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Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

In this 10th edition, Belch/Belch introduces students to the fast-changing field of advertising and promotion. While advertising is its primary focus, it is more than just an introductory advertising ..

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Advertising Concept Book : Think Now, Design Later

Now thoroughly revised and updated, this systematically presented coursebook tells you everything you need to know about advertising, from how to write copy and choose a typeface, to how agencies work..

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Advertising Effect: How to Change Behaviour

Want to know how to influence other people's behaviour? In The Advertising Effect, respected advertising insider, Adam Ferrier, reveals the ten techniques used by some of the best-known brands across ..

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Advertising: An Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective
Bringing Products Services & Brands To Market


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Bundle: Entrepreneurship : Theory, Process, Practice + Online Interactive Business Plan Printed Access Card
Business Marketing Management: B2B, EMEA Adaptation

Reflecting the latest trends and issues, the new Europe, Middle East & Africa Edition of Business Marketing Management: B2B delivers comprehensive, cutting-edge coverage that equips students with a so..

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Business of Writing : Written Communication Skills for Business Students 3E

The Business of Writing is a user-friendly book on written communication, intended for tertiary students in business courses. The authors all teach and work with students on a day-to-day basis and so ..

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Business-to-Business Marketing

This comprehensive yet concise text covers both the theory and practice of business-to-business (B2B) marketing from a European perspective in a globalised world. New to this edition: * More coverage ..

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Consumer Behavior (10th Global Edition)

BSNS103 Students Please Note: This title is more suitable if you intend to continue with Marketing past 100 level. Were you looking for the book with access to MyMarketingLab? This product is the b..

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Customer Relationship Management: Concepts and Technologies

Customer Relationship Management Third Edition is a much-anticipated update of a bestselling textbook, including substantial revisions to bring its coverage up to date with the very latest in CRM prac..

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Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics

Unrivalled in the way it makes the teaching of statistics compelling and accessible to even the most anxious of students, the only statistics textbook you and your students will ever need just got bet..

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Essentials of Marketing Research 3E - SECOND HAND COPY
Essentials of Services Marketing 2e

Make it easy for students to understand: Clear, Simple Language and Visual Learning Aids The authors use simple English and short sentences to help students grasp concepts more easily and quickly. The..

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First Course in Applied Statistics with Applications in Biology, Business and the Social Sciences 2E

A First Course in Applied Statistics by Megan J. Clark and John A. Randal, now in its second edition, is specifically tailored to the needs of biology, business and social science students and is desi..

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Food & Beverage Management 5E

This introductory textbook provides a thorough guide to the management of food and beverage outlets, from their day-to-day running through to the wider concerns of the hospitality industry. It explore..

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Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes

This book describes a system of meaning management, the first-ever systematic approach to successful brand meaning. 'This book illuminates the most ancient grooves in our mental architecture, which Ca..

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How to Write a Marketing Plan

How to Write a Marketing Plan provides a step-by-step guide to creating a successful marketing plan: from carrying out a marketing audit, setting objectives and devising budgets to writing, presenting..

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Inter Views: Learning the Craft of Qualitative Research Interviewing

The first edition of "InterViews" has provided students and professionals in a wide variety of disciplines with the 'whys' and 'hows' of research interviewing, preparing students for learning intervie..

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International Marketing: An Asia-Pacific Perspective 6e

International Marketing, 6E is written from a wholly Australasian perspective and covers issues unique to local marketers and managers looking towards the Asia-Pacific region, the European Union, and ..

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International Marketing: Asia Pacific Edition 3E


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Marketing 13E

Kerin/Hartley's Marketing 13th edition is the most robust Principles of Marketing solution available to meet the needs of a wide range of faculty. Marketing focuses on decision making through extended..

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Marketing : Real People, Real Choices

A celebration of the best of New Zealand marketing! Marketing: real people, real choices introduces marketing from the perspective of real people making real choices. Each chapter introduces a real..

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Marketing Plans: How to Prepare Them, How to Use Them 7E

Marketing Plans, Seventh Edition presents a practical, no-nonsense style and approach that helps and encourages practicing managers with the difficult task of marketing planning. This helpful text il..

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Marketing Research : An Applied Orientation 6e Global

This is a Pearson Global Edition. The Pearson Editorial team worked closely with educators around the world to include content especially relevant to students outside of the United States. For undergr..

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Marketing Strategy & Competitive Positioning 5E

Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning 5e deals with the process of developing and implementing a marketing strategy. The book focuses on competitive positioning at the heart of marketing stra..

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Marketing: Creating & Delivering Value

Quester and McGuigan's text has evolved from the traditional 4 Ps, embracing new shifts and trends in the industry and taking introductory students on an exploration of marketing with unprecedented vi..

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Marketing: Real People, Real Choices, Global Edition

Real People, Real Choices Marketing: Real People, Real Choicesis the only text to introduce marketing from the perspective of real people who make real marketing decisions at leading companies everyd..

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MKTG2: Asia Pacific Edition

A unique approach to learning the principles of marketing, MKTG2 is the second Asia-Pacific edition of a proven, innovative solution to enhance the learning experience. Expanded content, supported by ..

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Mktg3 with Student Resource Access 12 Months Asia-Pacific Edition
Multivariate Data Analysis

For graduate and upper-level undergraduate marketing research courses. For over 30 years, this text has provided students with the information they need to understand and apply multivariate data anal..

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New Products Management 11e

Written with a managerial focus, New Products Management 11e by Crawford and Di Benedetto is useful to the practicing new products manager. Along with the management approach, the perspective of marke..

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New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century

New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century is about the process of getting a new venture started, growing the venture, successfully harvesting it, and starting again. The book present..

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New Zealand Law for Marketers

New Zealand Law for Marketers describes and analyses the laws relating to marketing in New Zealand. Written by an author team specialising in commercial law, marketing, and advertising, it presents th..

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Created by the continuous feedback of a "student-tested, faculty-approved" process, PROMO 2e delivers a visually appealing, succinct print component, tear-out review cards for students and instructors..

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Relationship Marketing: Creating Stakeholder Value

Relationship Marketing: Creating Stakeholder Value extends the analysis of the change in the marketing rationale from a crude concern for increased market share to a strategy aimed at creating long-te..

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Research Design : Qualitative, Quantitative & Mixed Methods Approaches 3E

The Third Edition of the bestselling text "Research Design" enables readers to compare three approaches to research - qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods - in a single research methods text. ..

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Research Design : Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches 4E

The book that has helped more than 150,000 students and researchers prepare their plan or proposal for a scholarly journal article, dissertation or thesis has been revised and updated while maintainin..

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Sell 4

Created by the continuous feedback of a "student-tested, faculty-approved" process, SELL 4 delivers an engaging and accessible solution that is proven to improve retention and outcomes...

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Sell 5

Learn Principles of Selling YOUR Way with SELL 5! SELL 5's easy-reference, paperback textbook presents course content through visually-engaging chapters as well as Chapter Review Cards that consolidat..

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Services Marketing : Concepts, Strategies, & Cases - Asia Pacific Edition

Examines the field of services marketing from a managerial perspective and presents a competitive strategy relevant to a broad range of organisations operating within today's service economy...

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Sports Marketing: A Strategic Perspective, 5th Edition

Now in a fully revised and updated 5th edition, Sports Marketing: A Strategic Perspective is the most authoritative, comprehensive and engaging introduction to sports marketing currently available. It..

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Storyscaping: Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds

How to use powerful tools to engage customers with your brand Marketers, technologists, and corporate leaders are looking for ways to more effectively connect consumers with their brand. Storyscapes..

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Writing Guidelines for Business Students 5E


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