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Animals and Pets

Bees: An Up-Close Look at Pollinators Around the World

Get the buzz on bees with up-close and personal, stunning photographs of more than a hundred species. If a bee flies near you or if it lands on your arm, you might want to run away as fast as you can...

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From ancient Egyptian deities to German automobiles, beetles have left an indelible mark on human cultures around the world. Comprising more than 350,000 species, beetles are among the most prolific a..

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Being a Beast

Charles Foster wanted to know what it was like to be a beast: a badger, an otter, a deer, a fox, a swift. What it was really like. And through knowing what it was like he wanted to get down and grappl..

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Being a Dog: Following the Dog into a World of Smell

Alexandra Horowitz's runaway bestseller Inside of a Dog began a movement among dog owners to not just quietly accept and enjoy the presence of the pooch at their sides, but to wonder at that dog, and ..

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Believe: A Horseman's Journey

Master horseman Buck Brannaman, the real-life Horse Whisperer, continues the chronicle of his life as trainer and mentor, as we meet thirteen remarkable people whose lives he has affected. Through the..

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Beneath the Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish

Over the course of two decades, John Hargrove worked with 20 different whales on two continents and at two of SeaWorld's U.S. facilities. For Hargrove, becoming an orca trainer fulfilled a childhood d..

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Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel

"I wanted to know what they were experiencing, and why to us they feel so compelling, and so-close. This time I allowed myself to ask them the question that for a scientist was forbidden fruit: Who ar..

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Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel


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Big Dogs, Little Dogs: A Visual Guide to the World's Dogs

A charming and original colour illustrated book showing over 250 dog breeds from around the world - fantastic and fun dog book identifier that can be used by all the family...

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Biology of the Deep Ocean, The

Erratum: Table 11.1 on page 241 has been mis-set. The entries for the phyla Annelida, Bryozoa, Cnidaria, Echiura, Mollusca, Placozoa, Porifera and Rotifera should all be moved one column to the right..

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Bird Brain: An Exploration of Avian Intelligence

An absorbing study of how birds think, revealing how science is exploding the myth of our feathered friends being 'bird brained', and how recent discoveries may call for us to re-evaluate how we ident..

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Bird Sense : What it's Like to be a Bird


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Bird Sense: What It's Like to Be a Bird

What is it like to be a swift, flying at over one hundred kilometres an hour? Or a kiwi, plodding flightlessly among the humid undergrowth in the pitch dark of a New Zealand night? And what is going o..

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Birdmania: A Remarkable Passion for Birds

"An exquisitely beautiful book ...These stories about birds are ultimately reflections on the curious nature of humanity itself"- Helen Macdonald, author of H is for HawkThere is no denying that many ..

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Birds Art Life Death: A Field Guide to the Small and Significant

'Now when I hear birdsong, I feel an entry to that understory. When I am feeling too squeezed on the ground, exhausted by everything in my care, I look for a little sky. There are always birds flying ..

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Birds Art Life Death: The Art of Noticing the Small and Significant

`Now when I hear birdsong, I feel an entry to that understory. When I am feeling too squeezed on the ground, exhausted by everything in my care, I look for a little sky. There are always birds flying ..

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Birds: Myth, Lore and Legend

Why are owls regarded either as wise or as harbingers of doom? What gave rise to the fanciful belief that storks bring babies? Why is the eagle associated with victory or the hummingbird with paradise..

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Birds: The Art of Ornithology

Jonathan Elphick tells the remarkable story of the development of bird art through the centuries. The book features early, skilfully executed but often fanciful images of birds, scientific illustratio..

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Birds: What's In A Name?

Covering 600 bird species from around the world, Birds: What's In A Name? includes explanations for names for everything from avocets (these birds resemble a French lawyer, or L'avocat, with their bla..

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Blowfish's Oceanopedia: 291 Extraordinary Things You Didn't Know About the Sea

The seas of our planet cover more than seventy percent of the Earth, but still remain shrouded in mystery. We know more about the surface of the Moon than we do about the lifeforms that have existed i..

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Blue Planet II

Take a deep breath and dive into the mysteries of the ocean.Our understanding of ocean life has changed dramatically in the last decade, with new species, new behaviours, and new habitats being discov..

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Book of Barely Imagined Beings : A 21st-century Bestiary

From Axolotl to Zebrafish, discover a host of barely imagined beings: real creatures that are often more astonishing than anything dreamt in the pages of a medieval bestiary. Ranging from the depths o..

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Book of Caterpillars: A life-size guide to six hundred species from around the world

Butterflies and moths are among the most beautiful and most-studied creatures in nature. Caterpillars, the juvenile stage, are just as diverse, alluring, and fascinating - and deserve to be admired an..

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Book of Eggs: A Life-size Guide to the Eggs of Six Hundred of the World's Bird Species

Featuring new photography from Chicagos renowned Field Museum, The Book of Eggs explores 600 examples at actual size, alongside pattern details, clutch images, breeding range maps, and engravings of a..

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Book of Frogs: A Lifesize Guide to Six Hundred Species from Around the World

Recent intense scrutiny of amphibian conservation status makes this title a timely archive in the context of the frog's dramatic decline. Frogs are adversely affected by loss of habitat, pollution by ..

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Book of Shells: A Life-Size Guide to Identifying and Classifying Six Hundred Shells

The lifesize guide to identifying and classifying shells. Over 100,000 kinds of mollusk have been recorded and some estimates of yet to be discovered species exceed a million. They have colonized nea..

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Born Free

A special edition of Born Free by Joy Adamson reissued with a bright retro design to celebrate Pan's 70th anniversary. In 1960, Joy Adamson first introduced to the world the story of her life ..

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British Sheep Breeds

Sheep have been farmed in Britain for hundreds of years and more than thirty million sheep now inhabit these islands. The many breeds developed over this time have been carefully matched to their surr..

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Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse: Man and Beast in an Age of Human Warfare

'When you touch a Lipizzaner,' Frank Westerman was told as a child, 'you are touching history.' In "Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse" he explores the history of these unique creatures, an extraordinary ..

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This spectacular book, designed by Anthony Battaglia of Box Communications, features the photography of Nick Leary, who was introduced to the art form while working with some of the world's best photo..

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Brush With Nature: Reflections on the Natural World

Described as 'Britain's greatest living nature writer', Richard Mabey has revealed his passion for the natural world in eloquent stories for BBC Wildlife Magazine. This volume features his favourite p..

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Buzz in the Meadow

This book is from the author of the Samuel Johnson Prize - shortlisted Sunday Times bestseller, A Sting in the Tale. In 2003, Dave Goulson bought a derelict farm in the heart of rural France, together..

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Canaries: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

Canaries are wonderful singing birds and relatively easy to care for. Here is expert advice on caging, feeding, health care, and more. These manuals make great introductions to the pleasures and dutie..

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Care for Your Guinea Pigs

Published in association with the RSPCA, the UK's leading animal welfare charity, this practical family guide is full of expert advice on how to choose a guinea pig and how best to look after it. If y..

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Care for Your Kitten

Published in association with the RSPCA, the UK's leading animal welfare charity, this practical family guide is full of expert advice on how to choose a kitten and how best to look after it. If you a..

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Care for Your Puppy

Published in association with the RSPCA, the UK's leading animal welfare charity, this practical family guide is full of expert advice on how to choose a puppy and how best to look after it. If you al..

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Care for Your Rabbits

Published in association with the RSPCA, the UK's leading animal welfare charity, this practical family guide is full of expert advice on how to choose a rabbit and how best to look after it. If you a..

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Cat Sense: The Feline Enigma Revealed

From John Bradshaw, one of the world's leading experts on animal behaviour, and the author of the Sunday Times Bestseller, In Defence of Dogs, Cat Sense shows us the true, surprising nature of cats. C..

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Cat's Out of the Bag: Truth and Lies About Cats

We cannot get enough of cats: from ancient times they have occupied a special place in many different cultures around the world. They have also generated a fascinating array of words, expressions and ..

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Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home

Who knew that common cat behaviour problems could be solved with the help of simple interior design projects? In this brilliant cat care guide, New York Times bestselling authors of Catification, Jack..

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Cesar Millan's Lessons From The Pack

In this inspiring book, best-selling author and "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan uses decades of experience to reveal the many ways that dogs and people can enrich each other's lives, sharing eight essent..

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Cesar Millan's Lessons From the Pack


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Chicken Chick's Guide to Backyard Chickens: Simple Steps for Healthy, Happy Hens

Internationally known as The Chicken Chick, Kathy Shea Mormino brings an informative style and fresh perspective on raising backyard chickens to millions of fans around the world. An attorney by profe..

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Chicken Health Handbook, The: A Complete Guide to Maximizing Flock Health and Dealing with Disease

Healthy chickens are happy chickens. This one-of-a-kind reference book covers the health problems that plague chickens of all breeds and ages. Practical charts identify common symptoms and causes of i..

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Chicken Keeper's Problem Solver

While keeping chickens certainly isn't rocket science, doing it properly does involve decent levels of understanding, commitment, and attention to detail. Getting the basics right is essential, and th..

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Chicken Whisperer's Guide to Keeping Chickens: Everything You Need to Know... and Didn't Know You Need to Know About Backyard and Urban Chicken

Poultry personality Andy Schneider tells you everything you need to know about keeping chickens! Since The Chicken Whisperer's Guide to Keeping Chickens was first published in 2011, many people have d..

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Chicken: A Natural History

The Chicken is an encyclopaedic, science-based study that offers a true understanding of the species, reclaiming it from its commercial status as a mere egg and meat provider. High-quality photography..

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Cold Blood: Adventures with Reptiles and Amphibians

As a boy, Richard Kerridge loved to encounter wild creatures and catch them for his back-garden zoo. In a country without many large animals, newts caught his attention first of all, as the nearest he..

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Complete Dog Book

This is a comprehensive, practical care and training manual, and a definitive encyclopedia of world breeds. It is a visual guide to more than 180 breeds from all over the world - from the lovable and ..

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Complete Dog Care

An all-in-one guide to owning a dog, "Complete Dog Care" provides everything needed to nurture a dog from puppyhood to old age. Prospective and current pet owners can discover dogs' origins and anatom..

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Corvus: A Life With Birds

One spring, many years ago, Esther Woolfson's daughter rescued a fledgling rook. That rook, named Chicken, quickly established herself as part of the family, and other birds, including an irascible co..

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