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NZ Drama

And What Remains


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End of the Golden Weather


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Frangipani Perfume / Mapaki

'Frangipani Perfume' brings fresh insight into the reality of Pacific Island women in New Zealand. Urale examines the tension between tradition and the reality of living in contemporary Western societ..

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Haruru Mai


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Lovelock's Dream Run

Lovelock's Dream Run sets the well-known events of Jack Lovelock's Berlin Olympics in parallel with a conservative boarding school in New Zealand today. New to the third form, Howard 'The Coward' fant..

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Niu Sila

This funny and highly successful New Zealand play has been rewritten for use in secondary schools. The story of two boys growing up in New Zealand - one Polynesian and one European - resonates with tr..

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Two Plays : Eating Wolf : 2b or nt 2b

A tongue-in-cheek retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story, where Grandmother takes matters into her own hands, eating the wolf and running for Prime Minister. Along the way, we meet other liber..

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The year is 1965. A Maori family, recently migrated to the South Island from the North Island's east cape, prepares to celebrate a birthday with their Pakeha guests. In this cultural borderland, fresh..

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