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Textbook Geology

Blue Planet, The (Binder Ready Version) - WITH BINDER
Chemical Fundamentals of Geology and Environmental Geoscience

Chemical principles are fundamental to the Earth sciences, and geoscience students increasingly require a firm grasp of basic chemistry to succeed in their studies. The enlarged third edition of this ..

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Earth Portrait of a Planet 5E International Student Edition+Essentials of Geology 4E Geotours Workbook
Global Tectonics 3E

The third edition of this widely acclaimed textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of global tectonics, and includes major revisions to reflect the most significant recent advanc..

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Igneous Rocks and Processes: A Practical Handbook

This book is for geoscience students taking introductory or intermediate-level courses in igneous petrology, to help develop key skills (and confidence) in identifying igneous minerals, interpreting a..

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Looking into the Earth

Looking Into the Earth comprehensively describes the principles and applications of both 'global' and 'exploration' geophysics on all scales. It forms an introduction to geophysics suitable for those ..

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Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology

Completely updated, the second edition of this comprehensive volume not only covers all major areas of hydrogeology, it takes a process-oriented, integrated approach so that readers can gain a complet..

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Sedimentology & Stratigraphy 2e


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Structural Geology 2E

This market-leading textbook has been fully updated in response to extensive user feedback. It includes a new chapter on joints and veins, additional examples from around the world, stunning new field..

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