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Contemporary Tourism: An International Approach 3E

The study of tourism and indeed the tourism industry is changing constantly. Now in its third edition, Contemporary Tourism: an international approach presents a new and refreshing approach to the stu..

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Cultural Tourism 2e

Cultural Tourism remains the only book to bridge the gap between cultural tourism and cultural and heritage management. The first edition illustrated how heritage and tourism goals can be integrated ..

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Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics

Unrivalled in the way it makes the teaching of statistics compelling and accessible to even the most anxious of students, the only statistics textbook you and your students will ever need just got bet..

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Ecotourism continues to be embraced as the antithesis of mass tourism because of its promise of achieving sustainability through conservation mindedness, community development, education and learning,..

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Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism: a Global Perspective

'Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism: a global perspective' gives a new and definitive overview of the vital role and effective practice of entrepreneurship in one of the most dynamic industry..

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Essentials of Tourism 2E

How has a family-run hotel in Jamaica become one of the leading sustainable tourism projects in the world? - and just how has the rise of social media impacted upon tourism market research? - and how ..

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Food & Beverage Management 5E

This introductory textbook provides a thorough guide to the management of food and beverage outlets, from their day-to-day running through to the wider concerns of the hospitality industry. It explore..

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Marketing and Managing Tourism Destinations


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Principles and Practices of Bar and Beverage Management: Raising the Bar

Principles and Practices of Bar and Beverage Management: raising the bar is a comprehensive text and resource book designed to explain the latest developments in and new complexities of managing moder..

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Principles of Tourism:  A New Zealand Perspective

rinciples of Tourism: A New Zealand Perspective by Alan Collier is designed to give the reader an overall view of the tourism industry. The emphasis of the text is on New Zealand tourism. In addition,..

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Research Methods for Leisure and Tourism

Now in its fourth edition, Research Methods for Leisure and Tourism has quickly become the ultimate reference text for both students undertaking academic research and practising managers. This book co..

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Research Methods in Business Studies : A Practical Guide 4E

A concise, clear and comprehensive introduction to research methods, which equips students with a systematic approach to business research. Written in an accessible style, this book demonstrates the i..

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Strategic Event Creation

Changes in the wider environment have triggered a new normal for event creation. Heightened attendee expectations, a keener focus upon the return required by funders and wider stakeholders, and, of c..

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Tourism : Rethinking the Social Science of Mobility

"Tourism "is a critical and cutting-edge introduction to the major issues surrounding the production and consumption of tourism and its associated effects for the 21st century. Tourism is presented as..

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Tourism Management 4E

Tourism is increasingly widespread and complex, and sophisticated and adaptive management is therefore required to realise its full potential as a positive and sustainable economic, ecological, social..

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Tourist Gaze 3.0, The

The original Tourist Gaze was a classic, marking out a new land to study and appreciate. This new edition extends into fresh areas with the same passion and insight of the object. Even more essentia..

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Wine and Society : The Cultural and Social Context of a Drink

ON SPECIAL: Was $109.99, now just $79.99 while stocks last (normal discounts do not apply). Full retail price may vary on re-order. Please enquire if unsure. ---- Wine is becoming increasingly po..

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Wine Marketing : A Practical Guide

Whilst "Wine Marketing: A Practical Guide" also looks at theory and existing research, the main focus of this book is on the practicalities of wine marketing. Each chapter includes the following inval..

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