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Acquisitive Society : Greed and Society

Two of Tawney's books stand out as his most influential social criticism: The Acquisitive Society (1920), Richard Crossman's "socialist bible," and Equality (1931), "his seminal work." The former, one..

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Comparative Government and Politics: An Introduction 10E

This is a thoroughly revised and updated tenth edition of the classic text in the field of comparative politics. Now co-authored by John McCormick, this comprehensive and lively text continues to intr..

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Democracy in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the world's oldest democracies for men and women, Maori and Pakeha, with one of the highest political participation rates. But - from MMP to leadership primaries, spin doctors to..

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Educations in Ethnic Violence: Identity, Educational Bubbles, and Resource Mobilization

In Educations in Ethnic Violence, Matthew Lange explores the effects education has on ethnic violence. Lange contradicts the widely held belief that education promotes peace and tolerance. Rather, Lan..

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Encyclopedia of Peace Education

The rise of peace education both in scholarship and in practice has yielded numerous documents, websites, and publications with often divergent perspectives on what the field is, does, and means. The ..

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How to Defend Humane Ideals : Substitutes for Objectivity

LOCAL AUTHOR! (Please note: This is a reprint of the original 2000 Hardcover edition) One of the principal moral and psychological problems of our time is whether humane ideals can be defended. ..

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How To Improve Your Mind : 20 Keys to Unlock the Modern World

In How to Improve Your Mind, renowned psychologist James R. Flynn presents 20 key concepts to aid critical thinking and empower individuals to critically analyze what they read, hear, and see in our i..

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International Peacebuilding: An Introduction

International Peacebuilding offers a concise, practical and accessible introduction to the growing field of peacebuilding for students and practitioners. This new textbook comprises three parts, each ..

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International Relations

This book is designed to be a 'Day 0' introduction to International Relations. As a beginner's guide, it has been structured to condense the most important information into the smallest space and pres..

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International Relations 11E


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International Relations Theories: Discipline and Diversity 4E

Bringing together the most influential scholars in the field, the fourth edition of this best-selling text provides unrivalled coverage of International Relations theories and arguments. Dunne, Kurki ..

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International Security: The Contemporary Agenda

International Security is a cutting-edge analysis of the key security challenges and developments in the post-Cold War world. Drawing on a wide range of contemporary examples, from the Iraq war to th..

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Introduction to International Relations 2E

Invaluable to students and those approaching the subject for the first time, An Introduction to International Relations, Second Edition provides a comprehensive and stimulating introduction to interna..

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Introduction to International Relations: Enduring Questions and Contemporary Perspectives

Based on many years of teaching international relations courses and long-time collaboration between the authors, this major new text provides an authoritative introduction to international relations a..

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Language, Truth & Logic


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No Place to Hide Climate Change


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PACK: Dirty Politics + Hollow Men: A Study in the Politics of Deception
Peace Education : How We Come to Love & Hate War

There is a huge volume of work on war and its causes, most of which treats its political and economic roots. In Peace Education: How We Come to Love and Hate War, Nel Noddings explores the psychologic..

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Politics 4e

Stimulating, succinct and accessible, the fully revised and updated fourth edition of this highly successful text offers a truly comprehensive introduction to the study of politics, written from an in..

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Politics and the Media 2E


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Terror and Taboo: The Follies, Fables and Faces of Terrorism

Terror and Taboo is about the mythology of terrorism; it is an exploration of the ways we talk about terrorism. It offers incontestable evidence to support the idea that we give power to terrorism by ..

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Three Essays on Religion: Nature, the Utility of Religion and Theism

Published between 1850 and 1870, English social and political philosopher John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) offers his most sustained analysis of religious belief. Though not prepared to abandon the idea o..

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Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know

Turkey occupies a strategic position in today's world: culturally, historically, and geographically, it is the link between Islam and Western democracy, between Europe and the Middle East. The only pr..

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Turkish Awakening: Inside the Secret Life of Modern Turkey
Understanding the Political Philosophers: From Ancient to Modern Times

Understanding the Political Philosophers is an absorbing and accessible introduction to the major philosophers and core texts of western political philosophy. Organised historically - beginning with S..

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Who Are We?: Theories of Human Nature

Since the dawn of human history, people have exhibited wildly contradictory qualities: good and evil, love and hate, strength and weakness, kindness and cruelty, aggressiveness and pacifism, generosit..

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