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NZ Drama

End of the Golden Weather


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Haruru Mai


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Here/Now: 8 Plays by Award-Winning NZ Playwrights

Two kiwi boys take a road trip to Jerusalem while a seven-year-old girl deals with the divorce of her parents better than they do. New Zealand's youngest murderer meets public enemy No.1 and a vodka-s..

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Lovelock's Dream Run

Lovelock's Dream Run sets the well-known events of Jack Lovelock's Berlin Olympics in parallel with a conservative boarding school in New Zealand today. New to the third form, Howard 'The Coward' fant..

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Two Plays : Bare / No. 2

" No. 2" - Nanna Maria decides it is time to hand over the reigns of the family to her as yet unnamed successor. She orders a feast, and while the family prepare and await her decision, we get to know..

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