemporary Timber Architecture

This book provides analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in modern timber architecture. Featuring the work of renowned architects from around the world, the book featu..

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Dream Treehouses: Extraordinary Designs from Concept to Completion

French design company La Cabane Perchee presents 40 extraordinary treehouses designed and built by the acclaimed team. Featuring houses in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Italy, Spain, ..

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ECO House: Green Roofs and Vertical Gardens

Environmentally-friendly architecture has come on leaps and bounds in the last two decades - a combination of new materials, new construction techniques, and architects willing to take on the challeng..

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Elemental Living: Contemporary Houses in Nature

60 stunning works of contemporary architecture, all of which have a special relationship with the natural landscape Elemental Living presents 60 works of architecture from across the 20th and 21st cen..

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England's Cathedrals

England's cathedrals are the nation's glory. They tower over its landscape, outranking palaces, castles and mansions. They attract roughly half the nation's population each year. For a millennium they..

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English Country House

Ranging from Kentchurch Court, a former fortified medieval manor house that has been the seat of the Scudamore family for nearly 1,000 years, to a delightful Strawberry Hill-style Gothic house in rura..

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Essentials of Urban Design

Essentials of Urban Design explains the fundamental concepts of urban design, providing the understanding and tools needed to achieve better design outcomes. It is equally useful for designing places ..

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