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Social Work

Active Engagement : The Being and Doing of Career Counselling 3E
Addiction Counselling : Content & Process 2E

Since first publication, Addiction Counselling has come to be regarded by Australasian practitioners and students in this discipline as a core text. For this second edition: All original chapters ..

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Animals and Social Work: A Moral Introduction

Since the beginnings of the twentieth century social work has exhibited a thoroughgoing moral indifference to the needs and wellbeing of our fellow animals. This indifference is all the more remarkabl..

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Basic Psychopharmacology for Counselors & Psychotherapists 2E

An easy-to-understand writing style and ample examples make this psychopharmacology text a valuable guide and reference for counselors and therapists. This practical text offers a basic yet comprehens..

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Basics of Social Research, The

This thorough revision of Babbie's standard-setting text presents a succinct, straightforward introduction to the field of research methods as practiced by social scientists. Contemporary examples, su..

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Career Counseling: A Narrative Approach

'This book should be viewed as essential reading for anyone interested in developing their understanding of the field of career counselling and developing their own approach. Practitioners will find m..

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Career Counselling: Constructivist Approaches

Due to the increasing demand for career guidance in recent years, career counsellors have been challenged to modernise their practice. As a response to the rapidly changing world of work, with more di..

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Chaos Theory of Careers : A New Perspective on Working in the Twenty-First Century

This text outlines the application of chaos theory to the field of career development. It draws together and extends the work that the authors have been doing over the last 8 to 10 years on the chaos ..

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Collaborative Family Work : A Practical Guide to Working with Families in the Human Services

Life can be a struggle for some families and support from skilled human service workers can make a real difference. Collaborative Family Work offers practical strategies for working with families, alw..

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Community Development : Insights for Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand
Counselling : The Skills of Finding Solutions to Problems

This book is a complete revision of Counselling: The Skills of Problem Solving. Its purpose is to describe how people can be helped to solve their problems...

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Counselling Skills For Dummies

Discover the practical skills for helping others. Whether you are considering becoming a counsellor, have to provide some form of counselling as part of your job, or are simply interested in communic..

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Counselling Skills for Social Work

Praise for the first edition: "The content of the book is excellent...The strength lies in its detailed application of ideas to practice. The use of the case material to illustrate application is exce..

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Decolonizing Methodologies : Research and Indigenous Peoples

This essential volume explores intersections of imperialism and research - specifically, the ways in which imperialism is embedded in disciplines of knowledge and tradition as 'regimes of truth'. Conc..

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Developmental Psychology : From Infancy to Adulthood 3E
Disability Reader

A collection of essays exploring the intellectual implications of a disability equality perspective. Leading social scientists draw on current theory and research and offer an overview of contemporary..

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Disability Research Today: International Perspectives

Grouped around four central themes - illness and impairment, disabling processes, care and control, and communication and representations - this collection offers a fresh perspective on disability res..

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Disability Rights and Wrongs Revisited

Over the last forty years, the field of disability studies has emerged from the political activism of disabled people. In this challenging review of the field, leading disability academic and activist..

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Essential Theory for Social Work Practice

'I can say without equivocation this text is without doubt the best book about social work I have read. Chris Beckett explores the purpose, values activities and theories of social work in an ever-cha..

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Essential Theory for Social Work Practice Second Edition
Family Therapy: A Systemic Integration

A comprehensive, user-friendly guide to marriage and family therapy that takes a holistic view to look at people within the context of their environment. Family Therapy helps students understand the p..

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Family Therapy: An Overview 9E

Completely up-to-date, this engaging and practice-oriented text is your complete resource to help students master the many facets of family therapy. In this ninth edition, the authors provide practice..

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Hope-Filled Engagement : New Possibilities in Life/Career Counselling

Hope-Filled Engagement: New Possibilities in Life/Career Counselling expresses a person-centered, solution-focused, hope-focused approach that engages people where they are engaged with life and equip..

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Inter Views: Learning the Craft of Qualitative Research Interviewing

The first edition of "InterViews" has provided students and professionals in a wide variety of disciplines with the 'whys' and 'hows' of research interviewing, preparing students for learning intervie..

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Introduction to Counselling 5E

This bestseller provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy. This new edition has been thoroughly updated with new research, examples from practic..

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Joining Together : Group Theory & Group Skills 11E

Joining Together introduces readers to the theory and research needed to understand how to make groups effective and, through exercises and thorough explanations, equips them with the skills required ..

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Joining Together : Group Theory and Group Skills (New International Edition)

Joining Together introduces readers to the theory and research needed to understand how to make groups effective and, through exercises and thorough explanations, equips them with the skills required ..

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Key Concepts in Counselling and Psychotherapy: A Critical A-Z Guide to Theory

"This book does what it says on the tin, it highlights the key concepts and theories in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. It is a systematic and encyclopaedic voyage of all the central cons..

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Mastering Competencies in Family Therapy: A Practical Approach to Theories and Clinical Case Documentation 2e

MASTERING COMPETENCIES IN FAMILY THERAPY: A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO THEORY AND CLINICAL CASE DOCUMENTATION, 2nd Edition provides a competency-based approach to teaching clinical skills in marriage and f..

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My Year off: Picador Classic

With an introduction by Henry Marsh, author of Do No Harm My brain, which had just let me down so badly, was perhaps never so active. The paramedics' question was a fundamental one. Who are you? Yes ..

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Organisations and Management in Social Work 3E

Providing a comprehensive and critical examination of the complex issues involved in the management and organisational contexts of social work practice, this book will help readers to: - Critically ev..

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Practice Skills In Social Work & Welfare: More Than Just Common Sense 2E

Human service workers need more than just common sense. Practice Skills in Social Work and Welfare offers a comprehensive introduction to practice skills required across the human service sector. T..

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Promoting Family Change : The Optimism Factor

Life can be a struggle for families, and assisting families in difficulty can be challenging for those employed to work with them. This is a guide to this type of work, based on the realities of pract..

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Report Writing

"This informative and easy to follow book will be useful in supporting Social Care professionals to develop this core social work skill in producing factual, structured, effective and well presented r..

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Safe Place for Change : Skills & Capacities for Counselling & Therapy

The study of counselling can be a bewildering experience. Learning to be a counsellor involves developing practical skills, not just acquiring knowledge. And trainee counsellors must reflect on their ..

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Skills in Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy 3E

This bestselling classic has now given thousands of students and practitioners a step-by-step guide to the skills and theory of the person-centred approach. Janet Tolan and Rose Cameron take you throu..

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Social Perspectives in Mental Health: Developing Social Models to Understand and Work with Mental Distress

Drawing on expertise from a wide range of academic, policy and practice settings as well as lived experience, this book is essential reading for practitioners, students and educators in the fields of ..

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Social Psychology 6E (plus MyPsychLab code)

This sixth edition retains the structure and approach of the previous edition but has been revised to reflect the changes in the field, with the material thoroughly updated throughout. Accompanied by ..

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Social Work : Contexts and Practice 3E

Social Work: Contexts and Practice is a comprehensive introduction to the field of social work. Now in its third edition, it continues to speak to both Australia and Aotearoa, addressing common trans-..

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Social Work : Fields of Practice 2e

This is a comprehensive yet concise text that provides a broad overview of the main practice in social work...

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Social Work Theories in Action


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Social Work: From Theory to Practice 2E

Social Work: From Theory to Practice uses an integrated approach to explore a variety of social theories through social work's unique interpretative lens. Systems, psychodynamic and person-centred the..

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Strategies for Change : Community Development in Aotearoa New Zealand 3E
Strengths Model: A Recovery-Oriented Approach to Mental Health Services 3E

Presenting a compelling alternative to the traditional medical approach, The Strengths Model demonstrates an evidence-based approach to helping people with a psychiatric disability identify and achiev..

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The Graduate Career Guidebook: Advice for Students and Graduates on Careers Options, Jobs, Volunteering, Applications, Interviews and Self-Employment

At last, a practical, positive approach to finding the perfect job - ideal for any student or graduate. In The Graduate Career Guidebook, Steve Rook explains how to find your dream role, regardless o..

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Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy 10E

Incorporating the thinking, feeling, and behaving dimensions of human experience, the tenth edition of Corey's best-selling text helps you compare and contrast the therapeutic models expressed in coun..

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Tikanga Maori : Living by Maori Values

'Relationships between and among people need to be managed and guarded by some rules'. Professor Hirini Moko Mead's comprehensive survey of tikanga Maori (Maori custom) is the most substantial of its ..

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Understanding Careers: Metaphors of Working Lives 2E

Treating careers as a subject area in its own right, Understanding Careers will provide you with a broad and holistic understanding of the careers field. Unique in bringing together both individual an..

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Walking in People's Worlds: A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Social Work

This book offers students and professionals alike a reflexive exploration of the practical, emotional and spiritual components of social work practice. Examples from practitioners' experiences working..

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Whaiora : Maori Health Development 2E

This book documents progress in Maori health development over the past century with a special emphasis on the last fifteen years. This second edition updates the first by five years and takes account ..

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Whaiora : Maori Health Development 2E - SECOND HAND COPY
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