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Book of Ornamental Alphabets: Ancient & Mediaeval

Whether you're a type nerd, an illustrator or a professional designer, The Book Of Ornamental Alphabets is the perfect sourcebook. FIRST PUBLISHED IN 1858, Frederick Delamotte's Ornamental Alphabets A..

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Book of the Bird: The Bird in Art

Birdscape celebrates the bird in art with an elegant, international collection of paintings, illustrations and photographs, featuring all kinds of birds from the smallest tits and wrens to colourful e..

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Book of the Cat: Cats in Art

Cats have been revered by artists since ancient times for their beauty, grace, independence and air of mystery. Domesticated, but with a touch of the wild about them, they share our homes and endlessl..

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Book of the Horse: Horses in Art, The:Horses in Art

Horses have been the inspiration for hundreds of works of art over the centuries. This book celebrates the horse in all its glory, from its role as working animal in war and sport, to beloved pet. The..

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Books Do Furnish A Painting

What should you do at Christmas? In Edvard Munch's Christmas in the Brothel, the artist depicts himself sleeping off the effects of drink, but the Madame reads a book. What links Stalin and the artist..

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Botticelli Reimagined

Published to accompany the V&A's major spring exhibition, Botticelli Reimagined, 5 March to 3 July 2016 The Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) is one of the greatest artists of all time..

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Brett Whiteley Studio

A pictorial history of the artist's studios throughout his life. The studios range from his childhood home conversion of the greenhouse in Longueville, Sydney; the Chelsea Hotel, New York; the Lavende..

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Brett Whiteley: Art, Life and the Other Thing

When he died in 1992 Brett Whiteley left behind decades of ceaseless activity-some works bound to a particular place or time, others that are masterpieces of light and line.Whiteley had arrived in Eur..

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Brett Whiteley: Drawings

"The purpose of drawing is to make freshness permanent. Out of billions of seconds of futility, occasionally, sparks of the life force are immutably held forever." Brett Whiteley wrote these lines in ..

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British Museum, The

A concise history of one of the world's greatest and most comprehensive museum collections, from its founding in 1753 to the present day. A concise history of one of the world's greatest and most com..

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Brook Project, The


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Brutal Bloc: Soviet era postcards from the Eastern Bloc

A collection of previously unpublished postcards from the former Eastern Bloc - sinister, funny, poignant and surreal, they depict the social and architectural values of the period. Brutal con..

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Burn City: Melbourne's Painted Streets

Melbourne - aka 'Burn City' - is internationally renowned for its street art. For more than twelve years Lou Chamberlin has been photographing its painted streets, capturing the most memorable pieces ..

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Burning Man: Art on Fire

Experience the scorching art of Burning Man with this visual history, now updated through 2015! Every August, tens of thousands of participants gather to celebrate artistic expression in Nevada's barr..

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Cabana: Anthology

Cabana Anthology, drawn from the sought-after, sumptuous bi- annual Cabana magazine, celebrates the most luxurious personal statements in interior design, lifestyle, architecture, and all related lu..

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Cats in Art

The cat has been a favourite subject of artists across cultures from prehistory until the present day. A spectacular 7,000-year-old rock engraving in Libya shows the oldest catfight in feline art; Bab..

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Ceramics: Contemporary Artists Working in Clay

This beautiful modern volume presents the work of approximately 30 contemporary artists who have turned to clay to shape their most innovative ideas into stunning works of art. From cups shaped like c..

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Chagall: Colour and Music

Music was a constant source of inspiration for Marc Chagall, both as a muse for creation and as a rhythm for composition. Intimately linked to his family world and the Jewish cultural context of his ..

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Christian Tagliavini

Since the beginning of his career, Swiss-Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini has been fascinated by mise-en-scene photography and Renaissance portraiture. Referencing the painting style of the O..

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Christian Year in Painting


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Chromaphilia: The Story of Colour in Art

Unlock the secrets of colour - learn how and why it has been used in art over the centuries This vibrant and compelling book uses 240 artworks as case studies to tell the story of ten individual colo..

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Chromatopia: An Illustrated History of Colour

Did you know that the Egyptians created the first synthetic colour; or that the noblest purple comes from a predatory sea snail? Throughout history, artist pigments have been made from deadly metals, ..

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Cindy Sherman


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Claude Monet

With Impression, Soleil Levant, exhibited in 1874, Claude Monet (1840-1926) took part in the creation of the Impressionism movement that introduced the 19th century to modern art. All his life, he cap..

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Ceramics is back in a big way, experiencing a steady surge of interest and popularity not seen since the 1970s. The return to the handmade, driven by our increasingly digital lives, means there are no..

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Collage Makers II


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Collage: Make the Impossible Possible

Though the term "collage" was coined by the cubists in the early 20th century, the art form's earliest elements can be traced back to 200 B.C., making it as old as paper itself. Collage: Make the Impo..

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Collecting Art for Love, Money and More

Collecting Art For Love, Money and More is an insider's guide for both the novice and experienced buyer. It reveals the motivations and secrets of successful collectors as well as providing an histori..

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What is the color white? The serenity of a snowfall? The peace of a dove? The purity of alabaster? This original and captivating exploration of color delves into the nuances of the universal palette w..

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Colour My Sketchbook Dragons


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Colours of A Life: The life and times of Douglas MacDiarmid

This biography is the lively, persuasive and colourful story of a talented bisexual man who had to leave New Zealand to find a life as a painter on his own terms. Now almost 95, still resident in Pari..

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Conceptual Art


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Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms

The Concise Dictionary of Art Terms is an accessible and useful A-Z covering a wide range of terms from the visual art world, including materials, techniques, and important styles and periods. In this..

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Contemporary Art Book

At one time dismissed by many as inaccessible, elitist or even facile, contemporary art has since entered the realm of popular culture and is enjoyed by millions of gallery visitors every year. Public..

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Contemporary Drawing: From the 1960s to Now

Drawing is at the very forefront of contemporary art practice. The radical shift in the treatment and development of drawing since the 1960s has resulted in a renewed status and relevance for it withi..

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Cool Illustration

Over the last few years, illustration has become ever more popular and critically regarded as an art. Cool Illustration provides a superb showcase for the work of illustrators - both well known and up..

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Cornelius Johnson


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Couples in Art: Iconic Lovers Portrayed by Artists

This book tells the story of romantic companionship in one hundred works of art. Chronologically arranged and emotionally driven, this study of couples runs through many cultures, civilizations, and e..

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Culture Jamming: Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance

A collaboration of political activism and participatory culture seeking to upend consumer capitalism, including interviews with The Yes Men, The Guerrilla Girls, among others. Coined in the 1980s, "c..

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Curatorial Activism: Towards an Ethics of Curating
Cut That Out: Contemporary Collage in Graphic Design

Curated by Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards, who work together under the name of DR.ME, Cut That Out focuses on the compositions of 50 leading designers and studios from 15 different countries for whom col..

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Dali: Les Diners De Gala

Food and surrealism make perfect bedfellows: sex and lobsters, collage and cannibalism, the meeting of a swan and a toothbrush on a pastry case. The opulent dinner parties thrown by Salvador Dali (190..

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Dangerous Women

The Old and New Testaments are full of compelling female characters: good wives and bad, courageous heroines, and deceptive - sometimes deadly - femmes fatales. Dangerous Women presents works from the..

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Danie Mellor: Exotic Lies Sacred Ties


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Dark Inspiration 2


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David Bowie Tribute


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David Hockney

A full career retrospective of one of the greatest and most popular living artists, lavishly illustrated with works from across the artist's six-decade career David Hockney has been delighting and cha..

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David Hockney's Dog Days

The perfect gift for Hockney fans and dog lovers everywhere, "David Hockney's Dog Days", now in a gift edition, is an album devoted to two of the artist's closest friends, his dachshunds Stanley and B..

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David Hockney: 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life

This summer 2016 publication brings together the recent body of work by David Hockney, perhaps the most popular and versatile British artist of the last century. Following his sweeping exploration of ..

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David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition

In the past decade, having returned to England after years on the California coast, David Hockney has focused his attention on landscapes and portraits, as well as still lifes, all the while maintaini..

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Day of the Dead: And Other Works

Sylvia Ji's haunting, seductive and psychedelically tinged portrayals of women offer a whole new slant on femininity, and blur the line between high and lowbrow art. The dominant influence on her work..

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