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Adobe Photoshop 2020 for Photographers

Adobe Photoshop 2020 for Photographers by acclaimed digital imaging professional Martin Evening has been revamped to include detailed instruction for all of the updates to Photoshop on Adobe's Creativ..

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ANIMALS: Photographs That Make You Think

See through the eyes of a new generation of photographers responding to the rapidly unfolding issues shaping our lives. In this series of small, revealing, and beautifully presented books, Henry Carro..

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Another Way of Telling ENGL334

'There are no photographs which can be denied. All photographs have the status of fact. what is to be examined is in what way photography can and cannot give meaning to facts.'..

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In 1820, after millennia spent speculating and searching, humans laid eyes on Antarctica for the very first time. Since then, our relationship with this enigmatic land of ice and has continually evolv..

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Beeple: Everydays, the First 5,000 Images

As one of the originators of the current "everyday" movement in 3D graphics, Mike Winkelmann has been creating a picture every day-from start to finish-and posting it online for more than ten years, w..

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Bill Brandt

With a career spanning nearly half a century, Bill Brandt was a master of several major genres of photography: photojournalism, portraiture, the nude and landscapes. At first glance, Brandt's genres m..

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Bookstores: A Celebration of Independent Booksellers

Explore the magic of independent bookstores in this beautiful photographic journey across the world. Bookstores are treasure troves of knowledge and ideas, invaluable for the imagination, and often r..

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Bruce Weber.  Golden Retriever Photographic Society

The photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber is associated with a wide array of imagery: humanist portraits of artists, actors, and athletes; fashion spreads charged with emotion, irreverence, and nosta..

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Capturing Snowflakes: Winter's Frozen Artistry

As much a work of art as a testament to science, this revised, hardcover edition of the best-selling The Art of the Snowflake (now Capturing Snowflakes) includes a laser-cut silver snowflake ornament ..

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Colours We Share, The

Made for young readers, six and up, this book features portraits that celebrate the diverse beauty of human skin. By depicting people from all over the world against a background that matches the..

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Dronescapes: The New Aerial Photography from Dronestagram

Created in collaboration with Dronestegram, the world-leading drone photography website, and Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, a highly renowned photography editor, Dronescapes is the first book to bring together..

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Ellen von Unwerth. Fraulein. 40th Ed.

Ellen von Unwerth was a supermodel before the term was invented, so she knows a thing or two about photographing beautiful women. Now one of the world's most original and successful fashion photograph..

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From AK79 to the class of 81 : photos from 197 to 1982 (and a few more)  (2nd Edition, 2021)
Getting Closer: Rediscovering Nature Through Bird Photography

Getting Closer is a beautifully illustrated discussion of photography as a way of achieving greater intimacy with the natural world. With a focus on birds, the book is directed primarily at photograp..

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Glory: Magical Visions of Black Beauty

From the dynamite husband-and-wife duo behind CreativeSoul Photography comes GLORY, a photography book that shatters the conventional standards of beauty for Black children. With stunning images ..

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How Do I Photograph A Sunset?

How do we learn? We learn by asking questions. But what if we don't know what questions we should be asking? Thanks to the digital revolution, photography has never been so popular, and wh..

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HR Giger. 40th Ed.

"At its essence, Giger's art digs down into our psyches and touches our very deepest primal instincts and fears. His art stands in a category of its own. The proof of this lies in the intensity of his..

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HUMANS: Photographs That Make You Think

See through the eyes of a new generation of photographers responding to the rapidly unfolding issues shaping our lives. In this series of small, insightful, and beautifully presented books, Henry Carr..

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Jew: A Photographic Project by John Offenbach

John Offenbach's wonderful collection of portraits, boldly and bluntly entitled Jew, could not be more timely. In a period when antisemitism and racism are rife, when ignorance and prejudice prevail, ..

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Karakoram: Ice Mountains of Pakistan, The

The ice mountains of the Karakoram are among the world's greatest natural treasures. At 8611 metres (28,251 ft), K2 is the second tallest mountain on Earth. There are three other mountains in the rang..

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Kees Bruin: Visions of the Real

Two years after graduating from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts, Kees Bruin was exhibiting alongside Leo Bensemann, Don Binney, Doris Lusk, Trevor Moffitt, Peter Siddell, Olivia Spenc..

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Life & Love of the Forest, The

We are not alone: plants make up 80 per cent of the total biomass of Earth, while humans are only 0.0001 per cent. The forest is an intimate part of our lives and continues to play a central role..

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Line Up

Regarded internationally as one of the surfing world's top line-up surf photographers, Logan Murray has had a long New Zealand career spanning five decades. 'Line-up' is his second book, and features ..

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Look Again

Eye-opening and candid, David Bailey's Look Again is a fantastically entertaining memoir by a true icon. David Bailey burst onto the scene in 1960 with his revolutionary photographs for Vogue. Di..

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Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters

John Malkovich and Sandro Miller pay homage to the icons of photography that have changed our collective imagination. Meryl Streep is a myth, even without the celebrated portrait taken by Annie L..

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Martha's Vineyard

In over 60 handmade, black-and-white photographs, renowned film photographer Michael Kahn renders Martha's Vineyard beachscapes in exquisite detail. Produced in his darkroom, these masterful, curated ..

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Michael Stipe: Our Interference Times: a visual record

For half of his life, Michael Stipe has lived in a world between worlds, a constantly shifting moire pattern. The past world is defined by the analog, the future world by digital. It was the adv..

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Nature Stilled

Award-winning photographer Jane Ussher spent several days in Te Papa's natural history collection shooting this outstanding book and the result is a true treasure. Beautifully packaged, and stunningly..

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Observations of a Rural Nurse

Sara McIntyre, the daughter of the artist Peter McIntyre, was nine years old when her family first came to Kakahi, in the King Country, in 1960. The family has been linked to Kakahi ever since. On the..

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On Photography

Susan Sontag's On Photography is a seminal and groundbreaking work on the subject. Susan Sontag's groundbreaking critique of photography asks forceful questions about the moral and aesthetic issues su..

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Overview Timelapse

Change is Earth's most important and influential constant. From the regular shifting of the seasons to the increasingly dramatic (and increasingly common) weather events sparked by the warming climate..

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In a brand-new approach, this book presents photography in all its principal forms of experience, to portray the unique characteristics of this accessible and universally appealing medium. Arr..

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Photography Now: Fifty Pioneers Defining Photography for the Twenty-First Century

In the last century, photography was always novel. Now, it feels like our world is over-saturated with images. In the 21st century, what can photography do that is new? This extensively ill..

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Manipulation of the photograph is as old as photography itself. It has embodied and enlivened political propaganda, satire, publicity and commercial art, and created evocations of the 'brave new world..

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Polaroid:  Missing Manual

An accessible and comprehensive 'how to' guide to expressive and experimental techniques and manipulation of Polaroid prints and cameras. Polaroid: The Missing Manual is the go-to resource for ..

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Prix Pictet 08: Hope

For over ten years now, the Prix Pictet aims to harness the power of all genres of photography to draw global attention to issues of sustainability, especially those concerning the environment. In thi..

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Rotography:  New Universe of the Visual

Instead of the horizontal panning movement used to create a classic panoramic image, the author experiments with curves as well as vertical or parallel shifting. A fixed camera recording of turning ob..

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SHOT! by Rock: The Photography of Mick Rock

The iconic photography and tales of famous musicians and rock-and-roll legends, all from "the man who shot the Seventies" himself, Mick Rock. Born in 1948 in Hammersmith, London, Michael Rock bec..

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Stories and Dreams: Portraits of Childhood

A new-born baby is carefully checked over at a hospital in Jaipur, a small girl grins from a bench on Rome's Piazza Navona and energetic boys jostle in front of the camera in Havana - over his long ca..

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Street Photography: A History in 100 Iconic Photographs

This visually arresting book takes the reader on a journey across the globe by presenting the most candid, immediate, and provocative images captured by the biggest names in street photography from it..

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There and Back: Photographs from the Edge

The Academy Award-winning director of Free Solo and National Geographic photographer presents the first collection of his iconic adventure photography, featuring some of the greatest moments ofthe mos..

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Underwater photography

These are the section headings in this book, which gathers together Paolillo's splendid underwater photographs. Shoals of fish snaking their way around, shining crinoids, branching gorgonians and clo..

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In this stunning compilation of 140 images, photographer Olga Michi brings a new kind of portrait photography to endangered ethnic groups around the world. Her striking images seen in Vulnerable, pres..

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Wonderland: The New Zealand Photography of Whites Aviation
Year That Changed Our World:  Photographic History of the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Year That Changed Our World is the definitive, visual history of the Covid-19 Pandemic. With more than 400 photographs, this ambitious publication traces the arc of the Pandemic from China in earl..

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