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Elwyn Richardson and the Early World of Creative Education in New Zealand
Emergency Response: Life, Death and Helicopters

Stories from a life spent in the emergency services - true tales of rescue and adventure.When Dave Greenberg was just 13 years old, he saved a life for the first time, using CPR. He already knew that ..

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Empty Ocean Road, An


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Event Ticket Shaun Bythell

Shaun Bythell: talking about his love of books, hate of Kindles, and disdain for certain customers. Shaun Bythell, author of The Diary of a Bookseller, in conversation with Phillippa Duffy. 2pm ..

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Face of Nature: An environmental history of the Otago Peninsula

Bounded by the wild waves of the Pacific on the east, and the more sheltered harbour on the west, the Otago Peninsula is a remarkable landscape. Today a habitat for a diverse array of wildlife includi..

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Feminist Judgments of Aotearoa New Zealand: Te Rino: A Two-Stranded Rope

This edited collection asks how key New Zealand judgments might read if they were written by a feminist judge. Feminist judging is an emerging critical legal approach that works within the confines of..

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Filming the Colonial Past: The New Zealand Wars on Screen

The New Zealand Wars were defining events in the nations history. Filming the Colonial Past, an engaging new book from Annabel Cooper, tells a story of filmmakers fascination with these conflicts over..

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Fire in the Hills : History of Rural Firefighting

Over six to seven hundred years, Maori burned about one third of New Zealand's ground cover. In the following 70 years, and at a devastating rate, European settlers burned about another third as they ..

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Flying High


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For God's Sake Saddle Me a Donkey

"Are you mad?" friends shrieked when they heard that Dinah and her husband, along with another couple, were planning to take two toddlers with them, driving overland in an clapped-out ex-army truck, a..

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Fuelling Dissension: Coal and Coal Mining in 21st Century New Zealand

New Zealand continues to mine, burn and export coal, despite the fact that, globally, coal is the single biggest contributor to ocean acidification and to the ongoing climate emergency. But what will ..

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Ghost Towns of New Zealand


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Ghosts in the Landscape

Ghosts in the Landscape is a visual journey through New Zealand in search of aspects of the countryside that resonate in our national psyche. These 'ghosts' take many forms, memorials of wars and even..

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Going by Train: The Complete New Zealand Railways Story

Railways played a pivotal part in the development of New Zealand's economy, towns and cities, and helped shape a distinctive culture. This is a comprehensive account of our railways story, from the ea..

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Going Places: Migration, Economics and the Future of New Zealand

Migration and the movement of people is one of the critical issues confronting the world's nations in the twenty-first-century. This book is about the economic contribution of migration to and from Ne..

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Going South: A Road Trip Through Life

A road trip about memory, mateship and mortality. It was late afternoon and a few of us were sitting about in the sun having a drink on my birthday when the friend I've known the longest sat down oppo..

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Golden Handcuffs: Confessions of a Drug Pusher


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Goldfield Entrepreneurs: The Norwegian Party of Waitahuna Gully, Otago
Great Unknown, The: Mountain Journeys in the Southern Alps

Geoff Spearpoint is a legend among New Zealand's tramping and mountaineering community. For over 50 years he has been undertaking many long, adventurous trips in the Southern Alps every year, decade a..

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Growing More Than Grass


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Guardians of Aotearoa: Protecting New Zealand's Legacies

Sometimes people, places, native plants and animals, cultural knowledge and memories have no one to speak for them, protect them, treasure them. Yet they often define what it is to be a New Zealander...

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Guinness Down Under


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Harraways: Going for Grain: 150 years of Milling at Green Island, Dunedin
Heartland Strong

The future of New Zealand's rural communities is often in the news. Empty shops, depopulation and lack of jobs are offered as signs that many towns are dying. However, the strength of social ties and ..

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Her Space


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Hidden Light


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Hideaways is a celebration of quintessential New Zealand holiday escapes- mountain huts, coastal baches, riverside cribs, converted silos, hunting shacks, and more. Breathtaking photography and evocat..

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High Country Stations of Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo, with it's dazzling blue glacial water and backdrop of the Southern Alps, is one of the major drawcards of the South Island's Mackenzie Country. While most people's experience of Tekapo is..

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High Country Stations of the Mackenzie, The

To most New Zealanders, wherever they live between Auckland and Bluff, the Mackenzie Country remains one of those heartland places that contributes much to our sense of self, with its vast expanses of..

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Hillary's Antarctica

Written by Nigel Watson of the Antarctic Heritage Trust, and illustrated with Jane Ussher's stunning photographs, historic images and never-before-seen ephemera, this is the first book to fully docume..

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How Should We Live?: Everyday Ethics in Aotearoa New Zealand

Life in Aotearoa New Zealand in the early twenty-first century presents us with many controversial ethical issues: abortion, poverty, online behaviour, commercial sex, pornography, internet downloadin..

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Huts: Untold Stories from Back-country New Zealand

If huts could talk they could tell the whole history of the back country. Of Scottish shepherds who arrived in the high country with the fresh, vivid memories of the Highland Clearances. Of the flush ..

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Ignition Blast Off Festival Launch

Ignition Kids Festival - Blast Off Festival Launch Reception from 5.30pm, 4th Floor, City Library Reception and keynote welcome from Kate De Goldi. MC'd by Donovan Bixley, author and illustrato..

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Instant Kiwi: Mini Edition


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Intricate Art of Actually Caring, and Other New Zealand Plays

Theater in New Zealand began as a tool of the British Empire, imported along with Christianity, seeds, and other commodities as a way of acculturating the indigenous Maori population. In the decades s..

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Invading Sea: Coastal hazards and climate change in 21st-century New Zealand

`Low-lying coast is a chronically grim frontline of climate change, socially and economically, and the frontline with the most to lose.' New Zealand's coastline is under attack. When cyclones and..

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Islands of the Gulf

The all-time classic telling of life in the 1960s Hauraki Gulf Trailblazing writer Shirley Maddock's journey to document the Hauraki Gulf and its people in 1964 was also a watershed moment for the st..

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Jobs, Robots & Us: Getting a Grip on the Future  of Work in New Zealand: 2019

Could millions of jobs soon be eliminated by artificial intelligence and robots? From driverless cars to digital assistants, it seems the world of work is on the cusp of a technological revolution tha..

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Jock's Country


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Journal of Urgent Writing 2016


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Journal of Urgent Writing 2017

A better quality national conversation? Conducted by clever people who know a thing or two? You're holding it in your hand. This annual journal of provocative, passionate and argumentative essays is m..

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Kahurangi Stories: More tales from Northwest Nelson

Building on the success of Kahurangi Calling, this new volume of stories from the Northwest Nelson backcountry, is a compelling blend of natural and social history. An area of astonishing ecological c..

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Kaikoura Job: Rebuilding KiwiRail's Main North Line
Kate De Goldi Writing Workshop @ Athenaeum Library

'Children are new, though we are not,' wrote the legendary children's publisher, Ursula Nordstrum, and much of the great children's fiction has at its heart a watchful child, scoping the wonder, puzzl..

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Kiwi Working Dogs

Jo Caird and Paula George take us on a journey inside the world of New Zealand's working dogs: celebrating the incredibly diverse roles they play in our society and the difference they make in so many..

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Kiwiana is an essential guide for both New Zealanders and overseas visitors, identifying and celebrating some of the more colourful and durable aspects of this country's popular culture. Known as Kiwi..

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Lakeside Conversations: The Blue-eyed Blonde and the Grey-haired Granddad Stories
Leading The Way 100 Years Of Tararua Tramping Club
Legend of Mt White Station, The

The diverse and desolate country that makes up Mt White Station has held an irresistible allure for men for decades. Many have committed themselves to the extreme weather and isolation of the place on..

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Life and Times of a Choral Society: Dunedin's City Choir 1863-2013
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