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Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting


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Wabi-sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets and Designers

This is an updated version of the enduring classic that first introduced the concept of "imperfect beauty" to the West. Text, images, and book design seamlessly meld into a wabi-sabi-like experience. ..

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Walk Through Walls: A Memoir

'Her bravest work of performance art to date . . . Rawly intimate' ObserverThis memoir spans Marina Abramovic's five decade career, and tells a life story that is almost as exhilarating and extraordin..

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Wall & Piece

Artistic genius, political activist, painter and decorator, mythic legend or notorious graffiti artist? The work of Banksy is unmistakable, except maybe when it's squatting in the Tate or New York's M..

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Wanted: The search for the modernist murals of E. Mervyn Taylor

Mervyn Taylor - wood engraver, painter, illustrator, sculptor and designer - was one of the most celebrated New Zealand artists of the 1930s to 1960s. He was highly connected to modernism and national..

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Water Life

Waterlife features Mithila art, a vibrant and delicate form of folk painting from Bihar in eastern India. The artist Rambharos Jha grew up on the banks of the legendary river Ganga, and developed a fa..

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We are FriendsWithYou

Founded in 2002 by the artists Samuel Borkson and Tury Sandoval III, FriendsWithYou is a fine art collective that has been spreading their trademarked message of Magic, Luck, and Friendship(TM) worldw..

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William Blake: Dante's 'Divine Comedy', the Complete Drawings

Imagination Ablaze William Blake's spectacular illustrations for "The Divine Comedy" Celebrated around the world as a literary monument, The Divine Comedy, completed in 1321 and written by Dante A..

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William Morris: Words & Wisdom

Born in London in 1834, William Morris was a radical thinker whose democratic vision for society and art has continued to influence designers, artists and writers to this day, long after his death in ..

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Winnie-The-Pooh: Exploring a Classic

Winnie-the-Pooh is one of the best-loved and most successful children's characters of all time. Published to accompany a major exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, this book explores ..

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Winslow Homer Watercolors

From the beautiful mountains and streams of Canada and the Adirondacks to the sandy beaches of New England, from the picturesque coasts of English villages to the sunny shores of the Bahamas, Winslow ..

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Women Artists: The Linda Nochlin Reader

Linda Nochlin is one of the most prolific, intellectually accessible and innovative art historians of our time. Since the publication of her seminal 1971 essay Why Have There Been No Great Women Artis..

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Wonderlands: The Illustration Art of Robert Ingpen

Step into Robert Ingpen's magical world with this book of wonderful images that have made Robert a worldwide household name for children's illustration. Here you will find his own autobiographical tal..

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World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

Painted murals first appeared in Latin America in the early 20th century; in the 1950s, spray-can graffiti associated with Latino gangs followed, notably the 'cholo' graffiti of Los Angeles. Today, st..

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World Atlas of Tattoo, The

Lively and informative, The World Atlas of Tattoo is a superbly illustrated and compelling reference book that, through examining the meeting point between tattoo artists and their personal understand..

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World War I in Cartoons

In an age before TV and radio the impact and importance of cartoon art was immense, especially when the only sources of information were silent cinema newsreels, posters, newspapers and books - all ..

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World War II in Cartoons

The cartoon has a special place in the history of World War II, and the power of its message was felt by all sides of the conflict. Acclaimed cartoon historian Dr Mark Bryant has amassed a marvellous ..

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Year in Art: A Painting a Day

Celebrating the extraordinary popularity of the Year in Art series, this book presents masterpieces of art from the ancient world to the modern day in a beautifully designed gift book. Featuring an at..

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Yellow House: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent Weeks in Provence

This chronicle of the two months in 1888 when Paul Gauguin shared a house in France with Vincent Van Gogh describes not only how these two hallowed artists painted and exchanged ideas, but also the te..

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You are Here: Personal Geographies & Other Maps of the Imagination

Mapmaking fulfills one of our most ancient and deepseated desires: understanding the world around us and our place in it. But maps need not just show continents and oceans: there are maps to heaven an..

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