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5-Minute Sketching: Architecture: Super-Quick Techniques for Amazing Drawings

Great drawings in just five minutes! Perfect for beginners. Professional architect and urban sketcher Liz Steel provides expert tips and inspiring sketches to help you learn to 'read' build..

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Architecture and culture combine for a truly unique building experience! A complete kit guides you through building infinite "archipop" buildings representing pop culture's influence on how the world ..

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Architectural Drawings of Christ's College

The Christ's College campus in Christchurch is unquestionably one of the most remarkable collections of buildings in New Zealand, but there are few publications that focus solely on its architecture. ..

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Architecture at the Heart of the Home

Increasingly, domestic architecture has sought to enhance everyday life by providing resonant settings that reflect the human need for comfort, safety and connection. A house has walls and ceilings, a..

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Architecture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: An Introduction to AI for Architects

Artificial intelligence is everywhere - from the apps on our phones to the algorithms of search engines. Without us noticing, the AI revolution has arrived. But what does this mean for the world of de..

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Architizer: The World's Best Architecture Practices 2021

Celebrates winners of Architizer's inaugural A+Firm Awards with the work of the most outstanding contemporary architects. Architizer: The World's Best Architecture Practices accompanies Architizer's ..

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Atlas: Tadao Ando

This highly original and personal exploration of Tadao Ando's work, one of Japan's leading architects, traverses both the physical and spiritual world. In 2012, Philippe Seclier visited Tadao Ando's ..

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Auckland Architecture: A walking guide - Revised edition

In this handy pocket guide, brought up to date in 2021 with the inclusion of twelve new buildings, well-known architecture writer John Walsh teams up with architectural photographer Patrick Reynol..

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Australian Architecture:  history

From First Nations gunyahs and First Fleet huts to 21st century eco-pavilions and skyscrapers, Davina Jackson surveys the evolution of architecture in Australia. Dr Jackson explores how early col..

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Beauty and the East: New Chinese Architecture

The transformation of China in the past three decades has been nothing short of spectacular. Now a cultural and economic player on the world stage, its rise has also given air to a new generation of a..

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Brutalism Reinvented

From luxury apartment towers to offices, places of worship to museums, brutalist architecture is having a 21st-century moment - and this book is here to explore the new interpretations of the style. D..

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Building for Hope: Towards an Architecture of Belonging

Marwa al Sabouni was a little-known architect, living in battle-ravaged Homs, unable to practice her profession as the buildings and the lives around her and across Syria were reduced to rubble. Rathe..

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Cabin Fever: Enchanting Cabins, Shacks, and Hideaways

Nestled in thriving woodlands, overlooking bodies of water, or even exposed to the elements on a mountain's peak, architects are contending to create high-impact spaces on a small scale. Cabin Fever t..

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Cabin in the Mountains:  Norwegian Odyssey

The wooden holiday cabin, or hytte, is a staple of Norwegian life. Robert Ferguson, author of Scandinavians, explores the history and meaning of a national icon. The wooden holiday cabin, or hy..

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Contemporary House India

This survey of over twenty examples of India's finest contemporary residential architecture gives exclusive, and often unprecedented, insight into private houses across the country built by an array o..

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Dig it! Building Bound to the Ground

Building is one of very few endeavours that are physically connected to the surface of the earth, fixed and enduring. Nevertheless, for centuries, especially in the West, we have considered ourselves ..

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Dragons & Pagodas:  Celebration of Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is a term for Western art and design inspired by a largely invented vision of China. Marco Polo's sensational account of his visit to the exotic East in the thirteenth century sparked an i..

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A celebration of the work of contemporary architect David Rockwell, at the intersection of architecture and performance David Rockwell's fascination with theater has long informed his built..

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Ecological Dwellings

This is a superbly illustrated source of inspiration for architects looking to create truly sustainable projects. Creating a truly sustainable architectural project is a hugely complicated, yet extrem..

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Evergreen Architecture: Overgrown Buldings and Greener Living

Nature and architecture have never been more intertwined. As more of the earth's surface is swallowed up by the built environment, architects are increasingly up to the task of integrating flora and g..

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Frank Lloyd Wright Memory Game


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Green Architecture for a Sustainable Future

The projects presented in this book are excellent examples of how the many facets of sustainability can be applied in the field of architecture. By using the term "green" to cover them the autho..

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Homesteads: The story of New Zealand's grand country houses

A stunning tribute to the grand homes built by New Zealand's pioneering pastoralists, Homesteads shares a remarkable legacy of this country's rural heritage. These houses are among some of the country..

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How to Build Your Own Tiny House

Tiny homes are all the rage these days, especially among young people new to the housing market, for people wanting a small dwelling as a second home or as a studio, and among singles and empty nester..

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Industrial Britain:  Architectural History

Industrial Britain details the history of industrial architecture in Britain by architectural historian and artist, Hubert Pragnell. A fascinating insight into Britain's industrial past as evide..

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Living Big in a Tiny House

Many of us dream of having a life free from rent, mortgages and utility bills and for some this dream is being achieved by living in a tiny house. Small, compact buildings offer an appealing way to li..

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Living in Japan. 40th Ed.

So rich and unique is traditional Japanese architecture that it's nearly impossible to improve upon. Yet contemporary Japanese designers and architects keep finding fresh approaches to refurbish and t..

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Living in Mexico. 40th Ed.

South of the border, rich colors and woven textiles form a unique design aesthetic, crafted by the union of local Aztec and Mayan cultures and Spanish influences. Bold pigments and vivid patterns come..

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Maori Meeting House: Introducing the Whare Whakairo

This all-new guide to the whare whakairo, or decorated Maori meeting house, covers every aspect of these treasures--their history and evolution, structure and art forms, and symbolism and cultural sig..

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Mid-Century Britain: Modern Architecture 1938-1963

Leading expert and passionate advocate of modern British architecture Elain Harwood gives the best overview of British architecture from 1938 to 1963 - midcentury buildings. Growing in popularity and ..

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MMXX: Two Decades of Architecture in Australia

MMXX tells the story of architecture in Australia in the first two decades of the 21st century. Shaped by unprecedented prosperity, urbanisation, uncertainty and internationalisation, the past two dec..

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Modern Architecture A-Z

Space shapers: An encyclopedia of modern architecture The architecture encyclopedia that puts the architects themselves in the spotlight. With more than 270 entries, this indispensable overview, now i..

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Musical Architects: Creating Tomorrow's Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music is one of the most prestigious conservatoires in the world, training generations of eminent musicians for all parts of the profession. Its alumni include Henry Wood, John Ba..

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Phoenix: St. Paul's Cathedral And The Men Who Made Modern London

'A tour de force of biography, history, politics, philosophy and experimental science' ECONOMIST The remarkable and inspiring story of how London was transformed after the Great Fire of 166..

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Public Places Urban Spaces : The Dimensions of Urban Design

"Public Places Urban Spaces", 2/e is a thorough introduction to the principles of urban design theory and practice. Authored by experts in the fields of urban design and planning, it is designed speci..

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Radical Architecture of the Future

Architectural practice today goes far beyond the design and construction of buildings the most exciting, forward-thinking architecture is also found in digital landscapes, art, apps, films, installa..

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Sean Godsell: Houses

Sean Godsell, an award-winning pioneer of `Australian bush minimalism', has established himself as an influence on the global architecture scene. This survey of his residential architecture features t..

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Secrets of LEGO (R) House: Design, Play, and Wonder in the Home of the Brick, The

This guide takes you on a tour of the "home of the brick," the official LEGO (R) House, so you can experience it for yourself at home! With photos, interviews, essays, and art from the LEGO arch..

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Structural Performance


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Sustainable Architecture: Contemporary Architecture in Detail

This paperback edition of our bestseller analyses the complex aspects of sustainable architecture and its sociological, environmental and economic impact. In the architecture world, sustainability ha..

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Tiny Houses

Travel the world to get inspired by 40 small houses with unique character and style. At the forefront of modern architecture, tiny houses exemplify today's ideals of minimalism, personal freedom, and..

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Where They Purr: Inspirational Interiors and the Cats Who Call Them Home

'I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.' - Jean Cocteau Cats can be notoriously aloof, yet they have a special knack for commanding a room. But..

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Wild Cabins : Blending Into Their Surroundings


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