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Analysis of Biological Data

Knowledge of statistics is essential in modern biology and medicine. Biologists and health professionals learn statistics best with real and interesting examples. The Analysis of Biological Data, Seco..

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Biochemistry 8E - SECOND HAND COPY


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Biochemistry 9E

Ideal for those studying biochemistry for the first time, this proven book balances scientific detail with readability and shows you how principles of biochemistry affect your everyday life. Designed ..

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants

Since its publication in 2000, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Plants, has been hailed as a major contribution to the plant sciences literature and critical acclaim has been matched by global sal..

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Biochemistry For Dummies

Grasp biochemistry basics, apply the science, and ace your exams Are you baffled by biochemistry? If so here's the good news you don't have to stay that way! Biochemistry For Dummies shows you how to ..

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BIOS Instant Notes in Biochemistry

BIOS Instant Notes in Biochemistry, Fourth Edition, is the perfect text for undergraduates looking for a concise introduction to the subject, or a study guide to use before examinations. Each topic be..

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Clinical Biochemistry: Metabolic and Clinical Aspects

Now fully revised and updated, Clinical Biochemistry, third edition is essential reading for specialty trainees, particularly those preparing for postgraduate examinations. It is also an invaluable cu..

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Eureka: Biochemistry & Metabolism

Eureka - an innovative series for students that fully integrates core science, clinical medicine and surgery. With its engaging and authoritative text, featuring insightful clinical cases, graphic nar..

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Fundamentals of Biochemistry : Life at the Molecular Level  4E - SECOND HAND COPY
Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry

Gain a comprehensive understanding of chemistry and see how it relates to health science with Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry. This bestseller features dynamic art, interesting examp..

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Introduction to Genetic Analysis 10E - SECOND HAND COPY
Lewin's Genes XI

Molecular Biology is a rapidly advancing field with a constant flow of new information and cutting-edge developments that impact our lives. Lewin's GENES has long been the es-sential resource for prov..

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Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Flash Cards: Biochemistry

Succeed in your course and on the board exam with Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Flash Cards: Biochemistry! Part of a new series of Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Flash Cards, this handy print and ..

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Medical Biochemistry at a Glance

Offering a concise, illustrated summary of biochemistry and its relevance to clinical medicine, Medical Biochemistry at a Glance is intended for students of medicine and the biomedical sciences such a..

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Medical Genetics at a Glance

Medical Genetics at a Glance covers the core scientific principles necessary for an understanding of medical genetics and its clinical applications, while also considering the social implications of ..

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Molecular Cell Biology 7E

Molecular Cell Biology" presents the key concepts in cell biology and their experimental underpinnings. The authors, all world-class researchers and teachers, incorporate medically relevant examples w..

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